The Most Subscribed To YouTube Channels in Gaming

Jun 07, 2023

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The Most Subscribed To YouTube Channels in Gaming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you’ll know that YouTube is an enormously popular video-sharing platform. Launched in 2005 it has grown to be the place for video sharing across the internet, boasting 2.1 billion active monthly users and 122 million users per day.

Content-wise you can find everything you need on YouTube, prank videos, family, travel, house tours and, of course, all types of gaming videos. If you’re looking for a video, YouTube is the place to find it.

YouTube also has a unique position where it has no real competitors in the gaming video space. Twitch, the video game streaming site, is another titan of the industry however, most users don’t go to Twitch for dedicated gaming videos. Live streaming allows the viewers to interact in real-time meaning audiences will go to Twitch for this “real life” experience rather than curated videos you would find on YouTube. 

Whereas a viewer would go to YouTube to relive gaming moments in the form of ~10 minutes edited videos or more long-form content such as playthroughs and walkthroughs. YouTube is also used as a place to find specific gaming information such as how to unlock a hidden achievement. The gaming community, like the marketing community, is always looking for the next big creators so we’ve curated a list of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the gaming for you below:    

The top 20 most subscribed YouTube channels in gaming

Pewdiepie – 111 million subscribers

Formerly the most subscribed YouTube channel on the site, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg better known as Pewdiepie is a legend in the YouTube industry. Known for his Let’s Play and comedic shows, Pewdiepie is still creating gaming-related content from time to time solidifying his place at the top of our list.

JuegaGerman – 47.9 million subscribers

The most subscribed YouTube channel in Chile, known for its playthrough of scary games, comes in second on our list. JuegaGerman makes long-form playthrough content of the games he plays with many reaching 40+ mins while also mixing in shorter videos that include reactions and one-off games he may play.   

Fernanfloo – 46 million subscribers 

“Some say I’m a crack, some say I’m a fail it really does not matter what I am, I simply seek to AMUSE and ENTERTAIN =)” are the words El Salvadorian YouTuber star Fernanfloo used to describe himself. His videos are incredibly edited and filled with memes and hilarious moments to do just that.

Mikecrack – 37.6 million subscribers

Self-proclaimed most pro YouTuber in the world and owner of the second most subscribed YouTube channel in Spain. Mikecrack creates gaming content perfect for all ages. With a variety of games he plays with his friends such as Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox you can always find yourself laughing watching Mike’s videos.

Total Gaming – 35 million subscribers

Also known as Ajay, Total Gaming is the second most subscribed YouTube channel in India who’s known for playing a variety of PC and mobile games including PUBG Mobile and City Skylines. This combo makes for a good variety between the action of a battle royale and the calmness of managing/creating a city in city skylines 

Markiplier – 34.9 million subscribers

Another well-known name in the industry, Markiplier has done it all. Another titan of the gaming sphere, Mark is most well known for his experience playing and theorising around the popular horror franchise game Five Nights at Freddie’s and still plays its iteration to this day.  

Vegetta777– 33.8 million subscribers

Samuel Aka Vegetta777 is the owner of the third most subscribed YouTube channel in Spain. He plays a variety of games with his friends including Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Human Fall Flat and Rainbow 6 Siege.   

Techno Gamerz – 33.5 million subscribers

From second in Spain to Second most subscribed YouTube channel in India. Techno Gamerz creates curated playthrough content for the games he plays. As of writing this, he is currently playing Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Jacksepticeye – 29.8 million subscribers

Irish Youtuber Jacksepticeye is another name you should already be familiar with. A king of variety content, Jack has it all from over an hour-long playthrough episode of Zelda, 20 minutes of edited videos of horror games and has even started doing reaction content in between.

Aboflah – 29.1 million subscribers

The most subscribed YouTube channel for gaming in Kuwait belongs to the next person on the list. Aboflah creates highly edited content that splices his humour into all his videos. Catching the attention with memes and good laughs in all his videos.

Frost Diamond – 27.9 million subscribers

Frost Diamond is an Indonesian YouTuber known for his Minecraft and variety of content. He plays a variety of different PC games like, Garry’s Mod and more. When he’s not playing games you can also find him with his family and friends making prank videos and lifestyle content!  

DanTDM – 26.8 million subscribers

DanTDM is a well-known gaming figure from the UK, known best for his gameplay commentary over games like Minecraft, Roblox and Sonic the Hedgehog. The new father of two took a break last year to focus on his family but is now back to making content to the delight of many.

VanossGaming – 25.8 million subscribers

If you’re looking for funny gaming moments or great thumbnail art our next YouTube has you covered. VanossGaming also known as Evan is a Canadian YouTuber who makes montage-style comedic gaming content with his friends and fellow content creators

Ninja – 23.7 million subscribers

Tyler Blevins a.k.a also known as Ninja is a well-known streamer in the gaming sphere, however, his YouTube channel is something you shouldn’t scoff at. His content consists of funny edited moments for his stream that people love to watch again and again.   

Jelly – 23.5 million subscribers

Is a family-friendly YouTuber who creates content around GTA 5 and Minecraft. He also started a popular series called “Face To Face” where he and a friend will compete together in various crazy challenges in-game. 

Ssundee – 22.2 million subscribers

Ssundee is another family-friendly streamer that you can find playing Roblox, Minecraft and Among Us using crazy mods and self-imposed challenges. He and his group of friends are always joking around and creating fun and hilarious videos.  

FGTeeV – 22 million subscribers

FGTeeV is a family gaming team consisting of 6 members of the family and their two dogs. They bring the family of gamers together to create content and play games like Roblox and various indie games which pits Father vs Kids.

Invictor – 20.9 million subscribers 

Spain has had a strong showing in this list so far and this one is no expectation. Invictor is another family-friendly streamer whose content focuses on Minecraft and GTA 5 challenges with his friends.  

Lazar Beam – 20.4 million subscribers

Australian Youtuber and, as of 2022, the second most subscribed YouTube channel in the country. His content revolves around Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft creating funny moments and challenges in the game.    

El Trollino – 20.1 million subscribers

Last but not least is ElTrollino, a Spanish YouTuber who plays a variety of games such as Gartic Phone, Roblox and Minecraft. You can find him creating funny content and doing challenges with his friends.


Who is the #1 most subscribed YouTube channel for gaming in the world?

Pewdiepie with 111 million subscribers

What are the top 5 most subscribed YouTube Channels in the world?

  1. MrBeast
  2. Pewdiepie
  3. Like Nastya
  4. Vald and Nikki
  5. BangtanTV

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