The Top YouTube Streamers For Gaming Enthusiasts To Follow in 2023

Aug 01, 2023

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The Top YouTube Streamers For Gaming Enthusiasts To Follow in 2023

We all know that YouTube has been at the forefront of digital content creation and is the one-stop wonder for entertaining, inspirational and educational content across the board! To add to the list of accolades, YouTube streamers are now proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry.

This is proven through the whopping 2.56 Billion monthly-active-users recorded worldwide, with the platform generating $19.7 Billion (£15.84 billion) in revenue between advertising and YouTube Premium showing its positive user reception and ad potential for the top YouTube streamers.

But did you know that YouTube offers much more than just pre-recorded content and fancy stats?

What are we talking about, you may ask? We are talking about uncovering the wonder of YouTube streaming capabilities by exploring the digital realm of live content through the biggest YouTube streamers. As of 2021, YouTube has become a huge part of the online video landscape, with 5 billion hours of content watched in 2021 alone and 5% of Twitch viewers reported live streaming on youtube at the same time.

While Twitch may have established its dominance in game streaming, YouTube has steadily emerged as a worthy competitor, offering riveting and action-packed gaming content through some of our top YouTube streamers like TimTheTatman and DrDisrespect.

Worried about missing your favourite streamer going live? Youtube’s in-app features have got you covered with its notification system, ensuring you never miss a moment from a  beloved creator’s video going live. Just click the bell icon located on your preferred creator’s channel and watch the magic happen as you get live prompts telling you when it’s time to tune in to the top YouTube streamers.

YouTube’s streaming experience also goes beyond gaming. Whether it’s mouthwatering mukbangs, action-packed gaming content or day-in-the-life streams, the platform has it all and helps creators engage with their audience in real-time.

Now that you’re aware of just how cool YouTube’s streaming is, you may be pondering which channels to follow. So sit back and relax because we’re presenting our top 20 Youtube steamers, from your favourite gamers to personable personalities.

The top 20 YouTube streamers we recommend watching in 2023

1. IShowSpeed

Introducing our first live streamer on youtube, IShowSpeed, the streamer who needs no introduction (but we will give him one anyway). With 16.8 million followers and an astounding 1.66 million hours watched in April, this YouTube streamer and comedic entertainer knows how to rev up the fun factor, and clearly, his fanbase agrees. His content is well-versed and sporadic through comedic skits; exaggerated gaming lets plays, unboxing videos,  collaborations and more! 

2. TimTheTatman

Next on our top YouTube streamers list is TimTheTatman, the main man who continually conquers the digital battleground – literally. With an army of 4.95 million followers and a jaw-dropping 325 million hours watched, this charismatic content creator has become a force to be reckoned with, being recognised for his legendary battles in Call Of Duty Warzone, often collaborating with famous streamers Nickmercs and Dr Disrespect. When he’s not playing Call Of Duty, you can find him roaming the lands in Elden Ring or learning the ways of the force in Star Wars with his interest in single-player games. 

3. Ilyas Elmaliki

There was no way we were going to miss putting the Moroccan sensation Ilyas Elmalki, on our top YouTube streamers list, considering his game-changing rise in recent months. Join Ilyas on thrilling FIFA video adventures, heart-pounding pack openings, and truck simulator journeys that will keep you wanting more. With a total airtime of 258 hours, 763k flowers and a staggering 8.9 million hours watched; this rising star is conquering the streaming world one epic moment at a time! 

4. PewDiePie

“How is it going, its pewwdiepieeeeeeee!”. You know him, we know him, and we all love him, all 111 million of us and beyond. Although Pewdiepie is known for his pre-recorded content, he has now delved into the world of live streams, entertaining us all with hilarious gaming moments that will leave you in stitches, as seen in his PubG moments to thought-provoking commentary paired with powerful titles like TellTales, The Walking Dead. All this, combined with his distinct and engaging persona and revolutionary reputation, makes him one of the greats on YouTube. 

5. JazzyGuns

It’s time to lock and load because our next creator on the top YouTube Streamers list is Jazzy Guns. With 574k subscribers, Jazzyguns is beloved by many and for a good reason. Streaming a large variety of content consistently, from Among Us with Friends to Little Nightmares, she started as a reaction channel and branched off to pursue gaming. You can catch her streaming on YouTube, weekly.

6. Jacksepticeye

Now we fix our gaze on Jacksepticeye, YouTube creator and streamer from Offaly, Ireland, whose content is Offaly good! When it comes to his streams, he goes with the ‘go big or go home’ approach and is often seen collaborating with massive stars like Jack Black and fellow steamer Valkyrie to promote events like Christmas. His streams also see him engaging in intimate conversational pieces with his audiences, playing fun games, and enacting wacky challenges, like building 1000 houses live. He has a grand subscriber count of 29.9 million and deserves a spot on our top YouTube Streamers. 

7. Vikkstar

As a well-known member of the Minecraft community, this top YouTube streamer has 7.6m subscribers and is part of a famous worldwide group called the Sidemen from the UK. Starting from Minecraft, he’s done it all, GTA to Warzone, and skillfully shows off in all of them. His upbeat personality helps brighten his content, allowing him to widen his audience. 


