Booktok Recommendations 2024: The Hottest Books You Simply Have to Read

Jan 31, 2024

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Booktok Recommendations 2024: The Hottest Books You Simply Have to Read

“Booktok recommendations 2024” is one of the most entered search terms this month, and it’s easy to see why

#booktok has officially taken over the internet. 

Known for being one of the most extensive and hardcore communities on TikTok, BookTok is more than just book recommendations. The community is filled to the brim with sizzling scandals, favourite creators and big opinions. 

As such, navigating this huge corner of TikTok can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite BookTok recommendations of 2024; so you can stay up to date with all the hottest books of the year. 

Keep reading to find out our top BookTok recommendations of 2024.

Top BookTok Recommendations for 2024

BookTok Recommendations 2024 – Romantasy

 Sarah J. Maas: The House of Flame and Shadow 


If you’re going to comment, then at least watch the video to hear what i have to say. #hofas #houseofflameandshadow #review #nospoilers

♬ original sound – 🌙Jackie H.📚

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok then you are well aware of the chokehold Sarah J. Maas has over BookTok. Fondly known online as SJM, Maas has become a favourite of BookTokers across the globe for her A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass and Crescent City series. BookTokers cannot wait to get their hands on her new novel, The House of Flame and Shadow, which will unite her Crescent City and Throne of Glass universes. 

For steamy fantasy that you probably don’t want to read on your morning commute, be sure to get yourself a copy of The House of Flame and Shadow

Analeigh Sbrana: Lore of the Wilds 


This book is an instant favorite I haven’t read a magical fantasy like this that’s so intense and action packed but easy to understand and follow in a long time. I think I’m officially obsessed! #loreofthewilds #analeighsbrana #booktok #fantasy #romance #bookreview #bookrecommendations #netgalley #harpervoyager

♬ original sound – lauren | lkcreads💔🏹

Described as “a stunning Romantasy debut about an enchanted library, two handsome Fae, and one human who brings them all together” Analeigh Sbrana’s new book has BookTok in a stupor; and rightfully so. 

With a 4.05 star rating on Good Reads, Sbrana’s debut novel is shaping up to be one of the biggest fantasy books of the year

Hafsah Faizal: A Tempest of Tea


Replying to @emma my new baby! she’s vicious and dark and finally ready for the world! #atempestoftea #booktok #writertok #vampirebook #yafantasy #bookrec

♬ original sound – Hafsah Faizal

If, like the rest of the internet, you just couldn’t get enough of Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows, then Tempest of Tea is going to be right up your alley. 

Known for her bestselling series Sands of Arawiya, Hafsah Faizal is a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree who loves reading books just as much as she loves writing them. Her new series, Blood and Tea, follows orphan Arthie Casimir and her rag tag group of misfits as they get caught up in a heist with vampires. 

With a 4.23 stars on Goodreads, A Tempest of Tea is sure to be one of the top BookTok recommendations 2024. 

Thea Guanzon: The Hurricane Wars 


i will say i feel kind if empty now that its finished and i dont know what to do with myself! #hurricanewars #thehurricanewars #theaguanzon #bookrecommendations #bestbooks #fantasyromance #romantasy #Inverted

♬ September (Dreamy Version) – JU$t

Winner of a Goodreads Choice Award and Best Romantasy 2023 nominee, The Hurricane Wars is still the talk of the town over on BookTok

Guanzon’s debut novel, The Hurricane Wars follows Talasyn – an orphaned freedom fighter who seeks to free her sieged nation using secret her ancient powers – and Alaric – son of the Night Emperor and deadly weapon fighting for an evil cause he doesn’t believe in. 

With a premise that good, it’s no wonder The Hurricane Wars is on every BookTok recommendations 2024 list. 

BookTok Recommendations 2024 – Fantasy

Saara El-Arifi: Faebound and The Ending Fire


the fantasy book of 2024, I’m calling it! #booktok #bookworm #faebound #bookrecommendations #fantasybooks #reader #reading

♬ Quirky Suspenseful Indie-Comedy(1115050) – Kenji Ueda

Fans of Saara El-Arifi’s best selling trilogy The Ending Fire are sure to love her hot new series, Faebound

Faebound follows the tale of Yeeran and Lettle, sisters whose banishment from the Elven lands leads them straight into the seductive trap of the Fae court. The sisters are “thrust into their seductive world – torn between their loyalty to each other, their elven homeland, and their hearts”. 

