Top LGBTQ+ Creators You Need to Know About

Jan 11, 2024

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Top LGBTQ+ Creators You Need to Know About

Want more top LGBTQ+ creators in your life?

Keeping your social media filled filled to the brim with Queer creators can be a difficult task when faced with the sheer amount of LGBTQ+ accounts out there. Not to worry, we have curated the top LGBTQ+ creators across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram for you; so you can stay up to date on all things Queer and wonderful.

Read on to find out our top choices for LGBTQ+ creators in 2024.

Top LGBTQ+ Creators to Follow in 2024 on TikTok 

Benjy Kusi @benjy_lookbook 200.8K 


♬ original sound – Hi, Benjy here!??‍♂️?️‍?

With a never ending positive attitude, Benjy Kusi is the perfect account for those of you aiming to improve your allyship and learn a bit more about the LGBTQ+ community. Kusi’s account revolves around him sharing knowledge with his followers on topics such as misogyny in the gay male community and how racism alters the brains of black people. Kusi’s cheery attitude, intelligence, and skillful way of explaining difficult topics make him one of the top LGBTQ+ TikTok creators to follow in 2024. 

Dylan Mulvaney @dylanmulvaney 10.3M 


Guess ill watch the craft to celebrate ? #witchtok #trans

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok over the past year, then chances are you have come across Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney initially rose to fame through her “Day x of being a girl” series that followed her transition day by day. Since then, Mulvaney has become one of the top LGBTQ+ influencers, appeared on Broadway, and even attended the Golden Globes. Mulvaney’s dedication to transparency with her audience is a true rarity on social media, and her use of her account to show trans joy is a beautiful and incredibly important thing. 

Pink News @pinknews 613.3K 


♬ original sound – PinkNews ?️‍??️‍⚧️

If you are looking to amp the level of LGBTQ+ content and news on your TikTok, Pink News is your new best friend. The account is dedicated to providing the world with “LGBTQ+ content to inform, inspire and empower,” and it goes far and beyond achieving this. Pink News shares all the latest in queer content, such as updates on law changes, news about Queer celebrities and more.

Kissy Duerre @kissyduerre 702.5K


You can watch a full video at @Josey James Thank you for your vulnerability. I’ve always been all about girl power, embracing being a badasss, confident, successful, and an independent woman with less interest in a relationship especially after my most recent one. Your video has given me a different perspective and I’m sure other women as well. I am single and content, but not every woman is and should be! I hope you find a genuine connection, Josey. You have my love ?❤️

♬ original sound – Kissy Duerré

With her bubbly personality and incredible self-confidence, Kissy Duerre is not only a top LGBTQ+ influencer but an inspiration. Duerre uses her account to share all the wonderful things about being trans with the world; from outfits to hairstyles to her relationship with her father. Her confidence and can-do attitude is not only admirable, but infectious, making Duerre a must follow on TikTok. 

Isaiah Washington @zayydante 1.4M 


that man had TIME im crying??? #relatable #kattwilliams #shannonsharpe

♬ original sound – zay dante

Known for his quick wit and steady stream of relatable anecdotes, Isaiah Washington never fails to make his followers giggle. Washington achieves a feat few creators even attempt; he produces both comedic and educational content. The ease at which he flits between the two extremes, creating an account that is informative and hilarious, is a sight to behold. Ultimately, making Washington one of the top LGBTQ+ creators of 2024.

Eric Sedeño @ricotaquito 1M 



♬ FTCU – Nicki Minaj

Whilst the phrase “bob-based skits” might not exactly scream peak TikTok humour, Eric Sedeño always manages to tickle your funny bone. One of the top LGBTQ+ creators of the moment, Sedeño is no stranger to TikTok virality. His account is filled with a crazy blend of comedic content, from skits about surviving middle school to Severus Snape impressions.

Dr. Tony Mangubat @TiKdoctony 270.2K 


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♬ original sound – TikDocTony

Whilst Dr. Tony Mangubat is not a member of the queer community himself, his TikTok account has pushed him to become one of the top LGBTQ+ creators of 2024. Dr. Mangubat is a gender affirming and cosmetic surgeon in Seattle, and his account is dedicated to spreading information on these topics. He frequently answers questions from his followers, such as how much top surgery hurts and the real side effects of taking hormones. Dr. Mangubat’s account is a treasure trove of information that for many, is potentially life changing. 

Top LGBTQ+ Creators to Follow in 2024 on YouTube

UNHhhh @WOWPresents 1.99M 

Ex-Ru Paul’s Drag Race Queens Trixie Mattel and Katya started their show just over seven years ago and haven’t looked back since. If that fast-paced, weird as anything Drag Race humour is your style, then you are sure to love UNHhhh. What truly pushes Trixie and Katya to top LGBTQ+ creators is their friendship and outstanding chemistry. Never far from a quick jab or perfectly timed fan thwarp, UNHhhh is a hilariously strange, wild ride that you just can’t miss. 

Linh Truong @withlovelinh 1.11M 

Based out of Washington DC, this Georgetown senior is by no means new to the YouTube scene. Linh Truong has been regularly posting to her channel since High School, but only recently has become one of the top LGBTQ+ creators on YouTube. Truong has that gorgeous, Best Dressed inspired video aesthetic, but combines it with a transparency and authenticity that truly make her one in a million. In her early twenties, Truong is still figuring out her place in the world, and isn’t afraid to share all her highs and lows with her loyal audience. 

