Top Female TikTok Fashion Creators in 2024

Jan 17, 2024

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Top Female TikTok Fashion Creators in 2024

Keeping up with whats hot and whats not in the world of female TikTok fashion creators can be incredibly difficult.

With the sheer volume of female fashion centric creators out there, ensuring you’re getting the best and brightest may seem impossible. Luckily for you, we have rounded up all the hottest female TikTok fashion creators out there in 2024.

From expert DIY-ers to sustainable fashion girlies, we have covered it all. So read on to find out our top TikTok fashion creators in 2024. Make sure to check out the top make fashion influencers on TikTok, too!

Top Female TikTok Fashion Creators in 2024

Madeline Pendleton @madeline_pendleton 1.8M



♬ original sound – Madeline Pendleton

Madeline Pendelton is here to shake up the fashion industry from the inside out. Owner of her very own ethical clothing store, Tunnel Vision, Pendelton uses her account to spread awareness on the ethical issues inherent in the fashion world. Pendelton is a punk girlie through and through, with an abundance of chunky, silver jewellery and an ever-changing, coloured hair do.

Aimee Kelly @byaimeekelly 30.4K


Where should I wear this look to? #christmasoutfit #christmasoutfitideas #christmasfashion

♬ What do You Want for Christmas (Hoes) – BluePen

This TikTok fashion influencer is here to put the fun back in fashion. Aimee Kelly is a bundle of joy, with her rainbow closet and endless number of funky accessories. With an emphasis on girlhood, Kelly’s account has that Barbie, Polly Pocket vibe we have all been craving from our TikTok fashion creators. For a creator that is sure to put a smile on your face and convince you to definitely wear those hot pink pumps, Kelly is your girl.

Jessica Torres @thisisjessicatorres 133.3K


Fashion for my chubby buddies? I gotchu

♬ original sound – ThisIsJessicaTorres

It is rare to find  TikTok fashion influencers that are full of genuine joy, effortless self-love, and incredible style. Jessica Torres hits all these marks and more, making her one of the top TikTok fashion creators. Torres dedicates her account to all her fellow plus-sized, Queer women; each video is a love letter to those in her community, as she preaches confidence, kindness, and high fashion. Torres’ style is playful and fanciful, with pastel gingham and quirky sunglasses galore.

Izzy Manuel @izzy_manuel 1318


can you overconsume second hand fashion?! The most sustainable and circular way to shop is second hand, if it is so sustainable can you actually overconsume and take part in overconsumption? I don’t think it matters if it is fast fashion or thrifted fashion, i think uou can still overconsume! what are your thoughts?!? #fastfashion #slowfashion #overconsumption #consciousconsumer #consciousconsumerism #consciousconsumption

♬ original sound – Izzy Manuel

Whilst her following may be small, Izzy Manuel’s unique style and sustainable mindset mean she is sure to become one of the top female fashion TikTokers soon. Manuel uses her TikTok to show off her “colourful imperfect sustainable life”, sharing a variety of videos from outfit of the days’, to information laden critiques of Black Friday. Her style is fun to the max, with plenty of bold patterns, bright colours, and funky colour combinations.

Lara @lara_bsmnn 82.2K


New week new outfit rotation ❤️ which one is your fav? ?? #ootd #styletok #fashioninspo #fyp

♬ Originalton – Lara

Looking for some serious aesthetic envy? Lara is the epitome of European girl chic, from her perfectly slicked back bun to her seemingly endless collection of Adidas Sambas. Her account explores her everyday style, antics around town with her friends, and her thoughts on the latest trends blowing up in the fashion sphere. Lara even occasionally dips her toe into the beauty pool, showing how to perfectly match your makeup to your outfit; making her one of the top TikTok fashion creators.

Tracy Garcia @Transformationsbytracy 850.9K


Love how the final gown turned out? can’t believe I made it with a vintage scarf! #thriftflip #gowndesign #sewinghacks #longdress #upcyclersoftiktok

♬ original sound – tomlinsonchrry ☀️

Tracy Garcia more than stands out against the crowd of female TikTok fashion influencers. Garcia is a bona fide magician with a pair of scissors, whipping up jaw dropping creations from simple pieces of second hand cloth. This self-proclaimed ‘conscious designer’ is causing major waves in the TikTok fashion community, as a result of her sheer talent and eye for style. Her creations range from floor length evening gowns to simple, silky summer dresses; meaning there is truly something for everyone.

