Here Are The Top Gamers To Look Out For Online In 2024

Jan 04, 2024

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Here Are The Top Gamers To Look Out For Online In 2024

Put on your headset and grab your trusty Mountain Dew, it’s time to get into the best gamers in 2024. 

Since its creation in the late 1970s, the gaming industry has been one of the most profitable and popular industries out there. In 2022 alone, the revenue from the global gaming market was estimated at 347 billion U.S. dollars. With its ever-evolving technology and never ending creativity, the gaming industry is sure to continue to thrive. 

As such, keeping track of who’s hot and who’s not in the gaming community can be an incredibly difficult task. Not to worry, we have gathered up the best gamers in 2024 you need to keep an eye out for.  

Read on to find out who are the best gamers in 2024


James Donaldson @MrBeast 226M 

James Donaldson, better known as Mr Beast, is possibly not only one of the best gamers in 2024, but one of the biggest names on the internet as well. Known for his high-production videos that are almost too fast paced to follow, Mr Beast has garnered an extremely large and loyal following through his YouTube channel. Whilst his main channel is not strictly gaming content, his secondary account Mr Beast Gaming solely posts gaming videos. His videos on the account range from Fortnite Let’s Plays to Minecraft.

Clay @dream 31.8M 

Clay, more widely known by his online alias Dream, has been a prominent name in the gaming community since 2014. One of the best gamers of 2024, Dream’s account is largely dedicated to his Minecraft videos, which typically involve speedruns and manhunts. Many of Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt videos have astounding numbers of views, with his most popular video reaching 108 million views as of this year. For high quality Minecraft content from the man that redefined the genre, Dream’s your guy. 

Jj Olatunji @jjolatunji 16.3M 

JJ Olatunji, more commonly known as KSI, is one of the most prevalent gaming personalities around today. Initially rising to prominence through his YouTube skits, KSI has since created an extensive following on TikTok and branched out into the world of professional boxing. Whilst KSI’s content is not limited to gaming, his influence in the industry is immense. If you are searching for quality gaming content with a comedic spin, then KSI is your man. 

Ali-A @Ali-A 18.8M 

For a more cut and dry, traditional gaming account, pop on over to Alia-A’s channel. Sticking mainly to Fortnite, this passionate gamer has been sharing his adventures with the world for many years now. Through his channel, Ali-A shows off his Fortnite progress, with clips ranging from hilarious moments to gasp worthy wins. Ali-A is always at the forefront of gaming news, so be sure to check out his content for exciting news in the industry. 

Mark Fischbach @markiplier 36.2M 

If you have been an avid social media user for some time now, then you are sure to know of Mark Fischbach. Known as Markiplier, this popular gaming personality has had a loyal following since 2012, when he began uploading Let’s Plays to YouTube. Markiplier is most known for his indie horror game content, with his Five Nights at Freddy’s and Amnesia: The Dark Descent videos kick-starting his career. For a tried and true creator whose popularity is yet to wane, try out Markiplier. 

David Steinberg @StoneMountain64 2.33M 

Self-described as a “Creator, gamer, dad, husband & basement commanding officer”, David Steinberg has managed to keep up a steady following for over ten years now. More commonly known as Stonemountain64, his career started off over on YouTube, but has since evolved into Facebook streaming, TikTok videos, and more. His Apex Legends game play is particularly popular, with users loving his infectious attitude and dedication to the game. Steinberg’s account is also a fantastic place to get the latest scoop on major gaming news. 

Lia Shelesh @SSSniperWolf 34.3M 

Whilst certainly not a new name to the gaming community, Lia Shelesh is an essential part of any good best gamers in 2024 list. Known online as sssniperwold, Shelesh initially rose to prominence via her Call of Duty Let’s Play videos back in 2013 on YouTube. Since then, she has gained an avid following across a variety of major social media platforms, including TikTok. Her account typically features a combination of Get Ready With Me videos, gaming clips, and gaming reaction videos. For high quality gaming content often featuring her absolutely adorable dogs, check out Shelesh’s account. 


Kathleen Beisten @loserfruit 2.9M 

Kathleen Beisten, or Loserfruit, is a widely popular gamer on TikTok, Twitch and YouTube. Sticking mainly to Fortnite, Beisten has created quite the following for herself through her cheery content and hilarious gaming skits. Beisten recently partnered up with E.L.F to release her own make-up palette, showcasing her rising popularity and cross-industry reach. 

