The Top Female UK Fashion Influencers To Follow Ahead Of Fashion Week

Jan 29, 2024

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The Top Female UK Fashion Influencers To Follow Ahead Of Fashion Week

As far as fashion influencers go, the UK sits among the top ranking countries. With London’s vast array of fashion styles dominating more and more social media trends every day, from British chav to Vivienne Westwood-inspired tartan kilts, it’s only right that these are headed by the influencers that best represent them. 

With this in mind, and with fashion week fast approaching, we’ve put together a list of the most trailblazing female UK fashion influencers we predict are set to dominate the industry in 2024. From clothes making to clothes wearing, this list covers the trendsetting fashionistas we believe you need to be on the lookout for as the year commences. 

Read on as we spotlight the top UK fashion influencers across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and their areas of expertise we believe are on track for making some serious waves within the fashion industry, one stitch at a time.

The Top Female UK Fashion Influencers On Instagram

Laura Wills – @thefashionbugblog 373K

Top UK female fashion influencers - Laura Wills

With a keen eye for high-fashion couture, Laura runs @thefashionbugblog flawlessly. Often found styling the most luxurious pieces with accessories from the likes of Alaia and Celine, Laura feeds all our hopes and dreams of one day owning a wardrobe as reputable as hers. While her unique style exudes opulence, her Instagram feed is just as aesthetically-pleasing, and, for this, earns her a spot on our list of the female UK fashion influencers we expect to be making waves in the fashion industry in 2024.

Megan Welsh – @meganowelsh 119K

UK female fashion influencers - Megan Welsh

Colourful, quirky and confident are the words that best describe our next chosen influencer, Megan. Not one to shy away from mixing colours and patterns, her Instagram account clearly displays her love for experimenting with fashion trends, inspiring her followers to do the same. As one of Scotland’s most-loved UK fashion influencers, Megan has managed to strike herself deals with the likes of Superdry and PrettyLittleThing, and we’re sure the deals won’t end there as she enters a prosperous new year!

Sophie Milner – @itssophiemilner 200K

Best Fashion UK fashion influencers - Sophie Milner

If ‘it-girl’ vibes is the aesthetic you’re after, then Sophie just might be able to help you. With 200K followers and counting, her Instagram is dedicated to styling staple wardrobe pieces with a girly twist. From fur coats to cute mini dresses, Sophie can make just about anything look good and is certainly our style inspo for when the warmer weather approaches. As one of the UK female fashion influencers to have notable brands such as Abercrombie and Primark under their belt, it was only right that we added her to the list!

Danielle Vanier – @daniellevanier 120K

best female fashion Instagram influencers in UK - Danielle Vanier

As one of the most trailblazing female UK fashion influencers for the plus size community, Danielle is proof that there are zero limitations when it comes to wearing fashionable clothes. Often seen donning cute cardigans and dreamy dresses, Danielle’s Instagram account single-handedly breaks all societal standards and we’re totally here for it. Whether it’s a mid-week pick-me-up you’re after, or outfit inspo for any occasion, consider giving Danielle a follow. 

Lauren Nicole – @laurennicolefk 100K

british female fashion influencers - Lauren Nicole

As the curve editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, there is no one more qualified to talk about plus size fashion than Lauren, and her Instagram page perfectly exemplifies this. Often sporting colour and sequins, Lauren’s outfit choices are delectable, influencing us to click ‘add to cart’ every time we discover where she’s made her purchases. Landing herself deals with the likes of ASOS and VeryUK, Lauren is one of the female UK fashion influencers set to make even more waves in the industry than she already has

The Top Female UK Fashion Influencers On TikTok

Eve-Lily – @evelilycp 542.6K


I ended up changing Prada oops.. which is your fav?? RIP Vivienne and Mary, cant believe every time i do this, we’ve lost anither queen ? #frontrowfashion #designerinspired #maximalistfashion

♬ Originalton – A$hanti

Ever thought about what you’d wear to the front row of some of the industry’s most iconic fashion shows? Let Eve provide you with all the inspo you need. As the owner of what seems to be a limitless wardrobe, Eve regularly creates outfit-styling content with a range of pieces, from high-end couture to thrifted charity shop finds. Videos such as the one above also aren’t few and far between on her page either, wowing us every time with her creativity, and earning her an undoubted spot on our list of the top female UK fashion influencers to be on the lookout for this year. 

Channon Mooney- @channonmooney 503.3K


a cosy ootd

♬ original sound – songs for you ?

