Timeless Beauty: The Beauty Influencers Over 40 You Need to Follow in 2024

Mar 12, 2024

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Timeless Beauty: The Beauty Influencers Over 40 You Need to Follow in 2024

The internet is known for being dominated by Gen Z, but there is no denying the growing presence of the over-40s on all platforms. 

Once considered primarily for Gen Z and Millennials, TikTok is now becoming even more inclusive, and people of all ages are taking to the platform to express themselves and share experiences, including beauty tips. This shift challenges age stereotypes and showcases the authenticity and wisdom of older influencers, particularly in the beauty realm.

It is fair to say, as a result, that the older audience is not only growing on TikTok but also carving out their own niche as influential creators. This has also extended to other platforms such as Instagram and Youtube, meaning that there is a wealth of beauty influencers over 40 to follow online. 

Keep reading to discover the beauty influencers over 40 that you need to be following in 2024!


Caroline Hirons – @carolinehirons

Caroline started blogging aged 40 in 2010, and is still one of the most influential skin care experts online. Now with a bestselling book about skincare and her own skincare line, Caroline is one to follow for some real, unfiltered information about the best ways to care for your skin, especially as it ages. 

beauty influencers over 40: Caroline

Dominique Sachse – @dominiquesachse

Dominique has built a following of over 1.8M on her YouTube page and is one of the most popular beauty influencers over 40 in the US. She is known primarily for sharing beauty hacks and tips for older women as well as short hair tutorials across her social media channels. 


Lisa Eldridge – @lisaeldridgemakeup

Lisa is a celebrity makeup artist who regularly shares her makeup tricks on her YouTube and TikTok. Her popularity has grown massively as she helps women with a number of common makeup concerns like covering acne-prone skin or eyeliner for hooded eyes, as well as revealing the secrets to achieving Hollywood-level looks. 


Tips For Teary Eyes #makeup #makeuptips #lisaeldridgemakeup

♬ original sound – Lisa Eldridge

Trinny Woodall – @trinnywoodall

Trinny started out sharing fashion advice on TV with Susannah Constantine, but now dedicates much of her social media content to highlighting beauty products and tricks. With a focus on her own makeup line Trinny London, Trinny is definitely one of the top beauty influencers over 40 you need to follow in 2024. 

beauty influencers over 40: Trinny

Steph Marie – @stephmarie.7

Steph Marie produces beauty and lifestyle content for over 40s, sharing the pros and cons of her favourite products and trying out new products to guide her followers on whether or not they should try them out. 

Steph Marie

Violeta Zuvela – @violeta.zuvela 

Violeta is one of the best beauty influencers over 40 to follow if you want to embrace ageing elegantly. From sharing her skincare essentials to more inspirational posts encouraging others to embrace their greys and wrinkles, Violeta’s page is both aesthetically pleasing and informative. 


Grace Ghanem – @greceghanem

Whilst Grece’s page is primarily focused on timeless elegance and fashion, her page is one to follow to help redefine the way we see beauty and ageing. Embracing her silver hair in a chic manner, she also shares the beauty finds that help her to embrace ageing and look just as fashionable as you do. 


Cynthia Gouw – @cynthia_gouw

Cynthia is a 60 year old beauty blogger who shares her tips and tricks for ageing skin and common skin concerns. With a focus on anti-ageing skincare and healthy lifestyle tips, she is definitely one of the most inspirational beauty influencers over 40 out there. 

beauty influencers over 40: Cynthia

Jo Placencio – @joplacencio

Jo is an up and coming beauty influencer over 40 on TikTok, who shares her makeup and skincare favourites with her followers. An advocate for a GRWM style video, her followers are obsessed with her looks and 


Get Ready With Me featuring Boom Beauty Have you ever discovered a makeup brand that instantly became a staple in your beauty routine? That’s exactly how I felt when I tried @boombeauty. My absolute favorites are the boomstick trios, especially the Peony Pink shade. Here’s why I love it: – Lightweight – Buildable – Versatile for cheeks, lips and eyes – Clean formula = natural + organic perfect for aging skin. Another must-have for me is the Boom Glimmer. As a Glam girl, I always need that perfect glow. Here’s why you’ll love it: – Like jewelry for your skin – Sheer – Buildable – Pearlescent -Boom products are made with 100% natural + organic ingredients For this makeup look, I used: – Boomstick in Peony Pink – Boomstick Glimmer – Boom Mascara – Boom Brow -Boom Gloss Links ? in stories Todays Mantra Say It With Me ~ I see beauty in everything and everyone ?Share this Reel with someone who loves all things daily beauty Inspiration. And save it when you need beauty tips. Thank you for all your love and support it means the world to me! XO Jo ?? Beauty Recommendations Clean Beauty Non-Toxic Products Make Up Tips Midlife Makeup over 50 Organic Makeup #peaceloveglam #soulfulfashionista #beautytips #midlifemakeup #beautyrecommendations #boombeauty #makeuptips

♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

Kat James @shinebykatjames

Kat James is a massively influential TikToker who shares her beauty finds to help you look your best no matter your age. Her range of videos and over 960,000 followers make her one of the top beauty influencers over 40 to follow right now. 


Mature skin foundation that chexks all the boxes!!! This really lived up to all of its claims. It was very long wearing! It looked fresh all day. It did not transfer or crease. Absolutely recommend. @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsusa #matureskinmakeup #bestfoundation #matureskin #over40makeup #mac

♬ original sound – Kat James

Erica Taylor –  @ericataylor2347

Erica has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, making her one of the most popular mature beauty creators on the app. With videos tailored to testing out a range of products as well as sharing hacks for mature makeup, her videos are engaging and interesting for viewers of all ages. 


The make up over 40 Do and Dont #makeupover40 #makeupover40tips #dosanddonts #makeupdosanddonts #fyp #fypシ #over40makeuptips

♬ original sound – Erica Taylor

Nadine Baggott – @nadinebaggot

Nadine is a renowned beauty journalist and content creator, who offers valuable insights, honest reviews, and expert advice to help her followers navigate the world of cosmetics, especially as they age. Her insider tips, product recommendations, and a wealth of knowledge help to elevate your beauty routine and make her one of the best beauty influencers over 40.


Maggie De – @maggiede_beauty 

Maggie describes her page as giving ‘down to earth beauty advice’, helping women over 50 embrace their wrinkles and greys whilst also providing some tips on how to look your best as you age. 


Yasmin Furmie – @yasminfurmie

Yasmin largely showcases her fashionable looks on her page, but she also shares a few of her favourite beauty finds with her followers. From South Africa, her page draws in followers from all over the world and makes her one of the best beauty influencers over 40 to follow. 

beauty influencers over 40: Yasmin

Sali Hughes – @salihughes 

Sali has been a renowned beauty blogger for many years, from having her own beauty column in The Guardian to sharing her favourite beauty finds on her page. Whether it is skincare or makeup, Sali identifies the top beauty products and techniques for people of all ages. 


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