Influencer Marketing On YouTube: Beauty Edition

Oct 24, 2023

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Influencer Marketing On YouTube: Beauty Edition

As the second most popular platform for influencer marketing, YouTube is the one to watch out for. If you are looking to revamp your influencer marketing strategy YouTube is a great place to start with the variety of influencer campaigns to try out.

YouTube’s massive reach is almost impossible to compete with, making it the perfect platform for your brand to place it front and centre of a huge audience.

As YouTube is a visual platform, traditionally dedicated to long form content, it allows for more in-depth reviews, tutorials, and use cases.Influencers on YouTube also have some of the largest and most engaged communities, providing an invaluable opportunity for brands to leverage and create increasingly engaging and persuasive content. 

Carry on reading to find out about influencer marketing on YouTube and the best types of campaigns to try out!


1. Brand awareness campaigns

Differentiating itself from a typical marketing campaign, brand awareness campaigns have a focus primarily on awareness rather than sales. The goal of this type of campaign is for brands to set themselves apart from the competition through increasing the awareness of their product or service. Beauty brands can leverage influencer marketing on YouTube to make the most of influencer’s reach through either paid ads or through video content posted directly on the website. Overall, a campaign of this nature is generally designed to boost familiarity with the brand and products.

2. Product unboxing and reviews

Unboxing and review are a popular method of influencer marketing on YouTube. This is essentially product endorsements given by influencers within their specific niche where they give a sneak peak into the brands products. Influencers will typically unbox the product while providing a review to introduce their audience to a new product and demonstrate the benefits and value of the product.

3. How to/tutorial

How To videos or product tutorials are among the most successful strategies for influencer marketing on YouTube. This format provides huge value to audiences due to the authenticity and level of detail provided, particularly within beauty campaigns as it is effective in showcasing the results of products. This type of influencer marketing on YouTube can engage influencers of all sizes, from micro to hero influencers to target their audience and effectively increase awareness around your product. 

4. Day in the life vlogs

Vlogs are a great way to build relationships and create a personal feel between influencers’ and their audience. This creates the perfect atmosphere to include a product endorsement as it will be seamlessly integrated into the video and it is easy to see how the product fits into the influencers’ everyday life. As these videos do not come across as typical sponsored content, they are a great way to introduce new consumers to your brand.

5. Contest/giveaway campaigns

Giveaways and contests are an exciting way to introduce consumers to your brand as they tease at the possibility of winning free products. Whilst also providing the opportunity for audiences to obtain a free product, brands can simultaneously increase awareness of their product or service and potentially introduce new customers who wish to purchase.

6. YouTube Live

The versatility that YouTube provides makes it one of the most important platforms to utilise throughout brands’ marketing strategy. The opportunities for influencer marketing on YouTube are varied so there is a great approach for any brand. YouTube Lives are one of the most common ways to integrate product placement into standard influencer content.


Follow these steps to create a successful influencer marketing strategy on YouTube!

1. Set clear goals

Firstly, it is essential to create your objectives for the campaign and set measurable goals. Within influencer marketing this will typically revolve around brand awareness and measure KPIs such as impressions, clicks or video views. To make this easy to track you can set up UTM tracking links to monitor the progress and results of each influencer.

2. Set a budget

It is important to set aside a budget for each of the influencers you work with. These rates will depend on the influencer’s reach, the desired platform and requirements for the campaign. 

3. Find the right influencers

The next step is to find the right influencer for your brand by making sure their followers align with your target audience to ensure they are likely to have an interest in your brand. 

4. Measure the campaign 

The final step in influencer marketing on YouTube is to use the goals you set out at the beginning to measure your success. This is important as it will help you create learnings for future campaigns and to see what has worked well.

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