Niche of the Week: Men’s Health Influencers

Jun 14, 2024

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Niche of the Week: Men’s Health Influencers

Back in January, we launched our brand new software technology, ARIA, designed to majorly cut back on the time spent conducting influencer discovery.

Fast forward a few months and ARIA has now helped us present and assign hundreds of creators to even the most niche of marketing campaigns.

Using a highly-receptive, prompt-based search engine, ARIA is able to filter out eligible influencers from a database of over 200+ million profiles according to the tiniest of details. From female micro-influencers in engineering to non-binary influencers in sustainable fashion, ARIA caters to the needs of every marketer, brand, and passer by.

To champion its capabilities, we’ve put ARIA to the test in a new series called ‘Niche of the Week’. Each week we’ll test ARIA’s prompt-based search engine by inputting detailed prompts into the search bar and exploring the results, proving ARIA’s influencer discovery power.

This week, we asked ARIA to find us 15 micro-influencers who specialise in men’s health across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. For influencers who regularly share content on mindfulness practices, mental health awareness, emotional intelligence, and stress management techniques and for those who have created a supportive community for men to discuss mental health openly.

As awareness around men’s mental health grows, it emerges as a vital conversation to highlight. While the health and wellness industry predominantly leans towards female leadership, there’s a noticeable surge of men using social media to amplify the discourse from their unique viewpoints. 

Men’s health influencers are leveraging these platforms to share personal narratives, dispense guidance, extend support, and propose strategies for fostering a more wholesome and balanced lifestyle. In doing so, they strive to underscore the significance of prioritising mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Let’s meet the men’s health influencers changing the game.


David James Seed

Men’s health influencers like David James Seed aim to inspire positivity, community, and strength through their own journeys.

David, 30, underwent pectus surgery at age 12 to correct a deformed chest. Now, as co-founder of In.Flux Experience, he promotes mental health through nature-based adventures. These experiences, set in breathtaking landscapes, create a supportive community beyond the ordinary.

men's health influencers: @davidjamesseed

Naji Basma

Men’s health influencers aim to make a positive impact by sharing their experiences, advice, and achievements. 

Naji Basma exemplifies this approach, focusing on personal growth, the benefits of early runs, and the power of style. By striving for small daily wins, Naji believes these incremental successes lead to life-changing results and inspire his audience to build their best selves


JUST 1% BETTER, 365 DAYS A YEAR, IS ALREADY 365% BETTER THAN LAST YEAR.. REAL CHANGE HAPPENS WHEN: – YOU SHOW UP EVERYDAY – YOU CHOOSE GROWTH OVER COMFORT – YOU FOCUS ON LONG-TERM GOALS RATHER THAN INSTANT GRATIFICATION – YOU QUIT ALCOHOL AND WASTING MONEY – YOU INVEST SAVINGS BACK INTO YOUR BUSINESS – YOU FOCUS ON ONE GOAL – YOUR FUTURE AND TRUEST POTENTIAL The past 12 months has changed my life for good. Focusing on growth even through discomfort, helped me discover what truly brings me joy and purpose, facilitated a lifestyle that gives me financial and time freedom, and it’s brought me closer to my true self. Now this is just the beginning of an even bigger new chapter. All it took was 1% more everyday and eventually it all wasn’t so scary and made sense. If you’re thinking about it.. take that first step today, yes it’s scary but small daily wins = life changing results. I hope this reaches whoever needs it 👊🏻 #calisthenics #calisthenicsworkout #muscleup #gym #gymmotivation

♬ original sound – Naji Basma

Malakani Severson

Men’s Health influencers such as Malakani Severson change the game on social media through a unique content mix, blending physical fitness, mental health, skincare and lifestyle advice. 

Malakani is using his page to encourage men to consider all aspects of their health, not just physical fitness. His transparency about his health journey strongly resonates with his audience, developing a strong and trusting relationship with his followers.


Norman Thrasher

Norman Thrasher uses social media to share his health journeys. Norman’s relatable page discusses both his strengths and weaknesses, fostering a genuine connection with his audience. 

Norman is not just focussing on fitness and diet, he also addresses the broad spectrum of men’s mental health issues, including mental health, wellness, physical fitness, and nutrition. 


These are great self-care practices to add to your routine: 1. Setting Monthly Goals: Setting specific, achievable goals each month can help you stay focused and motivated. It’s a way to track your progress and ensure you’re moving in the direction you desire. 2. Stretching/Yoga: Regular stretching and yoga sessions can improve flexibility, reduce tension, and promote physical well-being. It’s also an excellent way to de-stress and relax. 3. Taking Time for Yourself: Dedicate moments in your schedule for self-reflection and relaxation. This can be as simple as playing the game, reading a book, or that you enjoy doing. Incorporating these practices into your monthly routine will help you maintain a balanced and holistic approach to self-care, both for your mind and body. 👌🏾 #selfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcaremen #mentalhealth #home #selfcaretips #mensmentalhealth #mensblogger #contentcreator

♬ Kanye West – C10

Dr Tyler Hendricks

Men’s health influencers aim to motivate individuals to unlock their full potential, just as Dr Tyler Henricks does. 

As a board-certified Family Medicine Physician, he pioneers innovative anti-ageing therapies and hormone deficiency treatments to elevate quality of life. 

Dr. Henricks blends expertise and relatable insight to create compelling content that resonates with his audience. Beyond education, he reshapes men’s views on health by highlighting crucial topics and inspiring positive change.

