The Transgender Influencers Leading The Way In 2024

Mar 11, 2024

Influencer News

The Transgender Influencers Leading The Way In 2024

The 31st March marks Trans Day of Visibility, which is an important day to recognise and celebrate those who identify as transgender. To honour this day, we’re shining a spotlight on the most influential transgender influencers on social media.

Transgender influencers offer invaluable insight into their lives and are able to use their platforms to advocate for trans rights and educate others on what it’s like living as a transgender person. 

Now is as important a time as ever for brands to incorporate trans influencers into their campaigns to diversify their reach and increase awareness of transgender influencers and people.


Bel Priestley

Bel is an actress and one of the most-recognisable transgender fashion influencers– see her typical TikTok content here. She began her career on YouTube and TikTok, where she documented her gender transition after coming out as a transgender woman. Thanks to her role in the LGBTQ+ romance comedy TV series Heartstopper, she has amassed over 1.5M followers on TikTok and 148K on Instagram.


How has it been 3 years since i posted this !!?? #uk #trans

♬ original sound – Belle?

Nikkie De Jager 

Nikkie is one of the most iconic transgender beauty influencers. Renowned for being one of the original YouTube beauty gurus, Nikkie gained popularity in 2015 from her YouTube video ‘The Power of Makeup’. She came out as transgender in an emotional video in 2020 and continues to be an inspiration for transgender people across the globe.

Prince Kyle

Kyle openly and unapologetically shares his experiences being a transgender man with his 356K TikTok followers. His content often revolves around skits and comedy videos, however he also touches on serious topics such as trans rights and transphobia.


Transman check in ??️‍⚧️ #fyp



Nykita is a popular makeup artist and model whose content ranges from beauty, fashion and lifestyle. As a transgender woman with ADHD, Nykita is an inspiration for many within the trans community who also live with disabilities like ADHD as she shares her authentic and relatable experiences.


from my lips to yours ?✨ #chappedlips #lipcare #beautyhack #skincareroutine #neoitgirl

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Chella Man

Internationally-acclaimed artist Chella identifies as deaf, trans-masculine, Jewish and Chinese. He shares his personal experiences and explores issues of identity through his multimedia videos on YouTube with his 247K subscribers. Chella continues to educate and give talks internationally on the intersections of art, disability and identity.

Honey Dijon

Speaking from her experience as a black trans woman DJ in dance music, Grammy Award winner Honey is well-known within the trans community and has been a vocal advocate for trans rights and awareness. She has performed at events worldwide, from clubs to festivals, art galleries and international fashion events. Her content documents her travels, music and advocacy for trans rights.

Honey Dijon

Carmen Carrera

Carmen is an American model, actress and burlesque performer, who rose to popularity for her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She is a transgender woman and transgender rights activist who uses her platform to raise awareness and show off her outfits for her performances!

transgender influencers: Carmen Carrera

Cheza Blonde

Cheza is your typical fashion and lifestyle influencer, who shares her daily life as a transgender woman with her 333K TikTok followers. Her relatable content sheds a light on real experiences transgender people go through, but also features GRWM’s, makeup looks and vlogs just like your average beauty and lifestyle creator!


GRWM girls night out

♬ original sound – Chezablonde

Jesse Sullivan

This wouldn’t be a list of the top transgender influencers without superstar dad Jesse Sullivan. This TikTok star posts lifestyle content featuring his tween Arlo, pets, and fiancee Francesca Farago. He also uses his platform for mythbusting presumptions about trans people and sharing his own experiences.


It got me my whole ?


Dylan Mulvaney 

With over 10.4M TikTok followers, Dyan is one of the platform’s top transgender influencers.After posting a year of daily videos titled “Days of Girlhood”, the activist and actress was given a Queerties’ Groundbreaker Award. Her content highlights her daily fit checks, brand trips and snippets of her life.


After party fit check ?

♬ What You Won’t Do for Love – Bobby Caldwell

Jamie Raines

YouTuber Jamie boasts over 1.09M subscribers thanks to his funny, sarcastic and informative content. He shares his brutally honest experiences of being a trans man- from having periods, sex after surgery and dating a trans person through his series ‘trans confessions’.

Kissy Duerré 

Kissey is known for her trans-centric videos covering both comedy, fashion and lifestyle content which she shares with her 706K TikTok followers. She also covers serious topics on trans rights through her mini-series ‘Trans Agenda’ on her channel.


Yesss… and this is exactly how’d wear it or might wear flats if walking around which I think is necessary because this dress is the moment and a sight to be seen? Can’t wait for summer to be here lol #summerdress #fashioninspo #goddessvibes #slay

♬ yes and – chan

Skyler Jay

Known for his appearance on Queer Eye, trans activist Skyler has gained over 52K followers on Instagram. He has since become known for his public speaking, hosting work and helping fund others’ transition surgeries.

Skyler Jay

Gigi Gorgeous 

Gigi came out as a transgender woman in 2013 and since then she has gained support and encouragement from over 2.7M YouTube subscribers. She shares her story about transitioning, films daily vlogs on YouTube and continues to be a role model within the trans community.

Angelica Ross @angelicaross

Founder of TransTechSocial Enterprises, Angelica is a renowned spokesperson representing transgender influencers and trans people across the globe. From speaking on Capitol Hill, to having her own podcast, she advocates for the transgender community and has gained over 483K followers on Instagram through her powerful messages.

transgender influencers: Angelica

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