You may know her from the famous group OFTV. This beautiful YouTuber has 3.88m subscribers, and it isn’t just for her good looks. With her outgoing personality, she continues to make her viewers entertained and her friends laugh. She never shies away from being herself, exuding authenticity into her content by fully involving herself when gaming or even reacting to videos, making her one of the top youtube streamers to keep an eye out for.

9. Markiplier

Reserving a spot on our top YouTube streamers list is the man, the myth, the legend,  Markiplier, an OG YouTuber that has stuck around for a good reason. With 34.9m subscribers under his virtual belt, Markiplier enthrals his audience in streams, where he enacts all sorts of content tribes such as vlogs, hilarious horror, lets-plays, RPG gameplay, and reaction videos. 

10. Kuzuha

It’s time to be transported through the virtual gaze of the alluring Vtuber streamer, “Kuzuha”, from Japan! With a dedicated following of 1.53 million subscribers and a staggering 3 million hours watched in April alone, he has emerged as a true sensation in the streaming world as he dons the disguise of his charismatic virtual avatar, immersing you in a unique experience filled with anime-style games and well known competitive titles like street fighter and League of Legends.

11. Pekora

Pekora is another Vtuber on our top YouTube streamers list who piqued our attention immensely through her creative and energetic persona as a digitalised avatar. What we love about her style content is that she broadens her capabilities, often streaming a multifaceted array of games from unique JRPGs to beloved battle royales like Apex and classics like Zelda, truly appealing to her audience’s interest. Speaking of audience, Pekora has 2.24m subscribers with a crazy 3.1m hours watched in April – that’s impressive!! 

12. Vegetta777

One of Spain’s top youtube streamers, vegeta777, demonstrates a wide array of gaming content from cult classics like Minecraft to currently trending games like Resident Evil 4. There is something for everybody to watch, and they do, which is why he has 1.7m hours of watch time as of April. 

13. DjMaRiiO

Tune in to the absolute banger here to rock your streaming world, DjMaRiiO, with 8.79m subscribers and a world-class reputation as a professional FIFA Esports player. So If you’re looking for the guy to appease your sporting needs (in-game, of course), DjMariiO will do that. From energetic gameplay streams focusing on F1 and FIFA, to humorous pack openings and crazy IRL challenges, often with his girlfriends or personal friends involved, DjMaRiio’s content can’t go offside and is a strong contender for your top youtube streamers team.  

14. Swagg

Faze Swagg is a well-known COD YouTuber and streamer rising to fame during the pandemic alongside stars like TimTheTatman. He has an impressive 2.8m subscribers. Through his insane gameplay, he always captivates and impresses his following. It’s infectious because it’s worked for us, procuring his spot on our top YouTube streamers list. 

15. LilyPichu

Also, another YouTuber from OFTV, Lilypichu has a variety of content for her viewers; with a charming demeanour, she regularly streams her gaming with friends, playing music and cooking, among other things. Ultimately, she is a jack-of-all-trades who finds no problem entertaining her fans, evident in her having 3.01m subscribers. 

16. Ludwig

If you are in the mood to laugh, then look no further. Top YouTube streamer Ludwig seems to entertain and humour his audience effortlessly with hilarious challenge streams, gaming content, and much more! 4.93m subscribers love him and faithfully watch his range, and it’s no surprise when seeing the work he puts into entertaining his fan base with innovative content. 


Earning the title of one of the top YouTube streamers on our list, Cerol has an impressive 7.45m subscribers and mostly streams free-fire content, a battle royale mobile game, and reacts and plays mainstream AAA titles like GTA. His viewer watch count shows how much his fans love his content, having 1.65m hours watched in April. 

18. NepentheZ

With 1.96m subscribers, NepentheZ provides straightforward content, meaning if you are a fan of FIFA, then you are certainly in the right place. With exciting pack openings streams and painfully sweaty online match streams, NepentheZ doesn’t disappoint. He provides to-the-point, reliable content giving us gold-pack standards all year round. 

19. inoxtag

The top Youtube streamer, inoxtag, is a man of many talents from France. He is an influencer, artist and gamer. With his nail-biting competitive gameplay, he captivates his viewers; it is no shock that he has 6.34m subscribers and manages to garner 2.16m hours of watch time, as recorded in April. 

20. Star Wars Theory

And finally, we take you to a galaxy far far away with captivating YouTuber and streamer, Star Wars Theory – the biggest Star Wars creator on the platform with 3.3 million subscribers on Youtube, making even Darth Vader quiver with fear. His streams see him passionately advocate his Star Wars-related views, expressing his opinions on all things Star Wars. On top of that, he engages with his audience through Q&A streams, gaming streams, live podcasts, fan fiction proposals and watch parties, truly making him a Jedi master on our top YouTube streamers list. 


Who are the most popular YouTube streamers?

The most popular YouTube streamers are ISHowSpeed, Kazuha Chan, and TimTheTatMan, garnering the highest collective watch times. 

It’s also important to note Ilyas Elmalik’s recent success in becoming the new most-watched Youtube gamer streamer,  with 258 hours of watch time.

Which country has the most YouTube users?


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