Dem Robinson

Men’s health influencers like Dem Robinson, use their social media to rewrite the script on wellness. His instagram page is dedicated to self-love, solitude, health, fitness and wellness, exploring the positivity of treating yourself, solo dates and focussing on solitude over toxicity. 

Dem is open about being an introvert, loving his own company and wanting to stay in (even on a Saturday night)! 

men's health influencers: @demitryr


Ant rewrites the script on men’s wellness by discussing men’s health and fitness, the challenges of setting up your own business, and the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. 

Ant uses his platform to give advice to those who need it, to remind us of the impact of cold dips, the impact of getting into yoga or gyming, and the overall importance of our mental health. 


Lesson 6: meditation 🧘‍♂️ 3 ways meditation has helped my business: 1. Creativity 2. Less worried // fearless 3. Clarity on what I want App recommendation: waking up app by @Sam Harris #meditationbenefits #lifelessons #businesslessons #entrepreneuer #meditation

♬ Walking Around – Instrumental Version – Eldar Kedem

Josh Riquelme

Mental health influencers such as Josh Riquelme, have used their TikTok pages to display the importance of wellness.  

Across his page, Josh discusses fitness, grooming, fashion, nightime routines, and the impact of growing up without a father. Despite missing out on life lessons from a dad, Josh has taught himself and encourages his followers to use their weaknesses to make them into the best versions of themselves


Hey, I’m Josh! The truth is, I grew up without a father figure around but I didn’t allow that to hold me back. In fact, it’s been a huge driving force behind the content I create today. If you’re into grooming, fashion, fitness or just simply becoming the best version of yourself, make sure to give me a follow so you never miss any of my content 🤝🏼 #mensgrooming #fashion #lifestyle #motivation #aboutme #health #healthylifestyle

♬ rumination – BAANDIT!

Gent’s Talk

It is not just mental health influencers who are rewriting the script on wellness, but also podcasts, such as Gent’s Talk. 

Gent’s Post presents a weekly series hosted by Samir Mourani and sponsored by BULOVA. The podcast delves into challenging conversations about mental health, business, relationships, and the struggles of self-expression.  

Samir sits down with rising and leading figures from around the globe, including James Blunt, Danny Fernandes, Sid Sriram and more, to provide insightful and engaging discussions. 


Feeling burnt out can happen to anyone, including @Frank Walker. He discusses how he needs time to recharge mentally and physically, and how he views his own work life balance between shows or on tour. – Check out the full #GentsTalk episode 87 podcast with @frankwalker, presented by @Bulova, powered by Gent’s Post. Full episode available on @Spotify , iTunes, @YouTube and more! All episodes can now be streamed on all @aircanada flights! A production. #Linkinbio ——— #GentsTalk #frankwalker #musician #canadianmusician #dj #musicindustry #canadiandj #makingmusic #canadianmusic

♬ original sound – Gent’s Talk

Mateo Cornejo

Influencer Mateo Cornejo has created a page dedicated to living fully each day, covering all aspects of men’s wellness, from practising yoga to proper nutrition.

Mateo encourages his audience to embrace their true selves, openly sharing how he navigates days when he struggles with mental health. He frequently posts motivational messages to inspire his followers and promote a positive, balanced lifestyle.


Be better than the other 99%

♬ greedy sped up – Tate McRae

Kieran Rhule

Male health influencers, such as Kieran Rhule is involved in rewriting the script on wellness. 

As a men’s lifestyle coach, Kieran discusses fashion and fitness, sharing his morning essentials, ways to naturally boost your testosterone through your diet, and self care. 

Kieren strives to be 1% better and encourages his audience to do so as well, starting with finding a routine in the small things and minding your own business to protect energy. 


Focus on being 1% better everyday. #motivation #fyp #viral

♬ bless. – th.bangman

Rory Bradshaw

Men’s mental health influencers, like Rory Bradshaw, are rewriting the script on mental wellness through social media. 

Rory shares his journey of quitting his job to start a business, beginning therapy and teaching yoga in prison. He encourages his male audience to speak openly, prioritise self-care, and embrace balanced training and living


PRISON YOGA STORYTIME #prisonyoga #yogateacher #prison #yoga #meditation #storytime #transformation #connection #masculinity #impact #yogaclass #wellbeing #mentalhealth

♬ original sound – Rory Bradshaw

Thomas McGee

Fitness, nutrition and health coach, Thomas McGee is another of the men’s health influencers changing the way male wellness is approached. 

Thomas shares his journey of quitting his job at 28, going alcohol-free, buying a house, and becoming a full-time health coach. He influences his followers by sharing habits that optimise mental health and the life-changing effects of clean eating.


Taking care of my fitness and mental health go hand in hand so I can become the greatest verson of me. What habits do you do to improve your wellbeing? #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthtiktok #mentalhealthtiktoks #mentalhealthtok #selfimprovement #selfhelp #selfdevelopment #wellbeing

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Jonah Kest

Yoga instructor and wellness guru, Joah Kest uses his platform to showcase the power of movement and mindfulness, whilst promoting his intuitive and intelligent teacher training courses. 

Through creative self-talking videos, he promotes physical activity and shares techniques to enhance mental health. Jonah shows his audience how movement and meditation can significantly improve their well-being. 


Self talk 🫶🏽🧘🏽‍♂️

♬ Timeless (Yin) – John Pattern & Jonah Kest

David Gibbs

Existential therapist and coach, David Gibbs shares motivational and engaging stories across his social media, encouraging open discussions. 

David shares authentic and relatable content, including his own struggles and stress. Inspiring his followers, David encourages them to embrace a balanced and mindful lifestyle, breaking down the stigma around men’s wellness.


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