CJ @CJthex 308K 

CJ the X is taking the video essay format and completely turning it on its head. With videos dedicated to topics such as “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir”, to “The Ten Types of Water,” CJ’s content is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They have an erratic energy that when combined with their eloquent way of speaking, makes for a wondrous watch. CJ is sure to only climb in popularity from here on out, so be sure to pop them a follow. 

Michael Messineo @mikesmic 972K 

Whilst Michael Messineo has been posting on YouTube for quite some time, it was not until his Glee series that he truly found internet fame. Messineo has quickly become one of the top LGBTQ+ creators, as a result of his quick wit and fast paced video style. You might get whiplash, as he jumps from niche reference to even nicher reference, but you will have an absolute blast all the while. Messineo’s following continues to grow day by day, so make sure to join the tide and check out his channel. 

Jade Fox @jadefox 252K 

For slow paced, carefully thought out content, Jade Fox is your girl. Fox uses her account to share her life with her followers, taking them along with her through travelling, thoughts on queer content, and her general experience as a masc lesbian in 2024. One of many up and coming top LGBTQ+ creators, her account is the perfect slice of life queer content you’ve been waiting for. 

Them @watchthem 241K 

Need a reliable source of  content from the LGBTQ+ community? Them has you covered. An online publication, Them uses their YouTube to further reach their mission of helping their followers “get the best for what’s queer.” For videos of interviews with popular queer celebrities, such as Adam Levine and Jim Parsons, combined with content featuring local members of the LGBTQ+ community, be sure to check out Them. 

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard @jessicaoutofthecloset 1.05M 

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard’s account is a beautifully pink, wholesome, safe space. As she herself states, her aim is to add “vintage lesbian fabulousness to a life with disabilities and chronic illnesses.” One of the top LGBTQ+ creators, Kellgren-Fozard’s content typically surrounds her life with her wife and children, incredibly educative discussions on topics pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community, and more; all served in a perfectly pressed vintage dress, of course. 

Top LGBTQ+ Creators to Follow in 2024 on Instagram 

Mae Martin @hooraymae 764K 

Top LGBTQ+ creators: Mae Martin

Already a well known name in the comedy circuit, Mae Martin has their sights set on world domination. Not really, but their popularity is increasing at an astounding rate, with a Netflix special, incredibly successful podcast, and a TV show all under their belt. Martin’s Instagram is a mish mash of updates on their current ventures, little behind the scenes looks into their life, and general funny antics. Martin is by far one of the biggest up and coming LGBTQ+ comedians of our time, so be sure to put them on your radar. 

Seth Sanker @sethsanker 49.8K 

Top LGBTQ+ creators: Seth Sanker

Seth Sanker is here to redefine fashion. Sanker is a strong advocate for gender-less fashion, and he uses his Instagram account to share all his wild and wonderful creations. Typically found flipping between a brightly coloured buzz cut and a perfect blowout, Sanker represents the future of the fashion industry. His account is beautiful, aesthetic, and fashion forward, making him one of the top LGBTQ+ creators in 2024. 

Nai Jelee @theeglamnaija 144K 

Owner of the popular luxury press on nail brand Pressed n’ Bougie, Nai Jelee takes Instagram beauty to a whole new level. Never caught dead without the perfect, matching eyeshadow wig combo, Jelee’s artistry has gained her quite the following on Instagram. If you’re looking for one of the top LGBTQ+ creators who knows how to rock spider web eyeshadow, Jelee is your girl. 

Vanessa and Jory @modernfamilynextdoor 83.7K 

These top LGBTQ+ creators are set on normalising Queer families, all through their adorable Instagram account. Vanessa and Jory are mums to three beautiful children, and they share all the ups and downs of their family life with their dedicated following. Not ones to shy away from the less than aesthetic, Vanessa and Jory’s account feels authentic in a manner that many family accounts do not. 

Krystian Gabrielle @krystian_gabrielle 70.2K 

Sharing her life as a single, Queer mum to two kids, Krystian Gabrielle is quickly becoming one of the top LGBTQ+ creators in 2024. Known for her gorgeous children, persistently good attitude, and great dance moves, Gabrielle keeps things open and honest with her followers. Originally finding Instagram stardom as a joint account with her now ex-wife, Gabrielle now chooses to share what it is like being a blended family dedicated to their children. 

Jake Graf @jake_graf5 108K, and Hannah Graf @hannahw253 59.7K 

Top LGBTQ+ creators

Whilst technically two creators, Jake and Hannah Graf are such an amazing Queer couple, they had to be included in this list of the most popular LGBTQ+ creators. The Graf’s dedicate their individual Instagram accounts to spreading awareness on trans rights, particularly pertaining to trans youth. Both trans themselves, Jake and Hannah were featured in a Channel 4 documentary in 2020, which followed their mission to conceive a baby. Now parents to two children, Jake and Hannah’s accounts will never fail to put a smile on your face. 

Hank Green @hankgreen 1.6M 

Top LGBTQ+ creators

Hank Green is by no means a new name to the internet, but his position as one of the top LGBTQ+ creators is. Green’s social media fame began many years ago, through his YouTube channel with his brother John Green, and he came out as bisexual recently on Twitter. Nowadays, Green runs a highly popular TikTok and Instagram account, where he answers questions, shares fun science news, and also little tidbits about his life.

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