The Top Female US Fashion Influencers You Need to Watch

Jan 18, 2024

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The Top Female US Fashion Influencers You Need to Watch

Need more US fashion influencers in your life? 

Social media has completely changed the way the fashion industry operates, with trends working their way up from our TikTok feeds to New York fashion week. 

Spearheading this phenomenon, are the dedicated US fashion influencers on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. 

To help you stay on top of your fashion game, we have pulled together all the trendiest US fashion influencers. Keep reading to find your next style icon. 

Top US Fashion Influencers on TikTok

Jessica Torres @thisisjessicatorres 133.3K 


♬ Beso (Fruta Fresca) – Wakyin & Carlos Vives

Finding a US fashion influencer on TikTok who spouts authenticty, joy and self love can be a difficult task. Jessica Torres hits all these marks and more, with her outstanding style and never failing smile always lighting up our TikTok feeds. Torres’ uses her account to celebrate being plus-sized and Queer, all whilst wearing the cutest pastel dresses and edgy hairstyles known to man. For an account that will boost your confidence and lighten your day, be sure to check out Torres.

Ebon Gore @ebongore 11K 


#fyp #t4t

♬ original sound – rxnplify

Striking that perfect blend of comedic content and top-notch fashion sense, Ebon Gore is a rising star on TikTok. Typically found strutting the streets of New York in an impeccably put together Y2L outfit, Gore is here to inspire confidence and joy in all her young users. For non stop laughs, cutting comments, and brief glimpses of her adorable pet snake, check out Gore.

Abby Bible @theabbybible 195K 


Replying to @peri comes in a bunch of colors, sizes and lengths! #girlfriendcollective #pufferjacket #plussizefashion

♬ original sound – Abby Bible

With her unwavering determination to take up space and constant smile, it is no wonder that Abby Bible stands out amongst other US fashion influencers on TikTok. Bible is a self-described “unapologetic fat gal and fashion lover” who uses her account to share her experience as a plus-sized woman in 2024. Her style is trendy to a T, with plenty of neon scarves, platinum bobs, and the latest in cool jewellery.

 Tara Gonzalez @taramariagonzalez 58.2K 


truly the best selection i’ve ever seen here #miumiu #prada #vlog #shoppinghaul #shoppingvlog

♬ original sound – Tara Gonzalez

Senior fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar in New York, Tara Gonzalez’s account is a bona fide treasure trove of the hottest fashion advice. Gonzalez uses her platform to share insider knowledge, such as behind the scenes footage at the Sandy Liang fashion show, and how she styles her latest Miu Miu top. Fans of The Devil Wears Prada are sure to become quick fans of Gonzalez. 

Alyssa Coscarelli @alyssainthecity 24.3K 


( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

♬ exes – Tate McRae

Alyssa Coscarelli’s ability to take vintage silhouettes and update them for modern fashion is truly a sight to behold. Coscarelli never fails to make us immediately envious, with her quick trips to Europe and extensive roster of boxy jackets. With her Joan of Arc bob and incredible knowledge of the fashion industry, Coscarelli just oozes cool. 

Top US fashion influencers on YouTube 

April Lockhart @april_lockhart 23.7K 

April Lockhart’s YouTube channel never ceases to amaze us. With her non-stop positive attitude, dedication to creating space for disabled fashion creators, and gorgeous sense of style, Lockhart is one of the best US fashion influencers to watch. Her style is Pinterest trendy; think boxy trousers, red patent leather shoes, and plenty of knee high boots. 

Mina Le @gremlita 1.43M 

Mina Le has been flipping the script on fashion video essays for many years now. Seemingly never running out of hot takes, Le’s channel is a love letter to the history of fashion. Her authentic love for the industry is inherent in every thing she does, from her obsession with 1920’s vintage dresses to her impeccably drawn on eyebrows, Le is a fashion fanatic through and through. 

Tessa @moderngurlz 739K 

If you’re looking for a fashion creator who truly has their finger on the pulse of popular culture, then Tessa is your girl. Creator of Modern Gurlz, Tessa has found immense popularity on YouTube as a result of her fast, fun, and insightful videos. Seemingly always ahead of the trend wheel, Tessa’s content is just the Gen Z medicine the doctor ordered. 

Maddie White @madeline_white 3.31M 

Whilst technically British, this LA based fashion creator has gone viral many times over for her daring clothing choices. Maddie White initially rose to fame via a TikTok video in which she cut up a £1,450 jumpsuit mere hours before she was supposed to wear it to a Prada show. White is daring to say the least, but each cut of her scissors is done with care and love. Her knowledge of fashion and authentic style make her a true must watch and one of the top fashion influencers in the US. 

Kiana Bonollo @kianabonollo 865K 

For outstanding sewing tutorials aimed at helping young users become their most fashionable selves, think Kiana Bonollo. Bonollo’s account is filled to the brim with helping sewing information, from how to sew the perfect vest to how to alter your clothes. If you want expert knowledge and boundless inspiration from your US fashion influencers, then be sure to pop Bonollo a follow. 

Top US fashion influencers on Instagram 

Emilia Mussachia @emiliamuss 27.8K 

US fashion influencers

Never far from a vintage, 19730’s organza dress, Emilia Mussachia is the epitome of fashion envy. Mussachia’s account is filled with vintage clothes, stunning outfit checks, and all around stylish New York City vibes. She even has her own clothing line, where she resells her very best vintage and thrift store finds. 

Yolande Macon @thelanguageofyolande 30.1K 

US fashion influencers

Curator and founder of the popular vintage clothing brand Curated By Yolande, this fashion influencer has a keen eye for what’s hot and what’s not. Yolande Macon’s account is summer personified, with coloured sunglasses, funky heels, and mixed patterns galore. Macon never fails to look like she has waltzed straight out of a Barbie ad, no matter the season. 

Elizabeth Cardinal Tamkin @elizcardinal 20.7K 

US fashion influencers

Elizabeth Cardinal Tamkin’s bold takes on fashion have made her a quick Instagram favourite amongst US fashion influencers. Tamkin’s ability to style even the most out there pieces never ceases to amaze; from denim bloomers to red, paisley print kitten heels, this fashion influencer can rock it all. For endless inspiration and proof that you truly can style anything with the right attitude, check out Tamkin’s account. 

Vic Styles @thevicstyles 66.2K 

US fashion influencers

For a page filled with exquisite jewellery, fantastic skin care tips, and perfect tailoring, look no further than Vic Styles. Her account is aesthetic central, with plenty of minimalist backgrounds, earth toned looks, and chunky gold jewellery. If you’re seeking an influencer whose account feels more like an art magazine, Styles is your girl. 

Michelle Li @himichelleli 88.8K 

For all the latest in New York high fashion, check out Michelle Li. Li is Manhattan through and through, typically found pairing hiking shoes with Prada dresses. One of the more high end US fashion influencers, Li’s content is sure to give you serious fashion envy. Never far from the catwalk, Li is the perfect creator for those of you looking to turn heads and stand out.

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