2 Weeks With Aria: Here’s What Went Down

Mar 05, 2024


2 Weeks With Aria: Here’s What Went Down

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you’ll know that here, at Socially Powerful, we have launched a brand new AI-powered influencer discovery technology called Aria. 

Designed to remove the barrier between brands and influencers, while streamlining campaign planning and enhancing performance measurability, Aria succeeds in the following key areas. 

Access to over 200 million influencer profiles

An AI prompt-based search engine for speedy and accurate influencer discovery

Campaign image visualisation 

Campaign results forecasting

The best part? Aria is FREE.

But how can such an intricately-designed influencer discovery technology be handed out at zero cost?

Well, while Aria can simplify the influencer search process, it cannot replicate the creativity, strategic planning, and performance outcomes that stem directly from the creative brains at an agency like Socially Powerful. Therefore, giving Aria away as an assistant to this creative genius only paves the way for groundbreaking campaign results. 

The launch and gifting of Aria also signifies more than just a leap forward for Socially Powerful. It speaks to our commitment to lead, innovate, and redefine the influencer marketing landscape. While leading the race in AI influencer discovery technology, we wish to grant others the chance to not only keep up with the vast and ever-changing industry, but also dominate it in its entirety. 

What’s the general consensus so far?

The team at Socially Powerful have been engrossed in Aria experimentation since its launch, testing its capabilities, putting it to a time test, and generally getting to grips with the influencer discovery technology in front of them.


Want to save time on influencer discovery? We have just the technology for you. Aria is our AI-powered influencer discovery software that’s shaking up the influencer marketing industry. Gone are the days spent trawling through list after list, website after website, profile after profile. With Aria, you have access to over 200M influencer profiles, and using natural language-based search, can pinpoint precise influencers who will best represent your campaign—in terms of content, audience, and engagement. Not only that, Aria also uses AI-powered forecasting, letting you visualise the content and results of your campaign. Bonus: it’s FREE! Sign up to our waitlist today through the link in our bio. #Aria #InfluencerDiscovery #InfluencerMarketing #InfluencerTools #SociallyPowerful

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With the aim of eventually seamlessly integrating Aria into their everyday tasks, the team has put countless hours into trialling the technology’s many features. Most commonly touched on was Aria’s speed and precision when conducting specific influencer discovery tasks. With an accurate prompt-based search engine, this influencer discovery technology takes the search process to new heights, boasting a precise roster of creators for each and every search request. 

Maddie's Aria testimonial

Similarly, Aria’s campaign image generation capabilities were given the utmost praise from several team members, commenting specifically on the benefits of being able to use the visualisation feature to help build trust between them and clients. 

Caroline's Aria testimonial

What can we expect from Aria in the coming months?

While Aria is still in Beta, we can expect to see continued development of the influencer discovery technology itself. Campaign image generation and forecasted campaign results will be at the forefront of this development, refining both processes until the output is as detailed and accurate as possible. 

Alongside this, we are continuously welcoming new influencer profiles to the platform, taking the time to vet each one to ensure accurate assignment to each Aria user. Onboarding an even vaster array of influencer profiles will ensure Aria is attracting marketers from every corner of the internet, as well as increasing our commitments to diversity and representation. 

All in all, even more exciting opportunities are on the horizon with Aria. We predict further development will be a game changer for those within the influencer marketing industry, from aiding the progression of client relationships to overseeing the growth of high-quality content from marketers and advertisers. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey with Aria today by signing up to our waitlist!

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