Diverse Influencers Bring in Engagement, but Are Underutilised: Why You Can’t Ignore Diverse Influencers in 2024

Mar 22, 2024

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Diverse Influencers Bring in Engagement, but Are Underutilised: Why You Can’t Ignore Diverse Influencers in 2024

Never has diversity and inclusion been so essential to consumers. 

Year by year, consumers continue to demand diversity, equity, and authenticity from the brands they interact with. A key part of this is diverse influencers. 

Diverse influencers continue to prove themselves as incredibly successful at marketing, due to their ability to forge meaningful relationships with consumers and achieve high levels of engagement. 

In spite of this, diverse influencers in 2024 continue to be wholly underutilised by brands. 

Why do brands consistently shun diverse influencers in 2024 despite audiences desiring them? 

Let’s find out. 



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Studies continuously show that diverse influencers in 2024 have a higher engagement rate than their counterparts. 

End of year results from 2023 are no different, with brands across the world releasing statistics that prove consumers desire diversity in influencer marketing. One particular data-led report by CORQ had especially compelling statistics to share. 

The report found that 58% of the most viral ads of the year were posted by influencers who are BIPOC. Yet, only 22% of influencers who posted the most ads in 2023 were BIPOC. These numbers are astounding, showing that even though they are hired to post less, diverse influencers bring in the best results. 

This is not new information either. Surveys carried out by Marketing Hub in 2020 found that 62% of consumers want influencers to represent a wide variety of backgrounds. 42% of Americans in the survey stated that they wanted more racial diversity in advertising. Finally, the study found that consumers between the ages of 18-25 “highly value inclusive advertising in their purchase decisions”. 

Thus, it is plain to see that not only do diverse influencers have higher rates of engagement, but consumers harbour a strong desire to see these influencers in advertising. 


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With this being the case, why do diverse influencers in 2024 continue to be underutilised? 

According to IZEA’s 2023 State of Influencer Equality report, the rate of deals involving racial minorities has risen year over year, reaching a new high of 46% going to non-white influencers, compared to 54% going to white. 

On top of being hired less, BIPOC influencers are also paid less than their white counterparts. Speaking specifically on the Black community, studies have shown that 77% of Black influencers are nano or micro influencers, with only 23% of Black influencers claiming the macro-influencer label. This is in stark comparison to 59% of white influencers being classified as macro. 

Moreover, the racial pay gap between BIPOC and white influencers sits at 29%. For Black influencers, this number rises to 35%. 

Clearly, diverse influencers in 2024 are incredibly underrepresented. As a group, they reach astoundingly high levels of engagement, and yet are hired and paid incredibly less. 

Let’s get into what makes diverse influencers essential to influencer marketing, and why your brand should be getting involved. 



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The question remains, why do diverse influencers have higher rates of engagement? It ultimately comes down to their niche, interactions with audiences, and authenticity. 

Diverse influencers have stronger, more authentic relationships with their followers, leading to far higher engagement rates. 


Diverse influencers have highly passionate audiences that are not only excited about the creator, but the niche that they represent. This allows diverse influencers to achieve high rates of engagement, as their followers are far more likely to want to interact with their content. 

For many diverse influencers in 2024, their platform is a point of pride for their identity and community. As such, they attract followers that align with this point of view; leading to more engagement and happier followers. 

Audience interaction 

Given that the majority of diverse influencers in 2024 fall into the micro-influencer category, they have incredibly strong bonds with their followers. These influencers are more likely to authentically engage with their followers through comments, story responses and more. 

This creates a strong community that goes far beyond the regular relationship of influencer and user. As such, users are more likely to engage with the influencers content. 


If influencer marketing in 2024 could be boiled down to one word, it would be authenticity. 

Consumers want influencers that feel real, tangible and trustworthy. Diverse influencers are able to provide this due to their typically smaller follower base; less followers allows these influencers to interact with their audience in a more genuine manner. 

Diverse influencers can foster an image of relatability far easier than macro influencers, whose many sponsorships and advertisements can create an air of fakeness. 


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Working with diverse influencers is essential to ensuring that your brand is doing its part to further diversity, inclusion and equity in the influencer marketing community. 

If the importance of diversity isn’t enough to persuade you, working with diverse influencers is the answer to how to increase engagement on social media in 2024. 

Increased authenticity 

Using diverse influencers creates an air of authenticity around your brand that users love. When users see creators that align with their own identities and experiences they forge a closer bond with both the creator, and the brand that they are working with. 

This gives your brand an authentic and genuine feel that resonates with consumers, especially younger ones. Consumers are growing increasingly fond of brands that feel human run and real, as shown by the popularity of brands on apps like TikTok and Geneva. 

Stronger brand loyalty 

Working with diverse influencers creates a stronger sense of brand loyalty in consumers. Users view brands that authentically engage with diverse influencers as ones with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusivity. 

As a result, consumers are far more likely to have a stronger attachment to these brands. As mentioned previously, younger consumers are especially more likely to make note of brands’ inclusivity practices when making purchasing decisions. 


Did you know that only 12% of marketeers are not white? Our Founder, Chloë, recently spoke on a panel discussing D&I in the Influencer Marketing industry. Were you suprised to hear those figures? #diversityandinclusion #marketing #influencermarketing #influencerpaygap

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Higher ROI 

Diverse influencers can also bring about a higher return on investment (ROI). This is due to the wider reach that these influencers have. 

Diverse influencers are able to reach wider audiences and tap into many different communities and demographics. This allows brands to gain new customers and expand their reach overall. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales and revenue. 

Lifts up underrepresented narratives 

Inclusive influencer marketing gives brands the ability to address and begin to rectify a history of underrepresentation in media. By actively seeking out and working with influencers from marginalised communities, brands can contribute to breaking down barriers and stereotypes.

This aids in creating a more inclusive narrative in the digital world. 

Gives a competitive edge 

In the highly competitive world of influencer marketing, differentiation is essential. 

Brands that are blazing ahead in terms of diversity and inclusion stand out from the competition. This approach is proactive, and thus draws in consumers who view the brand as a cutting edge thought leader in their industry. 

Improved brand reputation 

Finally, working with diverse influencers enhances brand credibility and reputation. 

In 2024, diversity and inclusion is incredibly important to consumers, who expect brands to transparently work towards a more equitable future. Consumers desire brands who align with their own beliefs and values, and make these morals known. 

Thus, engaging with diverse influencers greatly improves brand reputation. Which, in turn, leads to improved sales and brand loyalty. 


What are your thoughts? Will brands and influencer marketing agencies refusing to be inclusive ruin the industry? Maybe not completely since there are some great brands and agencies doing the right thing (feel free to tag them!) For those who refuse on the other hand… they should take a lesson from the Golden Globes 👀 #influencers #influencermarketing #creatoreconomy #creatoreconomynews #socialmediapredictions #influencerexpert

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All in all, working with diverse influencers is not only an essential part of working towards a more equitable and fair influencer marketing industry, but is simply a smart business decision. 

Diverse influencers continue to prove themselves as an essential part of influencer marketing, with their high engagement rates and ability to connect with their audience. Moreover, consumers continue to desire stronger, more authentic relationships from the brands that they purchase from. 

Thus, there is truly no reason for brands to not be engaging with diverse influencers in 2024. For brands who want to be part of the future, inspire modern consumers, and do their part to forge a better marketing industry for all, diverse influencers are the way. 

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