Heather Fawcett: Emily Wilde 


Review for book 2 of the Emily Wilde series, Emily Wilde’s #MapoftheOtherlands !! Would love to hear your thoughts on this book if you’ve read it! #emilywilde #fantasy #booktok #fyp #cozyfantasy #foryou#Inverted #inverted

♬ Ghibli-style nostalgic waltz – MaSssuguMusic

If comfy, cosy mushroom house vibes are your cup of tea, then you are simply going to adore the Emily Wilde series. 

Written by beloved author Heather Fawcett, the Emily Wilde series follows frumpy Cambridge professor Emily Wilde as she stumbles upon dark fae magic, love and friendship. A heartwarming series filled with fantasy, rich world building, and loveable characters, Emily Wilde is a must add to any Booktok recommendations 2024 list

BookTok Recommendations 2024 – Rom Coms

Emily Henry: Funny Story


i reallt went from this is fine to sobbing at 3am so fast #emilyhenry #funnystory #booklovers #beachread #peoplewemeetonvacation #happyplace

♬ original sound – jodi.books.adhd

The darling of BookTok is back with yet another side splitting, swoon inducing romantic comedy. 

Emily Henry is the queen of romance novels at this point, with her books People We Meet on Vacation and Beach Read hitting the top of the charts. Known for her cheesy yet steamy novels, Henry’s newest addition Funny Story is sure not to disappoint. 

Funny Story follows Daphne and Peter as they stumble into love, with plenty of hilarious moments, accidental feelings and NSFW moments along the way. 

Casey McQuiston: The Pairing


SLUTS IN EUROPE #nashvillebookgirl #queerbookrecommendations

♬ original sound – Alisa | Books 🤝🏻 Fashion

Known for her hilariously adorable Red, White and Royal Blue, Casey McQuinston is back with another Queer rom com for the modern generation. 

The Pairing follows two bisexual exes who find themselves stuck on the same European food and wine tour. Naturally, to prove just how totally over each other they are, the pair decides to challenge each other to a hook-up contest.  

With an official release date yet to be announced, it is safe to say Booktok is waiting with bated breath to get their hands on this juicy new novel. 

BookTok Recommendations 2024 – Fiction

Barbara Kingsolver: Demon Copphead


My new book recommendation and book review is a beyond five star read! Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite book of the year! A must read book for all book lovers! #bookrecommendations #bookreview #bookstoread #booklover #booktok #bookworm #bookstagram #newbooks

♬ original sound – Dash of Day

For beautiful language, complex characters, and gut wrenching storylines Barbara Kingsolver always delivers. 

Her latest novel, Demon Copperhead, follows a young boy struggling to come of age in rural West Virginia. Deep within the mountains southern Appalachia, Demon Copperhead faces “the modern perils of foster care, child labour, derelict schools, athletic success, addiction, disastrous loves, and crushing losses.” 

Inspired by Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield, Barbara Kingsolver brings a classic tale into the modern era; breaking hearts with Dickens’ fierce tale of anger and compassion all over again. 

Alice Winn: In Memoriam 


i say the word devastating too much in this but that sums up the book so. release date in march!! #inmemoriam #booktok #bookrecs #lgbtbooks #booktoker #bookreview @penguinrandomhouse @penguinukbooks

♬ original sound – Zack 📚🏳️‍🌈

Alice Winn’s stunning debut In Memoriam is a novel that breaks you to pieces and then puts you back together again. 

Set in 1914, In Memoriam follows English school boys Henry Gaunt and Sidney Ellwood as they set off to join the front and fight in World War 1. Yet, to them, the bigger war is the one that rages inside them. Both boys harbour an intense love for eachother; one they could never dream of verbalising. 

But as the war rages on, and Gaunt and Ellwood watch their schoolmates fall one by one, feelings boil to the surface; demanding recognition. 

A truly breathtaking novel, In Memoriam is simply a must read in 2024. 

BookTok Recommendations 2024 – Non-Fiction 

Madeline Pendleton: I Survived Capitalism and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt 



♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Finishing up our Booktok recommendations 2024 list, is this essential non-fiction read

 Known for her educative, hot takes and stunning fashion brand, Madeline Pendelton is one of the biggest TikTokers of the moment; and she’s quickly becoming one of the most popular authors too. 

Pendelton’s book, I Survived Capitalism and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt is a “big-hearted, no-bullshit memoir” that follows “her journey from living paycheck to paycheck to creating a multi-million-dollar business that offers a compassionate alternative to capitalism.” 

Much like her TikTok account, Pendelton’s debut novel is all about arming her readers with the knowledge they need to survive in today’s climate, with the hope they require to make it through another day. 

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