Jessica Blair @Luvjessicablair 549.2K


i thought abt highlighting my stretch marks w silver glitter liquid eyeshadow but it’s impossible to get off ? rip

♬ original sound – jess ?⭐️

A self-titled ‘fashion lover and menace’, Jessica Blair is determined to carve out a space in the fashion industry for plus sized female TikTok fashion creators. Blair initially gained popularity through her “is it a look or is she just skinny?” segments, but has since expanded her repertoire to include daily outfit checks and general musings on fashion. Blair’s style is Pinterest cool girl; think hair bows, grunge inspired dresses, and plenty of low rise jeans.

Mellissa Holdbrook-Akposoe @melissaswardrobe 175.9K


It’s been a minuteeeeee #ADayInMyLifeVlog

♬ original sound – Melissaswardrobe

Based in London, this stylist is one of the most put together female TikTok fashion creators in 2024. Known for her flawless makeup and show stopping evening wear, Mellissa Holdbrook-Akposoe uses her TikTok account to share fashion advice and behind the scenes looks into her life. For fashion wisdom that will have you looking as put together as your favourite celebs on the red carpet, be sure to check out Holdbrook-Akposoe.

Alex @madebyalexnyc 166K


The best hoodie for curvy girls if i say so myself ??

♬ can I talk my shhh again – Luke

After seeing a major gap in the fashion industry for comfy clothes that actually fit plus-sized women, Alex decided to take matters into her own hands. Her popular clothing brand Shiny By Nature aims to make colourful, comfortable and fun fashion for women who are often ignored by the fashion industry. Alex’s TikTok is a foray into the running of her business, along with little tidbits about her life, outfit examples, and general fashion conversation.

Linh Truong @linht.roller 224.8K


sobbing #college #fdoc #lastfirstday #senior

♬ พี่ชอบหนูที่สุดเลย (I Like You The Most) Feat.VARINZ – Speed Up Version – PONCHET

Whilst Linh Truong’s fame originally came about through her YouTube channel, her unique sense of style and effortless authenticity have made her a fast favourite on TikTok. A senior at GeorgeTown University, Truong’s account often feels like a coming of age movie, as she stumbles through life and learns along the way. Her style is anything but simple; think corsets layered over shirts, spikey, colourful hair, and as many necklaces as possible.

Shelen @shelennnnnn 64.0K


ad | always in my @asos baggg

♬ Banger – Kida Kudz

Self-described as a “South London princess”, Shelen is here to serve top notch outfits with a side of expert comedic timing. Shelen rose to fame on TikTok due to her “Surviving South” series, in which she journeys through South London armed with a tiny microphone. Her style is classic London; plenty of leather trench coats, itty bitty skirts, and absolutely gorgeous knee high boots. For plenty of fashion inspiration and a big giggle, be sure to pop Shelen a follow.

Wendy @withwendy 7929


I took a hammer and smashed some flowers onto my clothes ? see how we dyed naturally on my Youtube #flowerpounding #madewithwendy #naturaldyeing

♬ summer on the inside – warner case & Jean Tonique & Max Kaluza

For jaw dropping sewing skills and endless amounts of fashion wisdom, Wendy Liu is your girl. Whilst Liu started her online journey almost ten years ago, she has managed to remain not only relevant, but one of the more popular female fashion creators out there. Liu is a seasoned sewer who dedicates her account to DIY’s, thrift flips, sewing 101’s and fashion critiques. But proceed with caution; Liu’s talents and infectious smile are sure to get even the biggest anti-sewers reaching for a sewing machine.

Josephine Wong @jojojomo 8018


real love baby ?? #sandiego #wlw #toddlersoftiktok #fitcheck #ootd #fyp #toddlertok #twomoms #lesbiancouples #outfit #outfitcheck #proudmama

♬ Real Love Baby – Father John Misty

It is our humble opinion that Josephine Wong is one of the most heartwarming TikTok fashion creators in 2024. Wong dedicates her account to daily outfit videos, all accompanied by her outrageously cute little girl. Wong and her daughter never fail to put a smile on our faces; with Wong’s expert style and her daughter’s excitement always bringing light to our feeds. Wong’s style is simplistic, with chinos, hoodies, and Carhartt beanies making regular appearances.

