The Male TikTok Influencers Leading The Way For The Fashion Industry

Sep 05, 2023

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The Male TikTok Influencers Leading The Way For The Fashion Industry

TikTok is the ultimate platform for male fashion influencers to shine, with 41% of Gen Z seeking style inspiration there. It’s concise and to-the-point, and male TikTok influencers are leveraging this to kick off trends going way beyond borders.

Authenticity fosters connections between users, breaking norms for inclusivity. TikTok’s canvas allows male influencers – like Wisdom Kaye and Jeff Yamazaki – to reshape fashion.

TikTok’s global reach lets these trail blazers redefine fashion, making style accessible and kicking off other-worldly trends.

These popular male TikTokers have all style bases covered, from street-cool to dressed-up dapper. Whether you’re switching looks, trying trends, refreshing your wardrobe, or seeking outfit inspo, these accounts have you covered.

Elevate your style with these fashion-first creators

Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8)9.2M Followers, 310.4M Likes

Starting off our list of male TikTok influencers, Wisdom effortlessly owns every outfit as a model, but the real gold is his ingenious closet that drops game on color coordination, layers, and proportions, giving you style tips that level up your fashion game.


a platypus??

♬ original sound – Wisdom Kaye

Mark Boutillier (@mark_boutilier)141K Followers, 12.9M Likes

Think of Mark as your go-to TikTok fashion guru, spilling trends, rocking styles, and bringing humor; whether it’s pointing fingers, spotting denim chairs, or playfully poking at trends. He’s all about fashion minus the seriousness.


Thrifting an ENTIRE outfit around my the @drmartens 1460 boot… what do you think of the fit?? #drmartensusa #thrifting #vintageclothes #ad

♬ Caramel Latte – Prod. By Rose

Sky Koji (@skyykojii)23K Followers, 421K Likes

On the hunt for rising Asian male TikTok influencers? Well, say hello to this potential game-changer: Sky Koji. Hailing from Japan, this micro-influencer is making waves with his revered style that effortlessly fuses “villain era” aesthetics with contemporary streetwear.


Chaos in tokyo?

♬ original sound – trixer


Timothy Chernyaev (@relaxitsonlyfashion)334.7K Followers, 10M Likes

Timothy brings his own male fashion influencer mojo by offering candid opinions on news and collections through his distinct TikTok videos. His refreshing take and personal style set him apart in the fashion content space.


Replying to @zoobaer101 #eliesaab

♬ original sound – relaxitsonlyfashion


Jeff Yamazaki (@jeffyamazaki) – 25.9K Followers, 334.4K Likes

Rock those chill vibes with effortlessly cool outfits that still scream “I’ve got it together.” Jeff’s also got your back with awesome Asian American Pacific Islander brands that might not be on your radar, but totally deserve a spot in your closet.


Potential Japan Outfit ??? These two pieces I got at the Ron Herman Sample Sale are definitely my favorite and I can’t wait to style them in various ways. As we get closer to September, I’m looking forward to creating more outfits that fit the vibe of Tokyo as I’ll be there for almost a whole month. Which one do you vibe with more? The shirt or pants? — #mensfashion#mensstyle#mensoutfit

♬ Blue Moon – Muspace Lofi


Jevon Henley (@blvckhoodieee) – 1.0M Followers, 30.1M Likes

Check out Jevon, aka @blvckhoodieee—he’s killing it as a male fashion influencer on TikTok, dropping styling tips, budget hacks, and even scoring big partnerships that prove he’s way more than just a “micro-influencer.”


celebrating 50 years of hip-hop by making a kendrick lamr type fit 🙂 who should i do next @Nike

♬ original sound – Jevon Henley


Benji Park (@fashionboy) – 223.7K Followers, 8.2M Likes

Meet the ‘Fashion Fairy Godmother’ himself, Benji Park—the male TikTok influencer you need to follow for a whirlwind fashion education. He’s dishing out all the goods, from movie and TV style to runway trends, and throwing in killer advice on snagging your own standout pieces.


