Influencer Sessions: Get To Know The @esteriorebrothers

Feb 15, 2024

Influencer News

Influencer Sessions: Get To Know The @esteriorebrothers

We caught up with Italy’s most-beloved quartet, the @estereriorebrothers, to talk all things musical and making a name for themselves on social media. Read on to discover how these brothers are leveraging TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to leave their mark on the Italian music industry.

When did your interest and love for singing and music in general start?

Our passion for music and singing started at a very young age. Being born into a family deeply rooted in music, with parents who have been musicians for over 50 years, music has always been a central part of our lives. Every family gathering and celebration was infused with the rhythms and melodies of traditional Italian songs.

Esteriore Brothers Instagram

What made you want to become creators?

The desire to share the warmth, joy, and vibrant energy of Italian culture with the world inspired us to become creators. Music has been a powerful medium for us to express our emotions, stories, and cultural heritage.

Who are your main inspirations for creating content?

Our main inspirations are our parents and the scenic beauty and rich culture of our hometown, Sicily. Iconic Italian musicians and global artists who have the ability to transcend boundaries and unite people through music also inspire us.

Which platforms do you predominantly use? Which do you prefer for posting, and for community building?

We predominantly use Instagram and YouTube. Instagram is our go-to for daily interactions, updates, and community building, while YouTube allows us to share our music videos and live performances in high quality.

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How does community engagement vary on your chosen platforms?

On Instagram, the engagement is instant and interactive, while YouTube offers a space for our audience to experience our music visually and audibly, leading to more in-depth and reflective interactions.

What is your favourite type of content to create, and which works best for your audience? Is there a juxtaposition?

Our favourite content is live musical performances and music videos. Our audience particularly enjoys behind-the-scenes content and interactive live sessions. There is a beautiful blend where our musical content is enriched by the personal and interactive elements.


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♬ Crazy 4 You – Esteriore Brothers


Which software/s do you use to create and edit your content?

We primarily use Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro for video editing and Pro Tools for audio.

In your own words and experience, how would you define “influencer marketing”?

Influencer marketing is leveraging the authentic connection and trust that creators have built with their audience to promote products, services, or messages in a genuine and engaging manner.

Why do you think influencer marketing is so powerful in today’s society?

It’s rooted in trust and authenticity. People value the opinions and recommendations of individuals they feel connected to, making influencer marketing organic and effective.


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♬ Sarà perché ti amo (Version Esteriore Brothers) – Esteriore Brothers

Do you have experience working with brands? How do you decide which brands you would like to work with?

Yes, we’ve partnered with several brands. We choose brands that align with our values, aesthetic, and the interests of our audience.

How do you foresee the influencer marketing space changing or improving in the next 12 months?

We anticipate a move towards more authenticity, with brands valuing long-term relationships with creators and focusing on genuine storytelling.

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Based on your experience, what is one thing you would advocate to change about the creator industry?

Transparency and authenticity need to be at the forefront. The industry should focus on meaningful content and genuine connections rather than mere numbers.

How do you balance your online and offline lives?

Family and music are our anchors. We ensure to spend quality time with family and immerse ourselves in creating music, which keeps us grounded.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?

We envision expanding our musical repertoire, performing on international stages, and continuing to spread the joy of Italian culture globally.


Start spreadin’ the news? We are in New York?? #newyork #timesquare #ny #usa #italian #empirestateofmind #italians #america #esteriorebrothers #fy #fyp

♬ Empire State Of Mind – JAY-Z

What is a piece of advice you would give to your younger selves when first starting out in the creator industry?

Stay true to your roots, be patient, and focus on creating meaningful connections and content. The journey is as beautiful as the destination; embrace every step with passion and authenticity.

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