How to Market Beverages on Social Media

Jan 23, 2023

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How to Market Beverages on Social Media

Given that the food and beverage industry is currently sitting at $7,221.73 billion as of this year, it only makes sense for beverage brands to want to claim their slice of the pie. However, to claim it, a foolproof beverage marketing strategy is needed.

Sure, your beverage might taste great and you know your customers are going to love it, but in such a highly competitive industry the taste of the beverage will only get you so far. Well thought-out marketing strategies that elevate the taste of your beverage through packaging decisions and social media posts, are the key to maintaining success in this industry. 

New to the industry and not sure how to market beverage products?

We’ll run you through the essential steps to finalising a long-lasting and successful marketing strategy to get your drink flying off the shelves. 

Beverage marketing strategies 

Product packaging

Sure, how your product tastes will ensure returning customers at the end of the day, but people tend to shop with their eyes and equate great packaging with great tasting products. 

When it comes to packaging, consider the following:

  1. What the color and design of your packaging say about your product
  2. The design of your brand logo and how it’s presented on the product

Remember, even though you want your product to stand out from the competition and have a chance at being picked, your packaging reveals a lot about your brand so keep it in alignment!

Brand positioning

The key to knowing how to market beverage products is knowing your branding inside out. Reaching as many members of your target market as possible is all down to making your branding match the people you are selling to and using it to secure a permanent place in the consumer’s mind.

Think about the following:

  1. Have you identified your target audience and where they are located?
  2. Have you made use of enough of the necessary resources to ensure customers are aware you exist?
  3. Are you focusing on a small section of the marketing or targeting it as a whole?

The key to making effective moves in this industry is understanding your brand. KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime beverage marketing strategies are the perfect examples of this. 

Knowing that their target market is largely made up of younger audiences who became aware of them through their boxing events, they marketed their Prime drink as a sports beverage, with the packaging to match this intention. Social media marketing efforts were also made casual to reflect the type of content their audience prefer to see. Videos such as the pair going undercover in Walmart to sell Prime and posting TikToks of a monkey drinking their product were among them. 

Social media marketing

This list of marketing strategies for beverages would be futile if we did not mention how to leverage the power of social media.

The number one rule with social media marketing is to go where your customers go. Analyse which platform they frequent most and launch your marketing efforts here. 

For the food and beverage industry, Instagram is without a doubt the dominant social media platform. Instagram insights ran a survey asking 21,000 users what their primary reason for using Instagram was. Of those surveyed, 91% said they used instagram to follow at least one of their interests with 43% saying this interest is food and drink. 

Posting on Instagram not only ensures you reach your target audience, but if they like what they see and share your content on their own stories, you have the potential to reach their followers too. Like mentioned at the start, authenticity is key. Your audience is more likely to share content with meaning, a distinguishable tone of voice and a personality behind it. 

Seasonal deals and special offers

If you’re wondering how to market beverage products strategically, leverage the opportunities that holiday seasons bring. For example, selling a box of every flavour for a cheaper price than buying them all individually could make for a great christmas present. 

As beverages fall under the FMCG umbrella, there are lots more opportunities to offer special deals in store. You could run a 2-4-1 deal or discounts on specific flavours of your drink as an incentive for customers to buy them. 

PR via hosting special events

A great way to draw attention to your beverage products is to host an event for their launch or feature them at the many food & drink festivals or trade shows that take place every year.

Do keep in mind that you want to go where your target audience will be. If you’re selling an alcohol beverage, a great place to gain traction for it could be at a music festival or any live event. 

To elevate this, encourage participation by launching with a specific hashtag or challenge that people can integrate into their next Instagram Story or Facebook post. Free, organic promotion is a great way to increase reach.

In 2011, Coca Cola used the hashtag #ShareACoke to encourage people to go out and find a bottle with their name on it. In Australia alone, consumption among young adults increased by 7% as a result of the campaign. 


How do you market a beverage brand?

  1. Have a social media presence
  2. Create a brand narrative
  3. Go behind the scenes
  4. PR with local events
  5. Have a trendy packaging style
  6. Lean into your unique selling point
  7. Omnichannel presence
  8. Catchy display designs
  9. Relatable content
  10. Seasonal deals and offers

How do you launch a new beverage product?

  1. Identify a list of target buyers
  2. Launch where your target audience will be
  3. Prepare your digital presence
  4. Clearly define your brand
  5. Consider product presentation

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