Grace @amazingishgrace 309.3K


my mohair bolero in pink ? pattern/tutorial in my bio! #crochetbolero #crochet #crochetersoftiktok #sustainablefashion

♬ new jeans sped up – ˖ ˚₊‧ ✧ ₊˙⊹

This New York City based yarn creator is shaking things up on the craft side of TikTok. Grace is an absolute whiz with a needle and thread, whipping up magical creations in the blink of an eye; from body con dresses to striped chunky knits, she can truly do it all. For never ending wool inspiration that proves knitting is certainly not just for Grandmas, check out Grace’s channel.

Kiana Bonollo @kianabonollo 749.2K


no way yall are correctly guessing how long it took to make this dress?? #sewing #fashiondesigner #nye #gown #grwm #getreadywithme #fashion

♬ original sound – Kiana ?

Joining the ranks of TikTok fashion creators who well and truly know their way around a sewing machine, Kiana Bonollo’s channel is a treasure trove of crafting tips and tricks. Through her account, Bonollo takes her followers along on her sewing journey, from drafting up the initial design to finally putting on her creation. Bonollo’s style is trendy and edgy, never failing to feature the hottest TikTok clothing item.

Rachel Maksy @rachelmaksy 452.8K


today’s outfit got me feelin’ like:

♬ original sound – Rachel Maksy

Whilst she would be more comfortable roaming around Hobbiton, Rachel Maksy has made a name for herself as one of the most famous TikTok fashion creators. Maksy initially began her social media journey over on YouTube, but has since begun sharing content on TikTok as well. A die hard cosplayer, Maksy with DIY just about anything, from pumpkin themed Victorian dresses to a throne inspired office chair. If fantasy fashion is your jam, then check out Maksy.

Connie Korenovsky @yesconnieishere 311.7K


a girl knows what she likes ig

♬ Hahahaha again – Kelsey??

Long gone are the days of genderless fashion revolving around drab, grey linen shifts. Nowadays, fashion without gender can be as colourful and crazy as you want it to be. Connie Korenovsky proves this, rocking bright colours, quirky patterns and funky hats. Never far from a perfectly hipster cropped beanie, Korenovsky joins the ranks of many TikTok fashion creators who exemplify that San Francisco style.

Kelley Heyer @kelley.heyer 174.3K


The first two were even made by the same designer! (Princess Kaʻiulani Fashions iykyk) #vintage #family

♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

If you’ve heard the term “subway shirt” then you’ve heard of Kelley Heyer. Heyer popularised the now famous term in late 2023, when she showed off her tactic for wearing a baggy shirt over her more fashion forward outfits. Since then, Heyer’s popularity has skyrocketed, with her followers loving her ability to mix-match decades and styles seamlessly; making her one of the more popular TikTok fashion creators in 2024.

Solana @Solanathagreenfairy 639K


a few people were asking so i thought share this ? btw this isnt my design, i found a similar pic on pinterest that i liked and thought id DIY it 🙂 #jewelrymaking #fairycore

♬ French-style stylish piano – harryfaoki

If your TikTok feed is in need of a serious cottage core injection, then look no further than Solana. Typically seen in eclectic, nature inspired clothing, Solana looks as if she walked right off the pages of a fairytale book. Her account is a collection of outfit videos, makeup content, and general looks into her life. Rarely without a smile but never straying away from serious issues, Solana is one of the top female fashion TikTokers out there.

Heidi @welcometoheidi 626.6K


63 and thrilled to be here! FIT DEETS: BRA: @Harper Wilde TWEED JOGGERS: @target CAMISOLE: brand is GILLIGAN & OMALLEY SWEATER: @Jenni Kayne SOCKS: @Old Navy Official SHOES: @asos SUNNIES: @Warby Parker FANNY: @@rebeccaminkoff #justgetdressed #aging

♬ A Day in My Life – Soft boy

Heidi is here to disrupt the notion that fashion and style end in youth. Her account is simple in its design; she gets dressed every morning as she tells her followers a story. Heidi is a fountain of knowledge, never failing to crack a joke and deliver life altering advice in the same breath. Her style is punk inspired and funky, with plenty of mixed metals and leather jackets.

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