Growth And Discovery On Threads: An Ode To Community

Sep 16, 2023

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Growth And Discovery On Threads: An Ode To Community

A common goal we all share when joining a new social media platform is finding a community to join. Being part of a like minded community enhances the social media experience and turns the platform into a space users actively want to visit and send their thoughts/content out into. 

On Threads, in particular, communities are catered for and encouraged due to the platform being text-based and set up for conversation. Through conversation is how communities best thrive. Inviting users into a space where their thoughts are reciprocated is a sure way to encourage loyal followers, and, for brands, loyal customers. 

But with Threads still yet to see some form of Thread rediscovery function, what can community hosts and community scouters do to ensure they are finding their tribe? 

A lot of the solution is owed to the Threads algorithm doing its job. The Threads algorithm showers a user’s Feed with a mix of content from those they follow and completely new accounts. This balance puts new content in front of potentially interested eyes, aiding discoverability and benefitting all parties involved. The user is presented with new content, while the creator is put in front of new eyes. 

Algorithm aside, there are other avenues content creators can explore for the sake of growth and discovery on Threads. Before we explore these, it is first important to note the state of communities on the platform, where their power lies and how they are beneficial to brands and creators looking to up their social media game. 

Community life on Threads

Compared to X, Threads is likened to a warm hug. Its group chat style offers a safe space for users to comfortably share their opinions and thoughts on things they otherwise wouldn’t on other social platforms. Engagement features such as the reply and reshare buttons aid an account’s growth and discovery on Threads by allowing other users to contribute their thoughts and get a conversation flowing. 

growth and discovery on Threads: community life

Contributing to Threads of relevance will prove to be a community host’s greatest strength if wishing to improve their growth and discovery. 

For brands, hosting communities on Threads can be great for building customer relations, strengthening your position within your industry and humanising your brand – just to name a few benefits. Threads’ more casual approach to social media and ease of access allows brands of all sizes to run their marketing efforts here. 

Today, the majority of social media platforms require brands to put their best foot forward if they want to achieve some form of online success, be it in the form of followers, engagement, traffic etc. Threads, however, allows them to re-introduce themselves without the performative facade and connect with their community members on a deeper, more human level. With the character limit set at 500, and short-form video scarce, creators and brands are forced to think more carefully about what they send out into the social-sphere. How can they attract similar audiences with just their words? 

Luckily, the key to growth and discovery on Threads is conversation. More specifically, meaningful conversations. Visual content still reigns supreme, but the modern social media user is looking for something more. Threads offers exactly this. 

growth and discovery on Threads: community life

To ensure these meaningful conversations are put into practice, community hosts must be seen to be contributing to and implementing themselves into relevant Threads across the platform. This is a great way to let your followers know where you stand on certain topics. Moreover, continuously appearing in the comments section of similar Threads will put you on the radar of potentially new community members. 

Alternatively, community growth can look a lot like the following:

Consistency: with Threads being in its infancy, it is a lot easier to rapidly grow your community through consistently posting engaging content. Studies show that accounts that publish more than 15 posts per month have an average of 50% more views than those publishing less.

Storytelling and personalisation: as a rule, those who know how to tell a story through relative and personal content receive the most engagement. To grow your community, consider infusing storytelling into your content. 

Collab with others: taking advantage of collaborating with bigger creators within your niche is a sure way to aid growth and discovery on Threads

Once your community is established, maintenance is key. On a platform like Threads, effective community management is necessary for longevity. As the epicentre of each community, conversation hosts should be looking to correctly monitor and prompt activity where necessary to ensure community members feel seen, heard and prioritised. This will make or break your growth and discovery on Threads.

Discovering your tribe on Threads

Communities are great…if you can find them. 

If you’re yet to see evidence of your community appear on your Feed, it would be wise to do the following:

Search for those you follow on other networks: it might just be a case of them not yet being active on Threads. And if they are, then go ahead and click that follow button. The algorithm will make note of who you’ve manually searched for and adapt your feed accordingly. 

Put yourself out there: growth and discovery on Threads is fed by the algorithm pushing new content and creators onto a user’s Feed and there is no reason why you can’t be among them. Instead of looking for your community, let your community come to you. Putting out relevant content might just land you in the laps of your tribe. 

The comments section is your best friend: just finding one successful, relevant Thread can open you up to a whole host of like minded users. Take time scrolling through the comments section and decide whose responses resonate. This is your tribe.

The future of growth and discovery on Threads

As your community grows and things generally progress regarding your presence on Threads, you can begin to shift into a hosting role. 

Rather than searching the platform in the hope of finding relevant Threads to insert yourself into, you should be aiming to reach a point where you drive certain Threads and the discussions that come with them. This will only aid your growth and discovery on Threads going forward. 

Being the pioneer of certain discussions taking place on the platform will not only solidify your standing here, but also increase your credibility. In turn, the aim is to carry this credibility through to other platforms on which you are present. Consumers of social media are looking to follow those deemed credible within their sector. Partly because everyone else is already following them, but largely because they know they’ll be interacting with real, thought-provoking content. The Threads creators harnessing their growth and discovery on Threads are those setting themselves up to step into this role. 

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