The Best Tiktok Video Size Guide in 2024

Aug 02, 2021

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The Best Tiktok Video Size Guide in 2024

With TikTok continuing to take over the planet and social media sphere, one of the things that you’ll need to know if you want to capitalise on this is the correct TikTok video size. Having your video the correct size is essential for making high-quality content on TikTok increasing the immersion and engaging your audience to continue watching and more. 

The go TikTok orientation used to be Vertical however recently TikTok has introduced and announced that it will be promoting landscape format videos within the app. If you’re confused about the best TikTok video size, there’s no need to worry as we have your guide right here!


A key question when filming a video, especially on a phone is what orientation you want to film it in. You have two options you can choose from, portrait or landscape. As mentioned the majority of videos in TikTok you’ll watch are portrait videos however they are looking to push landscape videos as the platform expands and innovates so it’s a real choice you’ll need to make at the beginning of your video creation.


There are two aspect ratios that TikTok will optimise your video portrait video. They are 9:16 and 1:1 as you can see in the diagram provided by TikTok themselves.  

Similarly, there is one Aspect ratio for Landscape videos when working with TikTok video sizes. These landscape videos will be optimised to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

As with everything there are pros and cons to both options, so when it comes to TikTok video sizes you’ll need to evaluate and pick the right one for the video you want to create. And lucky for you we’ve listed them below!  


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Full-Screen Experience

Vertical Videos cover the entire smartphone screens, which provide an immersive experience for TikTok users as this is the native format.  


As this is the native format for TikTok the algorithm and user interface favour portrait videos. However, as stated in the intro this may be beginning to change.

Higher engagement

Vertical videos do typically see higher engagement rates on the platform as it is native for the mobile-first platform and are the natural way to hold the phone while scrolling through videos.


Limited View

The narrow frame may restrict exactly what you can fit into a shot which can lead to some limits on your creativity when making these videos

Less versatile 

Portrait videos may not transfer as well to other social platforms that prefer landscape or square format content. 

Landscape: Pros and Cons 


@TikTok Growth 📚📈 | Angel How to post landscape videos on TikTok in a 16 x 9 ratio format. Tiktok is pushing landscape videos that are over one minute long currently so this is exactly how you do it for more tiktok growth #tiktokgrowth#tiktokalgorithm#contentcreator#landscapevideo#tiktokfeature

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Familiar format

This format is a much more traditional way of viewing videos meaning it can be repurposed the video across many different video and social media platforms such as YouTube.

Broader View

As the frame will be much wider you can fit more things into the shot allowing some more creative freedom on the video concepts you want to make

Easy to reformat

It’s really easy to turn your landscape videos into vertical or square videos. With very many video editing software allowing you to do it in one click!     


Reduced visibility

Landscape videos appear smaller on TikTok as they don’t fill the entire screen. This could potentially reduce engagement and immersion in your video! 

Not as Native

Even though TikTok is beginning to promote landscape videos the platform’s native content is still portrait meaning a landscape video may break immersion and in turn reduce engagement on the content.


The maximum size of a TikTok video will depend on where you’re uploading it from. For Android users, you can only upload a max of 72 <B into the cloud whereas Apple users have just over 4x that number. If you’re using IOS you can upload up to 278.6 MB worth of video content.

The big winner is online uploads with a max of 500 MB however the features on the online version are vastly reduced. 


Best video lengths for TikTok in 2023. Not what you’d expect! This took me 10 hours to analyse so if you found it useful, like the vid! #tiktokgrowth #posttimes #whentopost #whentopostontiktok #howtogoviral #howtogrowontiktok #besttimestopost #videolength #tiktoktips #tiktoksdvice

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Length is also an important factor in TikTok video sizes. The current maximum length at the moment is 10 minutes meaning the limit is 3 seconds and 10 minutes. However, as of writing this TikTok has been testing out an increase to 30 minutes. This alongside the push of landscape content could indicate the direction TikTok is looking to move in.


We’ve told you the best TikTok video sizes now let’s tell you how you can resize it. You can use any editing software you’d like or even an online tool such as Clideo. 

Once you have your video uploaded in your editor of choice you can change the dimensions of the video either manually or if they have presets you can choose the one that suit you. For TikTok portrait use 9:16 or 1:1 and for landscape use 16:9. Once done you can fit or fill the cropped recording to match the size.

Now you have your Video to an appropriate Tiktok video size simply export or download it in the format you’d like and get ready to upload it to your TikTok!

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