The Top Female Fashion Influencers in France

Jan 24, 2024

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The Top Female Fashion Influencers in France

Any fashion girlie worth their salt knows French fashion influencers are the epitome of style. 

French fashion is renowned across the world for its timeless elegance, with the top fashion influencers in France never looking anything less than chic perfection. With the sheer number of French fashion influencers and It-Girls out there, staying on top of who to follow can be a daunting task indeed. 

That’s why we have pulled together all the top French fashion influencers of the moment across Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. So you can get that French-girl-style down pat. 


Jeanne Damas @jeannedamas 1.5M 

Founder of Rouje, it is no surprise that Jeanne Damas has truly impeccable taste. Damas is classic French girl to the max; all bold red lips, casual bangs, and men’s shirts. Her account is akin to a fashion lookbook, each post showing off a different moment in her life accompanied by the perfect outfit. For all the latest in French fashion, with the occasional beauty tip mixed in, be sure to check Damas. 

Leia Sfez @leiasfez 954K

As if one of the most well known French models in the world wasn’t enough, Leia Sfez has now become one of the biggest French fashion influencers. Known for her effortless, cool girl style, Sfez is the perfect option for those of you who like to mix and match womens and mens fashion. Her account is filled to the brim with fashion inspiration, stunning edits from her modelling gigs, and glimpses into her gorgeous home in Paris. 

Hanna Lhoumeau @hannalhoumeau 89.9K

Typically seen flitting from the beach to the runway, this plum lip loving girl is one of the most popular French fashion influencers of the moment. Known for her modelling work, Hanna Lhoumeau’s Instagram is a wonderful amalgamation of editorial fashion, holiday clips, and outfit inspiration. Her style is chic and trendy; think leather jackets and the latest designer handbag.  

Lena Simonne @lena.simonne 271K 

When she isn’t splitting her time between Brussels and Paris, Lena Simonne is giving us serious fashion envy via her immaculate Instagram. Simmone has become a favourite amongst the French fashion influencers as a result of her authentic and unpolished take on fashion. Straying from the typical editorial-esque, highly planned out snaps we often see on her colleagues’ pages, Simmone instead favours the haphazard post. Her style reflects this, as she can be found rocking everything from the latest trends to unique vintage finds. 

Fatou N’Diaye @blackbeautybag 149K 

Coming up to ten years of beauty blogging and content creation, Fatou N’Diaye has her Instagram game down to a fine art. N’Diaye aims to use her account to advocate for “inclusion and diversity” and this is felt in every carefully curated post. Typically found in warm toned jazz bars, donned in vintage patterns and chunky jewellery, N’Diaye’s Instagram feels more akin to an art magazine than a social media account. For plenty of handbag envy, and beautiful photography, N’Diaye is your girl.  


Camille Charriere @camillecharriere 58.2K


Replying to @The Atelier Socials she took no prisoners pantsparty

♬ nhạc nền – 4Walls Studio。 – 4Walls Studio。

Known as the Alexa Chung of France, Camille Charriere has been a constant It-Girl for many years now. Charriere has that careless, just got out of bed style that all of us crave. Her style is laid back and incredibly chic; think the latest Miu Miu dress paired with messy, rockstar bed-head. Charriere’s TikTok is an endlessly fun mix of behind the scenes antics and little glimpses into the fashion industry. 

Sabina Socol @socolsabina 16K 


The bangs is the it factor

♬ Vogue – Madonna

Do not be fooled by her meagre TikTok following, Sabina Socol is one of the most popular French fashion influencers to date. Her 800K strong Instagram following tunes in everyday to see her latest opinions on current trends, outfit inspiration, and general fashion based content. Socol’s TikTok is filled with “how to style…” videos,  beauty advice and more. She is an expert at using the same turtleneck, legging combo in a million different outfits; each with their own unique fashion statement. 

Anne-Laure Mais @annelauremais 104.8K 


Every day a new mood #tiktokfashion #howtodresslikeafrenchgirl #fashioninspo #officeoutfit #frenchgirl

♬ Just Give Me One More Day – Alej

The creative director at Musier Pairs, Anne-Laure Mais manages to stick to her French roots whilst still remaining fresh and trendy. Mais’ account is simple yet effective; filled with outfit ideas and subtle digs at herself and other French fashion influencers. Her style is all vintage jeans, button ups and gorgeous cashmere sweaters. Never found in anything other than the latest designer Mary Janes, Mais is the perfect influencer for those of you who appreciate stripped back, classic fashion. 

Chloe Lecareux @chloelecareux 88.2K 


Get ready with me for Rami Al Ali Show in paris ✨🎀🪡 #getreadywithme #couture #paris #show #fyp #fashion

♬ son original – Chloe Lecareux

For all the behind the scenes content on being a couture model you could possibly need, look no further Chloe Lecareux. From her blonde blowout to her jaw droppingly gorgeous collection of designer shoes, Lecareux is high fashion to the max. Her style is reminiscent of Carrie Bradhsaw; big hair, bold lips, and silky dresses. If you like your French fashion influencers decked out in haute couture, then Lecareux is perfect for you. 

Lena Mahfouf @lenasituations 3.2M 


alors ce premier look @Dior couture ? 🎀 #grwm #teamsituations #ootd #fashionweek #pfw

♬ son original – Lena Situations

Known for her best-selling novels and her incredibly popular YouTube channel, Lena Mahfouf is an absolute must follow for anyone interested in French fashion. Mahfouf’s account is carefree and humorous, with plenty of silly clips and vlogs. Her style is trendy and extravagant; think statement dresses, chunky handbags and designer sunglasses. 


Vogue France @voguefrance 925K 

For a holistic view of all things French fashion, look no further than Vogue France. Filled with French fashion influencers, designers, models, and even movie stars, Vogue France is your one stop shop for anything related to the fashion industry in Europe. Common video types include celebrities showing their go to beauty routines, deep dives into fashion trends, and deep dives into street style in France. 

Parisian Vibe @parisianvibe 453K 

Looking to add a touch of Parisian chic to your life? Parisian Vibe is a fantastic YouTube channel that covers all things Paris; from where to find the best croissant to what hairstyles French fashion influencers are wearing this season. With a large team of contributing editors, Parisian Vibe seeks to immerse “itself in French culture through the lens of Parisian it-girls and talents”. For a truly authentic French fashion experience, Parisian Vibe is a must follow.  

Yev Topyer @yevtopyer 5.32K

A self-proclaimed “mother, stylist, Timeless Elegance enthusiast, Parisian style content creator and founder of Muse Rebelle jewellery” Yev Topyer provides her audience with a modern and authentic foray into French fashion. Through her channel, Topyer seeks to support her followers in their mission to adopt French fashion trends. With videos on topics such as how to build a Parisian capsule wardrobe, Topyer is as educational as she is entertaining. 

Charlotte Pouget @charlotte.pouget 237K 

Primarily known for her scathing fashion critiques, Charlotte Pouget isn’t letting a single fashion mistake slide this year. Pouget’s account is dedicated to all things style and fashion, from what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet to what trend she is loving at the moment. Never one to do things by halves, Pouget’s content is well thought out, educative and hard hitting. For highly entertaining fashion content, check out Pouget. 

Elodie Romy @elodieromy 127K 


Rarely seen not clasping an espresso, Elodie Romy’s account is a must watch for all the latest on French fashion trends. Mainly known for her try-on hauls and fashion trend videos, Romy is always on the cutting edge of style. Her own closet is filled with masculine silhouettes, bold glasses and tailored suit pants. For everything you need to know on what’s hot and what’s not across the pond, be sure to pop Romy a follow.

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