Creating Festive Content: Christmas Content Ideas For TikTok That Work

Oct 25, 2023

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Creating Festive Content: Christmas Content Ideas For TikTok That Work

It might still be October, but we are already hearing the distant sound of jingle bells and Christmas carols. It’s never too early to begin putting together your Christmas content ideas for TikTok.

From a marketing perspective, it’s never too early to join in on the festive fun of December. Engaging with festive content ideas is one of the best ways for your brand to build a rapport with your audience, establish authenticity and have your seasonal content fall on the right eyes. 

One of the best ways to pump up the Christmas spirit is via TikTok. Its short video format lends itself perfectly to creating viral moments that speak to your audience. 

Yet, how do you make sure to get the most out of this Christmas season? By creating standout Christmas content ideas for TikTok.

This may seem easier said than done, but with our list of Christmas content ideas for TikTok you will be right as rain.  

Read on for our list of the best Christmas post ideas. 


Participate in/create Christmas trends on TikTok 

One of the best Christmas content ideas for TikTok is participating in trends. Joining in on trends helps your content appear on new audience’s For You Pages; thus expanding your audience. 

Be sure to prioritise taking part in trends that reflect your brand’s personality, values and mission. By doing so, you are ensuring that your brand comes across as organic, authentic and relatable; brands that appear this way are far more appealing to consumers. With thousands of brands to choose from at Christmas time, being among the most appealing is where you want to set your sights.

The one thing better than joining in on TikTok trends is creating them yourself. If your brand is able to organically come up with a TikTok trend, then you are laying the foundation for UGC and high rates of engagement with your business. Given TikTok’s algorithm, this engagement increase and UGC creation will circulate your content around the platform at lightning speed; in turn, improving your visibility.

Once again, make sure that your idea strengthens your brand personality and outward mission rather than detracting from it. To do so, generate a trend that ties into your history as a brand and your overall values. 

If in the past your brand has been humorous, then a dancing trend or something equally light hearted would suit your image. However, if your brand is known for being chic and serious, then a trend that highlights your aesthetic would be best.

Christmas Challenges 

Christmas challenges are some of the more popular Christmas content ideas for TikTok.

Christmas challenges are a great TikTok content option this holiday season as they generate large amounts of community engagement and user-generated content. It has been shown that up to 79% of users are impacted by user-generated content when they are making purchases; so, the more positive UGC around your brand, the better! 

When creating a Christmas challenge, be sure to make it open ended, easy to participate in, and non-discriminatory. By doing so, you’re opening up participation to as many users as possible, rather than confining yourself. 

A great example of a Christmas challenge done right is the Pret A Manger #JoyWithPret campaign. Pret A Manger encouraged their followers to share their festive, joyous moments under the branded hashtag. The hashtag received 3.3 billion views, and the internet was flooded with festive, Pret A Manger-themed UGC. 

Through this challenge, Pret A Manger reaffirmed their image as a customer-focused, light-hearted, authentic brand. 


#ad Thanks for always bringing me Christmas Joy @brookepaintain .Tell us your #JoyWithPret #Ad

♬ LA LA LAND (Part 1) – Official Sound Studio

Influencer campaigns 

Influencer campaigns are one of the most effective ways to drum up engagement and views on TikTok, and the Christmas season is no exception; making influencer campaigns a perfect addition to our list of Christmas content ideas for TikTok.

Time and time again, consumers have shown that they implicitly trust an influencer’s recommendations. Adding a known and trusted face to your account establishes credibility for your brand and products. Moreover, influencer audiences bring in new eyes to your content. Their established relationship with their followers can promote deeper customer actions, such as driving traffic to a website or generating leads.

To engage with influencer campaigns this Christmas, try bringing in influencers to create holiday gift guide videos, or holiday haul videos for your TikTok page. TikTok takeovers are also a fantastic way to get involved with influencer collaborations. 

As per usual, be sure to keep in mind your brand personality and values. Ensure your brand only works with influencers who positively reflect your values and overall mission.


@boohoo Christmas outfit ?❣️ #outfitideas #fyp #boohoo

♬ All I want for Christmas sped up – Stan 🙂

Classic Christmas 

Each year we all gather round and reference the same Christmas movies and songs as last year, and laugh just as hard. Reminiscing is part of the beauty of Christmas, thus making it one of the many great Christmas content ideas for TikTok. 

TikTok lends itself perfectly to pop culture references, given that it’s built on sound. Referencing funny Christmas moments or popular songs are a great way to relate to your audience and establish your brand as in touch. Thus, engaging with relevant festive sounds are a key part of Christmas content ideas for TikTok.

Popular clothing line Pretty Little Thing typically knocks this kind of festive TikTok content out of the park. For example, they posted a video of a popular influencer and their creative director dancing to Jingle Bell Rock; given that the majority of their audience is made up of Gen Zers, this sound immediately calls to mind Mean Girls. 

As a result, the brand fosters a genuine moment with their audience, all the while showing off their relevance and brand personality. 


Too early? Never ⛄️ #plt #christmaswishlist #wishlist2022

♬ jingle bell rock – christmasxspedup


Tapping into the notion that Christmas is the season of giving is one of the more popular Christmas content ideas for TikTok.

Joining in on the charitable fun is a fantastic way to drum up engagement and positive associations with your brand. 

Giveaways involving your brand’s products are a great method to give back to your community. Many brands take to this form of festive content, creating videos of their team walking around and giving away products to people in their community. 

When done correctly, giveaway videos are the perfect way to highlight your brand’s mission and establish your business as a charitable pillar of the community.

Christmas is the season of giving and we thought we would take the time to speak with some lucky Eastland shoppers and gift them our new Melbourne made hoodies. Thank you Eva for taking the time to speak with us ? Where would you like to see us giveaway a hoodie next? ? #seasonofgiving #christmascheer #melbourne #hoodie #basicaus #fyp #giveaway #basic #basicaussiegirl

♬ original sound – ELLORE


Outside of Christmas content ideas for TikTok, in order to truly maximise your festive content, it is important to craft the perfect captions for your TikTok posts. The best way to do this, is to engage with Christmas hashtags. 

Festive hashtags on TikTok ensure that all your hard work is seen by as many users as possible. Some great Christmas hashtags on TikTok to engage with include: 








Outside of hashtags, a great caption will be short, snappy and to the point. It will rouse a chuckle from your audience and have them thinking about your video for long after it has disappeared. Try to reference a relevant pop culture moment or trending sound to truly knock it out of the park and get the most out of your Christmas content ideas for TikTok. 

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