This is what #hautecouture actually means! Since its couture week in paris here’s a little info to supplement your viewing ❤️ #fashioneducation #fashiontiktok #fashion #coutureweek #fashionshow #couturefashion #runway #couture #fashiondesigner

♬ Choking on Flowers – Fox Academy


Liam Cole (@why_wear_that) – 90.5K Followers, 2M Likes

Say hi to Liam, one of the UK’s top male TikTok influencers shaking up fashion education with his own hilarious twist. He’s breaking down fashion highlights, giving you the lowdown on style icons, and spicing it all up with his witty takes and historical nuggets.


#asaprocky #karllagerfeld #metgala #pedropascal #elonmusk #youngelonmusk #jaredleto #choupette #labrador #numetal #numetaltiktok #mattyhealy1975 #taylorswiftedit #ye #johnnydepp #barbie #ken #margotrobbie #ryangosling #juliafox #newbalance #louisvuitton #pharell #fashiontiktok

♬ original sound – Liam Cole


Dapper Dom (dapperdom) – 91.7K Followers, 3M Likes

Introducing Dom, one of the male TikTok influencers reppin’ the dads, rocking a plethora of relaxed ensembles with a dash of streetwear and prep flair. For those with a bigger build, Dom’s feed is a goldmine of style ideas.


Outfits I cant wait to wear once it cools down ??? #menswear #styletips #fall #outfitinspo

♬ rodeo dr – Gunna

Young Black Dad (@youngblackdad) – 2.7M Followers, 77.9M Likes

In this crazy world of social media, this male TikTok influencer dishes out heartwarming vibes with his little one in their living room, rocking matching outfits like white Air Force 1s and balaclavas—a virtual hug battling negativity on our feeds.


Guess the kid a great donation ?

♬ original sound – YoungBlackDad


Phil Cohen (@thepacman82) – 168.1K Followers, 4.2M Likes

Meet the male TikTok influencer with mind-blowing creativity, boasting 4.2 million likes and a massive Instagram following, plus killer collabs with Victorinox and PANGAIA. Phil’s not just a wizard video editor and art director, he’s got those mind-blowing flatlay twists up his sleeve too.


Not sure Ashley was looking ?

♬ LOOK AT ME – sanika • skywvker


Jake Fleming (@itsjakeflemm) – 599.2K Followers, 23.9M Likes

Say hey to LA’s very own male TikTok influencer—Jake’s a top model at Select Model Global (see his Insta for his style), dishing out niche fashion advice like backwards suit styling and cracking us up with gems like “what your sandals say about you”.


well its defintely something #fashion #viviennewestwood

♬ original sound – Morgan Presley


C Roy (@cyrilroypalmer) – 723.7K Followers, 56.7M Likes

The most nostalgic of male Tiktok influencers, Cyril resembles a blast from the past with his 2000s fashion flair, handling haters by sharing videos of his daily outfits and even rating followers’ getups, while also dropping brand insights—perfect for all you 2000s streetwear enthusiasts out there.


Replying to @Consumer of Corn this shirt and these short are the perfect combination one of my favorite #fashiontiktok #outfitinspo #styletips #fyp

♬ Love 70s remix – dustingarzamusic


Julian Carter (@juulian.c) – 345.1K Followers, 9.5M Likes

Of all male TikTok influencers, this guy is your ultimate style guide, giving style tips and testing fashion trends. However, the real standout is his DIY expertise. He shares hacks like cropping jackets and resizing pants, and even crafting a water bottle holder from plastic bags; making wardrobe personalization a breeze.


How to tailor a shirt so the sleeves actually fit correctly! This is a great tool to have in the tailoring tool box epsexially when you have a bunch of hand me doen shirts from family members #sewing #thriftstyle #styleinspo #diystyle #tailoring

♬ Phonk Beat Bornedo – Bornedo


Mathieu Simone (@mathieusimoneau) – 1.4M Followers, 41.1M Likes

This Canadian model spills the beans on male modeling life like no other. Whether he’s taking you backstage at big runway gigs or sharing his inner thoughts while strutting his stuff, his content helps demystify the fashion scene.


Thrilled to be in the new @Armani Exchange SS22 campaign #model #axchange

♬ original sound – mathieusimoneau

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