How To Get More Views On YouTube: 10 Top Tips

Oct 11, 2023

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How To Get More Views On YouTube: 10 Top Tips

In a world dominated by video-centric content, figuring out how to get more views on YouTube is something that should be a priority for most, if not all, influencers and brand channels. With users spending up to six hours daily on the site, it’s unsurprising that YouTube is the second-most visited site on the net. 

Views on YouTube tally each time a video is watched for at least 30 seconds, including repeat views. This applies to all devices and embedded videos, with channel page visits also counted as views. 

You can track your channel’s view count using YouTube Analytics – views impact the YouTube algorithm, meaning more video exposure. 

If you can perfect the ability to get YouTube views, there are opportunities to monetize, build brand recognition and get YouTube subscribers – connecting with a broader audience is crucial for long-term success.

In this blog, we are going to unveil 10 key tactics for how to get more views on YouTube.


Discover what your audience wants

When producing content, ensure it aligns with your audience’s interests, a crucial step in learning how to get more views on YouTube. Whether it’s a blog post or a video, take the time to understand your audience’s preferences.

If you’re new to YouTube, researching content in your niche will provide insights into what resonates with your audience and the kind of videos they engage with.

If you’ve already uploaded videos, utilize YouTube Analytics to access valuable audience data, including demographics, location, and engagement, which can guide your content strategy for increasing views.

Get to grips with YouTube SEO

When looking at how to get more views on YouTube, understanding YouTube SEO and its ranking signals is vital. 

Start with keywords, which are crucial for optimization. Create a list of topics, type them into the YouTube search bar to find popular search queries, and choose target keywords. 

Note that keyword competitiveness can be assessed with WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool, even though it uses data from Google and Bing.

After sorting your keywords, optimize your content by paying attention to key YouTube ranking signals.  

Interact with your YouTube community

While YouTube may not be traditionally seen as a social network, it functions as a vibrant community where users connect through content, profiles, “likes,” and comments, making it quite “social” in nature – this can aid in learning how to get more views on YouTube.

Engaging with your viewers on YouTube is a positive signal to the platform, enhancing your connection with the audience and ultimately helping you get YouTube subscribers. Even simple actions like “liking” comments or pinning a top comment as a personal note to your subscribers only take a few seconds but can make a significant difference.

how to get more views on YouTube: community interaction

Partner with fellow content creators and brands

A surefire way on how to get more views on YouTube is to team up with other creators and brands. Collaborations introduce you to new audiences, and these new viewers are more likely to subscribe since they already know and trust your collaborator. 

To make your YouTube collaboration successful, choose partners who share your brand’s passions for an authentic video. A prime example is the Dude Perfect and Pringles collaboration – a thoughtful partnership that avoids feeling overly promotional.

Promote your own YouTube videos through cross-promotion

If you’re aiming to learn how to get more views on YouTube, and you find that your YouTube content covers similar topics that complement each other, it’s a good strategy to make the most out of your older videos by cross-promoting them. 

Be sure to include relevant links in video descriptions to keep viewers engaged, as YouTube no longer supports annotations, ensuring they stay tuned without clicking away.

Create compelling and engaging video titles

When looking at how to get more views on YouTube, the way videos are initially presented are very important. Your video titles are critical; they can either make your content “must-see” or just “meh.” 

Crafting effective titles means grabbing your audience’s attention without resorting to clickbait, as viewers desire both entertainment and clear information from the start.

For YouTube video titles, around 70 characters is often considered optimal.

Personalize your thumbnails

A simple yet effective method for increasing your YouTube channel’s visibility is crafting custom thumbnails, a key aspect of grasping how to get more views on YouTube. Consider your title and thumbnail as a powerful duo for capturing viewers’ attention.

By default, YouTube chooses screenshots that can occasionally be unappealing or blurry. Creating your thumbnails not only boosts visual appeal but also adds a professional touch to your videos.

You can easily generate consistent, on-brand thumbnails accessible to all creators using tools like Canva, complete with templates and specific fonts/styles.

Organize a giveaway or competition

Entice YouTube users by hosting contests or giveaways to boost subscriptions and engagement. Keep it straightforward: require likes, comments, and subscriptions to enter.

The best way to run a giveaway or contest effectively is to: adhere to YouTube’s policies, offer prizes relevant to your brand, and incorporate user-generated content and unique entry requirements.

However, be cautious with frequent contests to ensure meaningful results. Monitor subscriber drop-off and engagement after a contest; avoid attracting solely freebie-seekers.

Boost interaction through calls to action

Enhance viewer engagement by directly asking for likes, comments, and subscriptions in your videos as part of your strategy for learning how to get more views on YouTube. Encourage interaction with questions and video suggestions, and utilize external links for effective CTAs.

Consistently share your YouTube content on social media

Video content excels in engagement and performance on social media. To boost your YouTube channel, regularly share new videos with your social followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Create snippets or previews for each platform, linking to your latest video.

Streamline your efforts with schedule-posting tools and consider using applications that can optimize post timing, based on your audience’s engagement patterns.

how to get more views on YouTube: cross-platform promotion

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