The Top Most Engaging Gaming Influencers To Look Up To

Aug 04, 2023

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The Top Most Engaging Gaming Influencers To Look Up To

Keeping an audience engaged is for marketers and gaming influencers alike. In streaming or content creation, you want to foster an audience that is engaged with you, your content and your community so they not only watch but keep coming back for more. 

Gaming influencers are some of the best at this, having higher engagement on average than other types of influencers in the industry. Gamers are often passionate so platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Twitter and even Discord allow them to find their own communities and ways to interact with other like-minded players inside and outside of the game. Content creators create a community in these niches that give people somewhere to join in and feel connected to like minded individuals. 

The most engaging gaming influencers to add to your follow list


Pewdiepie – also known as Felix –  is one of the most legendary gaming influencers in the industry. His audience love his unique, entertaining and constant stream of content – from his user-generated series on Reddit to prank videos. 

KSI ( JJ Olatunji )

KSI has everything from a music and boxing career and even a thriving second channel where he engages his community with user-submitted try-not-to-laugh challenges and Reddit Recaps. He is also regarded as one of the industry’s most famous gaming influencers.


Youtuber and streamer, Sykkuno has an engaged and supportive community. Due to the interactivity of streaming it allows him and his fans to interact in real-time fostering this tight-knit community.


Valkyrae is another worldwide phenomenon. Another streamer Valkyrae has fostered an incredible community on Twitch and now on Youtube that follows her wherever she goes.


As far as engaging gaming influencers go, Jack is one of YouTube’s OGs and has maintained his audience since 2012. Similar to KSI & Pewdiepie, using user-submitted videos allows him to interact with his fans through the video medium and foster engagement.  


Two friends started a channel together back in 2005 and now it’s an empire. Having a recent resurgence with the announcement that Dan and Anthony have rebought the channel, its fanbase is now more engaged than ever.


Being one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and now the biggest streamer on Kick, xQc has an incredibly engaged audience often making fun and “memeing” him in his chat.

gaming influencers: xQc


As one of the biggest Vtubers on Twitch, Ironmouse’s community flocks to her streams. Often found doing collaborations with other VTubers and streamers, Ironmouse has created a community always in anticipation for her next bout of content. 

gaming influencers: Ironmouse


A gaming influencer known for his creative YouTube channel, DanTDM has an engaged audience who will always return to see what Dan is playing in his video next. After taking a hiatus from YouTube following the birth of his second child, Dan is back and so is his community.


A legendary streamer, Poki is one of the biggest streamers online. Her ”Pokifam” spans multiple platforms with viewers watching her YouTube and tuning in to her Twitch streams. Her community is ready to support her on whatever platform she posts on.  She is one of the industry’s leading female gaming influencers.


A Minecraft superstar, Dream has become one of the biggest Minecraft gaming influencers on YouTube. His community love his speedrunning and collab content. More recently, his audience have shown huge levels of support after his face reveal.


Another rising Minecraft star, Tubbo is another incredibly engaged gaming influencer. Having now started streaming on Twitch, alongside creating YouTube content, his audience has multiple ways to engage and remain loyal to him.  


Sticking with the Minecraft trend, Tommy has created a name for himself with his hilarious Minecraft content and collaborations with his friends. His challenges always entice his audience to come back for more, ready to show support on all platforms.  


YouTube legend Markiplier is known for his playthrough of different horror games including the immensely popular Five Nights At Freddy’s. His fans flock to watch him play the last entry and see his reactions. 


Gaming influencer titan and member of the Sidemen, Simon AKA Miniminter is a streamer with a highly engaged audience. Be it his stream, videos or even Twitter or Instagram his fans are always anticipating his next move.

Vanoss Gaming

This Canadian YouTuber has made a name for himself by making funny content with his friends while playing a variety of different games. This relatable content makes him a popular choice among gaming fans.


Well-known streamer Tyler “Ninja” Belvins is one of the pioneering Fortnite gaming influencers. Ninja now streams on multiple platforms organising tournaments and more for his friend and community.    


Former CSGO Pro turned streamer Shroud is a legend in the gaming influencer scene. His viewers flock to his stream to see his shooter skills come to life through a variety of titles.

gaming influencers: shroud

Game Theorist

Viewers flock to MatPats videos to see what answers for popular gaming queries he has next. From answering the lingering question in Five Nights on Fridays lore to assessing the ways to survive a nuclear apocalypse in the Fallout series. 


Leslie or better known to the community as Fuslie is a fantastic content creator with a loyal fanbase. Getting her start on Twitch and recently moving to Youtube her fanbase loyally followed waiting to see what she is due to play next and the stories her RP character will create.  

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