Meet TikTok’s Pioneering Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Dec 01, 2023

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Meet TikTok’s Pioneering Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Everyone knows that the best place to get sewing inspiration, thrift find envy, or gorgeous OOTDs is TikTok.

The sustainable fashion community on TikTok continues to grow day by day, with an increasing number of consumers choosing to make the move towards eco-conscious fashion. As such, keeping track of which sustainable fashion TikTok influencers to follow can be a tall task indeed.

Read on to find out our top 15 sustainable fashion influencers on TikTok.


Bahram Yara @bahramyara 25.6K followers

Bahram Yara’s TikTok is a treasure trove for those of us who love the idea of thrifting and upcycling, but get overwhelmed at the amount of information out there. Through his casual ‘get ready with me’s’ and general laid back content, Yara shares the best tips and tricks out there for how to be more mindful with your fashion.

Based in New York, this sustainable fashion influencer’s feed is never short of a stunning black leather fit, or a jaw-dropping cropped bomber jacket. For the perfect mix of advice, trendy content, and jealousy-inducing vintage clothes, Yara’s your man.


Hope you like this one! Its probably my favourite piece that I made myself so far. Used a vintage pure cotton tablecloth with coconut shell buttons! #mensfashioninspo #summerfashion #upcycledclothing #sustainablefashion #sewingtok

♬ Little Things x Gypsy Woman – L BEATS MASHUP – Jorja Smith

Venetia La Manna @venetialamanna 58.2K followers

If you’re looking for inspirational, sustainable outfits with a heavy dose of capitalism-induced fury, then Venetia La Manna is your best bet out of all the sustainable fashion influencers on TikTok.

This London-based creator uses her platform to share information on the not so pretty side of the fashion industry. Her popular series, “Recipe For Disaster”, sees Venetia bake an item of food whilst sharing facts on big brand names; did you know the fashion industry sells 1.2 billion pairs of jeans every year? Terrifying.

Venetia’s style is classic London to the max. Think that young mum at school drop off who is always in the perfect tailored blazer and ruby red ballet flats.


exploitative AND expensive! that’s Lululemon ? #sustainability #sustainablefashion #greenwashing #feminism #capitalism #lululemon

♬ original sound – Venetia La Manna ?

Heidi Kaluza @the_rogue_essentials 58.1K followers

Heidi Kaluza’s popular TikTok account didn’t exactly start off as you would expect. Initially, she found her fame as a fast fashion influencer. However, she has since turned a page and now has joined the ranks of sustainable fashion influencers, dedicating her account to encouraging her followers to do the same.

Kaluza became particularly popular as a result of her videos wherein she directly challenges fast fashion influencers on their role in overconsumption. Her entire TikTok is an ode to the notion that you can still look cool and trendy, even in second hand clothes – contrary to the many who believe sustainable fashion influencers can only wear organic linen.

Head over to her page for bold prints, puffy sleeves, and the perfect slicked back bun.


? #hmxme #deinfluenced @The Rogue Essentials @The Rogue Essentials

♬ original sound – The Rogue Essentials

Sally @callmeflowerchild 19.1K followers

Never has a handle ever fit an account so perfectly.

Sally is the bundle of sunshine our feeds so desperately need. Through her flower-filled, joy-radiating videos, Sally takes her followers on her journey to live a more sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle. Her main message is simple; strive to have a mindful closet.

Through her thrift hauls, ebay finds, OOTDs, Sally inspires even the biggest naysayers of sustainable fashion influencers to try and make a little difference day by day through their closet.

In terms of style, look forward to bold colours, floral motifs, and a big smile.


Pajama like outfit for a road trip just seems right! #ootd #outfitideas #midsize #30daysofoutfits

♬ sonido original – ☠️ AlbertPrmX ☠️

Alex @madebyalexnyc 207.9K

Self-described as promoting “colourful, curvy fashion,” 25 year old Alex reminds us that there is a space for plus-size sustainable fashion TikTok influencers.

Currently based in New York, Alex dedicates her account to sharing how plus-size users can also engage with sustainable fashion. She even co-founded the size-inclusive fashion brand Shine By Nature to aid in her mission.

Alex is your girl if all you want in life is little gingham tops, vintage overalls and blue skies.


#ad the @Google app is so helpful to find exactly what I’m looking for!! The Lens feature is great when searching for matching items!

