Revolutionising AI Technology In Influencer Marketing: Introducing Aria By Socially Powerful

Feb 27, 2024

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Revolutionising AI Technology In Influencer Marketing: Introducing Aria By Socially Powerful

We have an exciting announcement!

If you are reading this post, then this relates to you, so stay with us as we unveil a game changer in influencer marketing. 

Aria is a state-of-the-art AI influencer search technology, supercharged by ChatGPT’s Open AI.

AI technology in influencer marketing: Aria launch page

Far from being just another influencer discovery platform in a humble marketer’s arsenal, Aria stands as a beacon for creator vetting, guiding brands and yourself through the complexity of influencer partnerships, using precision and data-driven insights.

By harnessing the power of AI, Aria offers a future-forward solution to connect brands with influencers whose online presence stands true across their respective audiences!

With Aria, the approach to influencer discovery has never been easier.

Bold statement, we know, but it’s true!

Our bespoke AI-powered influencer vetting technology steers away from the norm of inaccurate and stressful field creator searches from other known AI software for influencer marketing on the internet. Instead, Aria ensures the strategic alignment of brands with influencers who not only share their vision, but amplify their brand persona and narrative.

Aria employs sophisticated AI algorithms using ChatGPT’s Open AI software to vet and pinpoint specific creators based on their tribes—be it gaming, lifestyle, beauty, or any niche in between based on your prompts.

Aria's 200million+ catalogue of influencers

If you can think of it (well, type it…), Aria will find it.

With over 200 million creators to choose from, Aria meticulously evaluates key metrics, such as age demographics, engagement rates (ER), views, reach, and more, ensuring a match that promises not only visibility but genuine engagement and resonance. This makes Aria a leader in AI technology for influencer marketing, as well as us, you and clients very happy.

With all this praise for Aria, we can’t forget the AI software for influencer marketing that came before us, like BuzzSumo and HypeAuditor—tools that pioneered the use of analytics in influencer marketing, providing valuable insights into creator performance and audience engagement alike.

Yet, despite their capabilities, Aria elevates this process even further by integrating a deeper (and up-to-date) level of data interpretation. This allows for a more strategic forecast of your influencer campaign success through the fuel that powers these projects. Quality influencers fed by yours truly, Aria.

AI technology in influencer marketing: forecasted campaign results

Oh, and it also looks super sleek with a bespoke and curated modern interface and design, allowing everyone from your mate Jack at work to your Nan in Oxford to navigate the software with luscious ease.

The Revolution is Here: Embracing Socially Powerful’s Vision with Aria at the Helm

Aria signifies more than just a leap forward for Socially Powerful. It embodies our commitment to lead, innovate, and redefine the influencer marketing scene and lead the race among AI technology in influencer marketing. By creating Aria, we enable you to not only keep up with the vast and ever-changing world of influencer marketing but dominate it in its entirety.

So welcome everyone to the future of influencer marketing, where Aria leads, innovation follows, and the world watches.

By Tarek Badawi, Account Executive at Socially Powerful

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