With previous brand deals and collaborations with the likes of Boohoo, Superdry, and Sisters&Seekers under her belt, Channon is one of the top UK fashion influencers on TikTok. You can regularly find her posting outfit styling videos and GRWMs featuring both new purchases and beloved items, along with fashion hauls from some of the nation’s leading clothing brands. If you plan on visiting Channon’s page, be prepared to leave with a whole new wardrobe. 

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe – @melissaswardrobe 176K


I’m just gonna start coming on here and talking anyhow. Tired of things being over curated. Also shout out @MAMA CLASSLES everytime

♬ original sound – Melissaswardrobe

Celebrity fashion stylist, Mel, is next up on our list of pioneering female TikTok UK fashion influencers. With fashion styling being her full-time career, she is perhaps the most qualified to tell us which brands are worth going after and which have fallen prey to the hype train, all while managing to look stunning in everything we see her wear on TikTok!

Annamaria Kalebic – @annamariakalebic 69.4K


Luxe Hobo Vibes?! ? Just felt like being super cosy & comfy today! ? Some items have been gifted Tagging the items which are current ?? Cashmere Jumper & Crossbody bag @UNIQLO Europe Jeans @WHISTLES Casual Clogs @Rothy’s Fragrance @Lancôme Black Honey Almost Lipstick @Clinique UK #styleover50 #over50fashion #winterfashion #cosyfashion #cashmerejumper

♬ That Couch Potato Again – Prod. By Rose

Representing the over 50s UK fashion influencers, Anna is proof that societal standards of beauty within the fashion industry are being torn down, as she takes to her TikTok account to share her styling videos and fashion favourites with her followers. If this is fashion over 50, then sign us up!

Zoe Hill – @zoeilanahill 3.6K


What are you wearing for autumn? Not sure? Here are my autumn outfit inspo #autumnoutfitinspo #30daysofautumnoutfits #30daysofoutfits #fallfashion #autumnfashion #petitefashion

♬ original sound – Elsie Silver

Looking for seasonal style inspo? Zoe’s got you covered. Posting regular styling video content, Zoe shares her favourite finds from some of the nation’s leading clothing brands with her followers, as well as branded content in collaboration with the likes of PrettyLittleThing. With 69K followers and counting, expect to see Zoe appearing on your FYPs a lot more than usual in 2024.

The Top Female UK Fashion Influencers On YouTube

Lydia Milen – 1M

Spotlighting life and style from the English countryside, Lydia is one of the most pioneering UK female YouTube fashion influencers. Creating styling videos and GRWMs that sit outside of the norm, Lydia exemplifies staying true to the clothes and styles you love to best represent who you are. If radiating elegance through your fashion choices is your goal, then consider subscribing to Lydia’s channel!

Yanin Taylor – 85.8K

Dedicated to creating detailed lookbooks of her weekly outfits, Yanin is one of our go-to UK fashion influencers for style inspo and courage to dress outside of our comfort zones. Spliced between her lookbooks, you can find holiday vlogs and daily vlogs which also feature outfit styling and ‘get dressed with me’s and general life tidbits highlighting what it’s like to be a fashion influencer on YouTube.

Rubi – 109K

Thrifting fashion influencer, Rubi, joins our list of the top female UK fashion influencers with her YouTube content centred on thrifted finds and vlogs about life in London as a Maldivian. Colours, textures and patterns are not that which Rubi shies away from either, creating herself an aesthetically-pleasing home page out of fun, vibrant thumbnails. As we enter an area more geared towards colour, Rubi is certainly set to lead the way for those looking to inject more tones into their wardrobes.

Rosie Bea – 289K

Vintage fashion queen, Rosie, shares her love for DIY creations and vintage clothing/accessories with her YouTube subscribers. Sticking with a neutral-toned aesthetic across her channel, you can expect to see content ranging from try-on hauls to tutorials on sewing your own pyjamas. With 289K followers and counting, Rosie has rightfully earned herself a spot on our list of the top UK fashion influencers to look out for in 2024.

Olivia Burton – 22.3K

This trailblazing micro influencer completes our list of the top female UK fashion influencers to watch out for, and rightfully so. Olivia creates haul and styling content for her YouTube channel, often leaning into classy, chic styles, as well as more educational content on how to style certain pieces for certain occasions or locations. Got a holiday coming up? Subscribe to Olivia’s channel to figure out how to wow with everything you wear!

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