Pets of Instagram: The Furry Bundles to Follow for National Pet’s Day 

Mar 05, 2024

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Pets of Instagram: The Furry Bundles to Follow for National Pet’s Day 

Looking for some adorable pets of Instagram to fill your days with furry joy? 

There’s nothing better than scrolling through your social media and being greeted with dozens of adorable little pets. Across Instagram, there are hundreds of incredibly popular pet influencers, all showing off their own unique cuteness. 

As such, keeping up with the best pets of Instagram to follow can be hard. That’s why we have collected all the best and brightest accounts just for you!

Read on to find out our top picks for the best pets of Instagram. 


Doug @dougythesheepadoodle 34.4K  

Looking more like a stuffed animal than a sheepadoodle, Doug is here for your daily dose of absolute cuteness. 

Known out for his adorably large nose and calm nature, Doug’s account is a treasure trove of cute moments and silly trends. Only four years old, Doug has grown up on the internet; he initially found fame through a heart wrenching video wherein he hugs his owner oh so sweetly. 

Typically found cuddling up in bed with his mum, or tearing up his favourite squeaky toy, Doug is a must follow for those of you seeking simple, funny, pet content. Doug is also one of the top pets of TikTok, so be sure to check out his channel over there too. 

pets of Instagram

Chris and Nala @adventuringwithnala 2.1M 

One of the more famous pets of Instagram, Nala and her owner Chris have found a way into all of our hearts with their pure relationship. 

Chris and Nala are a hard core, adventuring duo. Rarely ever found inside, their account follows the pair across the United States, as they climb mountains, trek through snow, and plunge into lakes. Nala has become known for her adorable way of showing her excitement; her little dance, known as the ‘Nala stomps’ never fails to bring a smile to users’ faces.  

Charlie, Nala and Monkey @lifelikecharlie 106K 

The term ‘mouth snappies’ might not mean much now, but trust us, it is the cutest phenomenon in the world. 

This happy little family is made up of Charlie and his two beautiful, rescued Podencos. Charlie and Nala initially found fame online as a result of their hilarious mouth snappies videos, which see Charlie exciting Nala until she gleefully snaps at him. 

Since then, the pure love that Charlie and Nala feel for each other has melted users’ hearts everywhere. Just this month, Charlie rescued Monkey. The new addition to their family has been a quick favourite with users, given her playful and boisterous nature. 

The Dogist @thedogist 7.1M 

This pets of Instagram account is truly unlike any other. 

Created in 2013 by Elias Weiss Friedman, think of The Dogist as a dog version of Humans of New York. Friedman travels around New York with a camera, stopping and photographing the dogs he meets on the way. 

With each video, Friedman shows a little snippet into the dog and their owners’ lives. The videos are often heartwarming and always absolutely adorable. Friedman started off as a YouTube channel, but now mainly posts on TikTok and Instagram, where he has found major fame. 

For every breed of dog known to man, served up with quirky anecdotes, look no further than The Dogist. 


 Hodge The Cat @hodge_thecat 15.8K 

This cat has a higher calling. 

Once a rescue cat, Hodge is now the proud, resident cat of Southwark Cathedral. Hodge himself seems to have little regard for the religious significance of his home, often found lounging on pews or sitting on bibles. 

Hodge is a gorgeous, little, tuxedo cat; all big eyes and cheeky eyebrows. His nonchalant demeanour and seeming disregard for his fame have made Hodge a massive fan favourite.

For adorable cat pictures served with a side of sass – and often shot inside a gorgeous cathedral – add Hodge to your pets of Instagram to follow list. 

Guinea Vale @guineavale_tasmania 470.5K 

We aren’t certain, but Guinea Vaale may be what heaven looks like. 

This account follows the lives of a female herd of guinea pigs that live in an orchard in Tasmania. Filled with daily drama, constant fights, and a surprising amount of karate, Guinea Vale is a soap opera of tiny proportions. 

The guinea pigs freely roam over a massive fenced off area, which is decorated to mimic a tiny town. Filled with little houses, clothes lines, and even picnic tables where the pigs feast, Guinea Vale provides these little cuties with a home that is as cute as it is comfortable. 

Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Rescue @prickles_and_paws 7.8K

If you’ve never heard of cornish hedgehogs before, then we are here to change your life for the better. 

Prickles and Paws is a Cornish hedgehog rescue organisation that dedicates its pets of Instagram account to both educating the public and sharing pictures of the adorable little hedgehogs they care for. 

Through their account, Prickles and Paws share the tales of all the hedgehogs that come into their care. Whilst they aren’t always cheery, the little hogs always leave the rescue feeling their very best. 