Richard Blevins @ninja 19M 

You simply cannot write a best gamers in 2024 list without mentioning Richard Blevins. Better known as Ninja, this ultra-famous gamer first rose to popularity by livestreaming his Halo 3 esports matches. Ninja’s career took off however, when he began playing Fortnite. The gamer’s popularity is immense, having the most followed account on Twitch as of 2023, and even going as far as to play Fortnite with Drake. When one takes a look at Ninja’s content, the reason for his fame becomes clear; he is energetic, creative and hilarious. 

Turner Tenney @tfue 11.4M 

Bringing in more Fortnite content to our best gamers in 2024 list, is Turner Tenney. More commonly known as Tfue, this young American gamer has found incredible popularity through his Fortnite content. Sticking mainly to YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok, Tenney’s content keeps you on the edge of your seat, but laughing all the while. Tenney is a key member of the gaming community, meaning his viewers are often treated to collaborations with other top gaming influencers. 

Lily @kittenit 10.7K

Anyone who has tried their hand at gaming knows that lobbies are not exactly the most positive of places. Lily, or kittenit as her followers know her, has taken to sharing all her crazy lobby moments on games such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty. Outside of her hilarious lobby content, Lily streams general lighthearted gaming content. For a fresh take on gaming content that is always beautifully aesthetic, head on over to Lily’s account. 

Yazabel @yazabel 14.3K

Known mainly for her Call of Duty: Warzone streaming on Twitch, Yazabel has recently expanded her popularity to TikTok. Posting a variety of content from funny gaming situations to clips from her streams, Yazabel’s content is delightfully lighthearted. She’s not to be underestimated however, with her gaming experience and prowess continuing to amaze viewers far and wide. 

Kai Cenat @kaicenat 8.5M

Currently, holding the title of second most-subscribed Twitch streamer, Kai Cenat is by far one of the best gamers of 2024. Primarily streaming games such as Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite, Cenat has built up a loyal following over the course of his career – which began in 2018 on

YouTube. Fans of KSI and Mr Beast are sure to enjoy Cenat’s fast paced, always comedic content. 

Felix Lengyel @xQc 12M 

Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc, is a former professional Overwatch player who has found supreme popularity through his Twitch streaming. Lengyel is best known for his Overwatch and League of Legends streams, which garner hundreds of thousands of views. If you’re looking for classic gaming content reminiscent of PewDiePie, then have a look at Lengyel’s channel. 


@duckiegaming 861.5K 


Check out this SCARY @fortnite Island #EpicPartner #CreatedInFortnite

♬ original sound – DuckieGaming

Duckiegaming’s account is a one stop shop for all your gaming news and facts. This top gaming influencer keeps his followers up to date on all the goings on in the gaming industry, from new Fortnite island’s, to Grand Theft Auto scandals. In true gamer fashion, Duckiegaming delivers his content in an energetic and engaging manner, making it easily digestible and fun to watch no matter how technical it is. 

Emily @meesesgaming 49.3K


Just let people review their cozy lil games ✨ #cozygames #cozygamer #cozygamereviews #cozygamerecommendation #cozygamescommunity #cutegames

♬ original sound – Yo Mama

The gaming industry is not exactly known for being an inclusive place, and Emily is fed up with it. Known online as Meesesgaming, Emily dedicates her account to not only sharing footage from her cosy gaming and comedic skits, but also to breaking down sexism in the gaming industry. Emily’s ability to be note only hilarious and talented, but also incredibly educated on women in gaming, is a site to behold. For an account that represents the new frontier of gaming, pop on over to Emily’s channel. 

@vampyro111 1.1M


its a christmas miracle #braingames #brainteasers #puzzlegames

♬ original sound – vamp

With his high energy and appreciation of games from Roblox to Brain Teasers, it is no wonder Vamp has found widespread popularity with the younger users of TikTok. Vamp’s account is the perfect place for those of you looking for high paced, short and snappy videos. His quick wit and dedication to live streaming are sure to see Vamp’s popularity only rise. 

Nathan Lust @mrlust 1.6M


MRLUST VS CEICE #arenagameplay #fortniteclip #arenagameplay #mrlustfn #mrlust #nickeh30


Known for his high paced, amazingly advanced Fortnite clips, Nathan Lust is one of the best gamers in 2024. Known as Mr Lust online, his content is unique and addictive; he simply posts clips from his live streaming, in which he never speaks. Often labelled ASMR, Lust’s videos have become immensely popular on TikTok, with users in the millions tuning in to listen to his keyboard clacking away and watch him decimate anyone who comes near him. 