♬ original sound – Alex ☀️Fashion & Fitness NYC

Jen Graham @charityshopgirlcsg 80.3K followers

When Jen Graham started up her TikTok page to fill the time, she never thought she would gain such an audience.

Graham, who describes herself as a second-hand stylist, all but exclusively dedicates her account to vintage shopping. Her incredible closet is almost 100% thrifted items; from cutting edge blazers to Jackie Kennedy-esque dresses.

Her fantastic thrifting vlogs and tantalising finds are enough to make even the biggest second-hand critic go out and dig through a charity shop bin – and that’s her goal. Graham hopes to encourage her audience to shop second hand, rather than purchasing new item after new item.

Graham’s style is a blend of trendy London with vintage undertones. A crazy combination that few sustainable fashion influencers attempt, yet somehow works on Graham.


Two absolute bargains waiting for me today in Age UK sandbach ?? #fyp #haul #viral #charityshop #thrifted #thrifttok

♬ original sound – Charity Shop Girl – Jen Graham

Rabia @modernvintage_rabia 23K followers

Rabia’s mantra is “buy less, wear more,” and it’s definitely something we can get behind.

Through her account, Rabia encourages her audience to buy less new clothing and rewear forgotten articles from their closets. She manages to achieve this by showing her followers how she shops from her own wardrobe, rewears pieces, and always looks stylish even if it’s in a tshirt she’s had for 3 years.

These sustainable fashion videos, when mixed with her behind the scenes clips of being a mother, create a wonderfully unique and authentic account that is rare on TikTok; especially amongst its community of sustainable TikTok influencers.

Rabia’s style is vintage and wild, with odes to the decades past scattered throughout. She definitely wouldn’t be caught dead in anything close to boring.


All from my own personal experience! #buylesschoosewell #slowfashiontiktok #buylesswearmore

♬ Nobody – Mitski

Eleanor @nelsybopx 40.7K followers

A common complaint about sustainable fashion is that it is only accessible to those sustainable fashion influencers with cash to burn. Well, Eleanor is here to prove this theory wrong.

This college-age fashionista is an absolute wiz with a needle and thread, and she’s here to inspire you to follow suit. After her account gained popularity, Eleanor opened up her own small business, where she sells her thrifted creations.

For that creative boost to get you off the couch and back at the sewing machine, Eleanor is the perfect account. Her style is heavily Y2K inspired, with thrift flips and spaghetti straps galore.


A little hand sewing DIY using old childhood jewellery to change up this plain halter neck for a festival I’m going to ? so pleased! #thriftflip #sustainablefashion #sewing #DIY #craft #beads #secondhand

♬ Little Things x Gypsy Woman – L BEATS MASHUP – Jorja Smith

Andrea Cheong @andreacheong_ 242.8K followers

Ever feel that no matter how much you spend on an item of clothing, it always ends up fraying within a few months? Well, spend just a few minutes on Andrea Cheong’s page and all your shopping woes will be solved.

Andrea, author of ‘Why Don’t I Have Anything to Wear?’ and founder of ‘The Mindful Monday Method,’ has a unique approach in comparison to other sustainable TikTok influencers. Through her account, she aims to share tips and tricks on how to shop smarter. With her advice, you will stop purchasing clothes that are way overpriced and fall apart after a single wear. 

With a self-described ‘slutty grandma’ style, Andrea’s account is filled with cropped lace cardigans and itty bitty skirts.


We know that ££ doesnt mean good quality but does it help if its within the brand? These pricey pieces from Mango go under the microscope #mangofashion #autumnfashion2023 #partyoutfitideas #winterfashion2023 #howtoshopsustainably #mindfulmondaymethod #fashioneducation

♬ original sound – Andrea

Izzy @izzy_manuel 1286 followers

Whilst she mightn’t be the most well-known of TikTok’s sustainable fashion influencers just yet, Izzy is definitely one to watch.

Izzy dedicates her rainbow feed to showing her followers how to shop more sustainably. She debunks popular brands, shares how to look after your clothes so that they last as long as possible, and provides general education on the fashion industry and climate issues on the whole.