For a perfect mix of education and cuteness, be sure to have a look at Prickles and Paws. 

Doggy Styling @doggystylinguk 8.6K 

With locations in Cobham, Weybridge and Surbiton, Doggy Styling might be the most famous dog grooming salon on the internet. 

Their account follows along with each dog that prances through their doors. From massive newfoundlands, to teeny tiny miniature schnauzers, Doggy Styling truly has it all. Each video details the dog’s experience at the salon, providing facts about their breed as well as little tidbits about the dog themselves. 

Always entertaining and adorable, Doggy Styling is a must follow pets of Instagram account for those of you who love all dogs big and small. 

 Gary @greatgramsofgary 612K

Known on the internet as that adventure cat out of the pets of Instagram, Gary is a true adrenaline junkie. 

Don’t let his fluffy appearance fool you, Gary is one tough cookie. Gary travels the Canadian Rockies with his owner, who shares all their adventures with their followers. From riding ski mobiles to skiing down mountains, Gary has truly done it all. 

With his adorable, modified ski jacket and tiny ski goggles, Gary can often be found enjoying a moment of peace with his little family of furry friends; Maud and Carl in particular have our hearts. 

Gary is your one stop shot of picturesque scenery, high energy outdoor activities and downright adorable cat poses. 

Boulder and Harley @bluestaffyboulder 194K  

Harley and his best bud Boulder truly put new meaning behind the phrase man’s best friend. 

Harley, a young MX rider from the UK, and his pet blue Staffy boulder, are warming hearts everywhere with their gorgeous bond. Their pets of Instagram account is simple, featuring snaps of the two friends on their weekend adventures or everyday antics around home. 

Along with their little brother Roman, Harley and Boulder always manage to brighten up our days with their cute pics and big, goofy smiles. 

Travis and Sigrid @skintension 257K

Don’t let her angelic appearance fool you, this fluffy, white, princess has an attitude. 

Fixed gear bike rider Travis and his beloved cat Sigrid travel in style throughout London. Sigrid hangs out in Travis’ basket, generally behaving and accepting pats from passersby; except of course, if they are dogs, wherein a hiss is customary. 

Travis has found immense fame through his GoPro videos, even going on to write a book about his and Sigrid’s adventures. He has used his popularity to raise money for various charities, and even begun a series called charity rides wherein they ride along with people who have done amazing things for their community. 

pets of instagram


Mr. Kitters 2.5M 

Ever wondered what exactly your cat gets up to during the day? Well, Mr. Kitters and his pets of Instagram account are here to show you. 

Fitted with a camera on his collar, Mr. Kitters explores the neighbourhood. Through his vlogs, we meet the rest of the neighbourhood cats and follow them along on daily adventures. 

From turf wars to waltzing across rooftops, Mr. Kitters truly gets up to it all. The camera work may be a little shaky, but who can blame him; let’s just call it an indie aesthetic. 

For endless drama and more inter-familial drama than Game of Thrones, be sure to check out Mr. Kitters. 

pets of instagram

Keith @keith_the_cat_cow 133K

Don’t let him deceive you, Keith is not a cow. 

This bundle of fur is fondly known as Keith the Cat Cow, due to his rotund, spotted appearance. A rescue cat, Keith is now a part of a loving family in Bristol. His slightly large behind is a result of a veterinary diet to aid in his recovery; much to Keith’s delight. 

Keith, amazingly, controls his own pets of Instagram account, so expect plenty of purrrfect anecdotes and a-meow-zing captions. 

Never far from an extravagant bowtie, Kieth is the perfect dose of funny and cute your feed needs.  

pets of instagram

Rebecca @leopardgeckoyoutube 40.6K

These little critters might not be your most classic of pets, but they sure are cute. 

Rebecca is the owner of a large family of geckos and skinks, and uses her pets of Instagram account to show off all their daily antics. Combining both education and fun, Rebecca’s account is filled with all things lizard. 

From frogs to spiders, a wide cast of characters often make an appearance in Rebecca’s content, meaning you’re never bored. 

If lizard’s aren’t your thing, be sure to check out Rebecca’s account and have your mind changed. 

pets of instagram

Abbie Sisson @toosmallforteacups 157K

Nurse and animal rights advocate Abbie Sisson has quite the family of four legged friends. 

Sisson lives at home with her nine dogs, consisting of chihuahuas, griffons, teacup pomeranians, and cane corsos. Her account is dedicated to all the love and care she puts into these adorable little animals. 

Frequently tapping into viral trends, Sisson gets that perfect balance between cute and funny that is the perfect addition to your pets of Instagram to follow list. 

pets of instagram

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