Charles Miske @gamercharlesmiske 80.6K 


Ayaka! My Build. Genshin Impact Cryo DPS. I take her into every Abyss. A few artifacts could use some work but otherwise decent I think. #ayaka #ayakagenshinimpact #ayakabuild #genshinimpact

♬ original sound – Gamer Charles Miske – Gamer Charles Miske

Charles Miske is a rarity in the gaming community; a top gaming influencer that is not in his twenties. Known as Gamercharlesmiske online, Miske is a highly popular Genshin Impact streamer and is one of the best gamers in 2024. For those of you who find the likes of KSI and Ninja just a tad too energetic, Miske is your man. His authentic content and genuine love for the industry makes Miske stand out amongst other top gaming influencers. For a little dash of wholesome to your day, check out Miske’s channel. 

Michael DiMuccio @dimucc 2.9M


If Minecraft Had Court 3… Was he innocent or guilty? ? #minecraft #gaming #funny #foryou #blowthisup

♬ original sound – Dimucc

Unlike many of the other best gamers in 2024, Michael DiMuccio’s content extends far and beyond simple Let’s Play videos. More commonly known as Dimucc, DiMuccio found TikTok fame through his comedic gaming skits. His videos on what it’s like to be a gamer are particularly popular with viewers, who tune in daily to see DiMuccio’s latest instalment. If you are looking for gaming content that leans heavily on humour, and not so much on streaming, then DiMuccio is a fantastic option. 

Greg Renko @gregrenko 2.2M


If minecraft had prisons (part 2) #fyp #foryou #gaming #gamer #videogames #funny #relatable #npc #minecraft #game

♬ original sound – Greg Renko

For expertly crafted gaming skits, look no further than Greg Renko. Known mainly for his hilarious Minecraft videos on TikTok, Renko is steadily becoming one of the best gamers in 2024. Renko’s quick wit and individuality continue to make him incredibly popular, with users loving his ability to turn relatable gaming moments into comedic skits.  


Lindsey @lindseyszn 33.3K 


Yet another gamer intent on breaking down gender norms, Lindsey is a top gaming influencer who is set on creating a space for women in the gaming community. Known online as Lindseyszn, her content mainly sticks to the trials and tribulations of being an avid gamer, such as PC set-up tours. One of the younger additions to our best gamers in 2024 list, Lindsey provides a perfect foray into where gaming is headed. 

@GAMINGbible 1.7M 


Whilst it got its start as a popular gaming website, GAMINGbible has successfully transitioned into the Instagram space. Similar to its online publication, GAMINGbible’s Instagram account is the perfect blend of gaming memes, important news, interviews with top gaming influencers, and game reviews. Whilst technically not one of the best gamers in 2024 itself, GAMINGbible’s influence over the industry and immense popularity with users make it a quintessential addition to our list. 

Junna @nintendo.grl 341K 


Looking for that addictive blend of cosplay, cosy gaming, and makeup? Then Junna, one of the best gamers in 2024, is your girl. More widely known as nintendo.grl, Junna rose to fame as a result of her adorable aesthetics, Sanrio hauls, and Nintendo gaming videos. Junna also dabbles in cosplay, often recreating characters from her favourite games such as Genshin Impact. 

Seth McLoughlin @jacksepticeye 7.9M 


Seth McLoughlin, known online as Jacksepticeye, is a highly popular gaming influencer and one of the best gamers in 2024. Whilst McLoughlin’s main platform is YouTube, he also maintains a constant presence on Instagram. His Reels content in particular plays into his gaming background, with frequent posts including clips from his lovestreams and other gaming shenanigans. 

Imane Anys @pokimane 5.9M 


Imane Anys, or Pokimane, currently holds the position of most-followed female streamer on Twitch; thus clearly making her one of the best gamers in 2024. Given her prowess in League of Legends and Fortnite, as well as her refreshingly honest and open internet presence, Pokimane’s supreme popularity is far from surprising. Check out her Instagram for aesthetically pleasing posts mixed in with gaming highlights. 

Kyle Giersdorf @bugha 4.6M 


Kyle Giersdorf, more commonly known as Bugha, is not only one of the most popular Fortnite gamers out there, but also one of the best gamers in 2024. Giersdorf rose to fame in 2019, after he won the Fortnite World Cup with Dignitas. His Instagram is a treasure trove of behind the scenes content and highlight reels from his many live streams. Giersdorf is certainly a name to watch, with his popularity and expertise only climbing. 

Rachell Marie Hofstette @valkyrae 3.6M 

best gamers in 2024: Valkyrae

Rachell Marie Hofstetter, better known as Valkyrae, has held the title of YouTube’s most-watched female streamer since 2020; making her, deservedly, one of the best gamers in 2024. Primarily known for her Fortnite streaming and highly popular Among Us streams over the pandemic, Hofstetter’s fame is growing day by day. Her Instagram account is an exciting blend of fashion and beauty content, as well as clips from her Fortnite streams. 

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