Her sunny smile and bubbly personality cuts through the noise of plain and drab sustainable fashion influencers; turns out, you can be fun and ethical! Who knew?


can you overconsume second hand fashion?! The most sustainable and circular way to shop is second hand, if it is so sustainable can you actually overconsume and take part in overconsumption? I don’t think it matters if it is fast fashion or thrifted fashion, i think uou can still overconsume! what are your thoughts?!? #fastfashion #slowfashion #overconsumption #consciousconsumer #consciousconsumerism #consciousconsumption

♬ original sound – Izzy Manuel

Marielle Elizabeth @marielle.elizabeth 41.7K followers

Marielle is on a mission to make ethical fashion more accessible for all the plus-sized fashionistas and sustainable fashion influencers out there.

She uses her platform to not only advocate for ethical fashion choices and sustainable lifestyles, but also for body positivity. Her videos break down ingrained fat phobia, whilst also preaching a message of sustainable fashion. Not an easy feat, and one few sustainable fashion influencers attempt.

Marielle’s style leans on trendy basics, with the occasional pop of pattern or colour.


full transparency this was sponsored content I made for something else, BUT I loved it so much I wanted to share it here because finding coats when you’re plus size is a nightmare and these ones are SO CUTE and warm. ☕️?✨️ All these coats are from @Columbia Sportswear and I’m wearing a 3X. #plussizecoats #plussizewinterfashion #ootdplussize #plussizefashion #curvytiktok #fattok #winterjackets #sleepingbagcoat #size22 #falloutfitinspo

♬ original sound – marielle elizabeth ☁️?☕️?

Kat @sustainably.kat 11.5K followers

Standing out amongst the crowd of sustainable fashion TikTok influencers is not an easy feat, but Kat is managing to do that and more. Kat is a self-proclaimed ‘imperfect environmentalist’; a rare admission within a community filled with seeming perfection.

Through her platform, Kat encourages her followers to join the environmental movement in any way that they can. She recognizes the difficulties with maintaining a perfectly sustainable lifestyle, and helps her followers make peace with doing what they can.

Kat’s style is straight out of a Taylor Swift edit; soft, lilac hues, oversized denim jackets and plenty of dainty gold jewellery.


This is THE best clothing up-cycling hack -no sewing skills needed!?♻️✨ #sustainablefashion #upcycledfashion #slowfashion #upcycle #sustainableliving #sustainablestyle

♬ pink and white frank ocean – sped up sounds

Tracy @transformationsbytracy 850.9K followers

Transformations doesn’t even begin to describe the magic that Tracy wields with a pair of scissors and some thread.

Based in New York, Tracy’s designs are inspirational to the max. Be sure to hop on over to her YouTube to catch her sewing lessons and learn how to transform your own wardrobe. You can even purchase all the sewing patterns she uses to upgrade her clothes through her Etsy.

Through her account, Tracy encourages her followers to upcycle their wardrobe and avoid buying new clothes. Her style is glamorous and fashionable, with plenty of satin dresses, pleated mini skirts and lace tops.


Love how the final dress turned out? #thriftflip #corsetdresses #paris #upcycling #slowfashionmovement

♬ Paris – Taylor Swift

Jazmine Rogers @thatcurlytopp 56.5K followers

Jazmine Rogers has the cute outfit and educational video down to an art form. Her gorgeous outfits – all sourced from small, sustainable brands of course – and bubbly personality make learning about the environment with her easy and fun.

Rogers videos aim to prove that you can be colourful, trendy and eco-conscious all at the same time. Her style is eclectic and colourful; think mismatched socks and vintage leather heels, paired with a bright red lip.

For an injection of happiness and information, be sure to add her name to your list of sustainable fashion influencers to follow.


what do you think? made a vid on YT “Fashion week and Sustainability Q+A” answering some of your questions about this, love this convo and happy to share my thoughts/opinions and hear some of your own too!

♬ original sound – thatcurlytop

Maggie Zhou @maggie_zhou 10.5K followers

Based in Melbourne, Maggie Zhou manages to both advocate for sustainable fashion, but still hop on TikTok trends and remain relevant. A pretty amazing achievement that few sustainable fashion influencers succeed in.

Zhou uses her platform to show users how to wear their clothes to the max; reusing favourite tops as pjs, selling old clothes, she’s done it all. Maggie is a great example of how sustainable fashion can still be cutting edge and trendy.

For a large dose of primary colours, quirky vests and adorable sandals, check out Maggie’s page.


The fast fashion dystopia is here ? #shein #alicemccall #fastfashion #sustainablefashion

♬ original sound – Maggie Zhou

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