Social Media Updates: March 2023

Apr 03, 2023

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Updates: March 2023

The social world never stops moving. With trends and platforms changing like the wind, what are the latest social media updates you need to know about?

TikTok Updates

TikTok launches Effect House Branded Effects

TikTok has launched a new tool which allows brands to work with creators to produce custom branded effects. These customisable effects can be used by brands in campaigns, and include AR filters and activations. Brands can add a CTA and select precise audience targeting through Effect House. These branded effects can be used across Branded Missions, In-Feed ads, Top View ads, and all other standard TikTok ad formats.

TikTok Keyword Insights boosts TikTok SEO 

TikTok’s Keyword Insights tool allows marketers to discover the top performing keywords and phrases in relevant TikTok ads. Marketers can browse the keywords appearing in the most successful ad campaigns, and view the ads for more ideas as to how they can incorporate these keywords into scripts, ad copy, ad text and overlays.

Screenshot of TikTok's Keyword Insights function, displaying the most popular keywords from ads within the last 7 days in the UK.

TikTok lets users refresh their FYPs

TikTok has begun rolling out a feature that allows users to refresh their For You Page algorithms. The update allows users to start their algorithms from scratch, and recognises the user as a new user, only considering content interactions from the moment of the reset. While user’s feeds, profile and inboxes won’t be affected, the ads shown to these users will change.

An visual representation of the notification TikTok users will receive to prompt them to restart their TikTok For You Page algorithm.

Instagram Updates

Instagram launches Reminder ads and Search ads

Instagram is launching two new ad options: Reminder ads and Search ads. Reminder ads are in-feed ads that allow users to opt into alerts about events in the app; once opted in, users will receive notifications a day before, 15 minutes before, and at the time of the event. Reminders can be scheduled three months ahead of the event. 

Following TikTok’s search success, Instagram is launching Search ads, which will show up in the feed users scroll through after tapping a post from search results. These ads use keyword targeting to show users relevant ads—for example, a skincare brand will show up when a user searches for “skincare.”

An example of an Instagram Reminder ad In-Feed, and the push notification a user receives once the ad has been opted into.

Instagram makes video editing easier

Instagram is testing a Stories feature that makes video editing easy—something the platform has needed for a while. With the new feature, users can trim their Story video clips before posting. It works in the same way users can trim Reels and feed posts.

Facebook updates

Facebook updates Reels ads with new conversion objectives 

Meta is expanding its Click to Messenger ads and WhatsApp conversions into Facebook Reels. The new ad allows advertisers to include a CTA within Reels ads which direct the user to a new Messenger or WhatsApp conversation with the brand.

Twitter updates

Twitter limits reach from unverified accounts

Elon Musk revealed in a tweet that Twitter will only recommend tweets from verified accounts in its For You timeline, and only verified users can participate in polls. The move was decided to drive more users to Twitter’s subscription service, and to combat bots and spam on the platform. 

In addition,  Twitter will be removing legacy verified check marks, meaning everyone wanting a verification must subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Pinterest updates

Pinterest offers prime placement Premiere Spotlight ads

Pinterest’s new Premiere Spotlight ads place brand promotions at the top of a search page, offering a prime advertorial position for 24 hours or longer. Brands can include a CTA button to encourage users to visit their website, which once clicked, opens within the Pinterest app.

Pinterest lets users shop from Shuffles

Pinterest is looking to further integrate collages made using its Shuffles app, starting with shopping. Shuffles are created using original content and Pinterest’s media library—if a Shuffle is made containing imagery from a product pin, the Shuffle will show pricing and retailer information when tapped.

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