A Month in Beauty: April 2023

Apr 26, 2023

Social Media Marketing News

A Month in Beauty: April 2023

Welcome back to another beauty roundup! Every month we round up our favourite ads, campaigns, trends, and creators from the social media beauty industry. 

So, who’s been busy in the beauty world this month? 

Trend beauty spotlight

K-beauty snail essence

This summer we’re staying hot and hydrated with COSRX’s Snail Mucin serum. Recently found trending all over #SkinTok, this serum is formulated for hydration, anti-aging and reducing dark spots, promoting an overall healthy glow. The Korean skincare brand took on a creative and playful approach to the product’s promotion through a hashtag challenge titled #SnailDuoShot, which saw participants pose for three ‘shots’ for a chance at winning COSRX products. The hashtag has received 103.6M views and over 19,000 participants.


Watch Till End To Know That Ingredient #epharmacynepal #foryourpage #skincarecontent #skincare #damagedskin #skintips #skincaretok #fypシ゚viral #skintok #snailmucin #cosrx #snailcream #goviralgo

♬ spin back X collide – ★yt_o00★

Pickle skincare

Just when you thought being told hairspray was just as effective for setting makeup as an actual setting spray, the pickle skincare trend came along. Rather than consuming pickles for their natural antioxidants, some users have begun putting the brine directly on their skin or into a DIY facemask. The trend claims to treat acne and remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion. TikTok skincare trends are usually reliable, but we advise steering clear of this one.


IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I made my own diy face mask out of PICKLES #lootbana

♬ original sound – Nikki skyes

Brand beauty Spotlight

The Beauty Crop

In recent months, the makeup brand The Beauty Crop has secured its place as a staple in everyone’s makeup kits. Trending products include the Oui Cherie Gripping Primer and the Vitamin Babe Loose Setting Powder, along with a multitude of others that continue to sell out on TikTok shop time after time. The most recent collection to be added to The Beauty Crop’s roster is the Pore Filter collection, featuring a primer, pressed powder and mattifying mist, helping people achieve a flawless matte complexion. Much of the brand’s success on TikTok is owed to the high-quality user-generated content that is reposted from the accounts of the most engaged makeup influencers on the platform.


@thebeautycrop NEWNESS‼️ update: oily skin gal perspective, im impressed… #fyp #beauty #review

♬ original sound – Jordan


A MATTE SPRAYYYY plus a cheeky other pressed powder mention #beautycrop #makeup #makeupspray #settingspray #mattesettingspray #fixingspray

♬ original sound – Beautylooks_ls_

Creator beauty spotlight

Quetta Lawson

Shining brightly under our creator spotlight this month is Quetta Lawson, a self-proclaimed “plus size, acne covered, GRWM queen”. Having fast accumulated nearly 500k followers, Quetta’s content and makeup skills have proved to be leagues above the rest, allowing her humour, charm and expertise to shine through. She has not gone unnoticed by popular brands either, with partnerships including Jordana Ticia, Look Fantastic and NYX Cosmetics. Follow for colourful eye looks and a flawless base, with a slice of humour on the side!


BLAH BLAH BLAH #idontlikemakeup #idontlikemakeupimagainstmakeup #makeup #makeupartist #makeupart #makeuptransformation #makeuphacks

♬ original sound – –


Shes back and shes BIG @Jordana Ticia Cosmetics #jordanaticiacosmetics #jordanaticiapowder #jordanaticiacosmeticspowder #powderrestock #setandbrighten

♬ original sound – Quetta Lawson

Content beauty spotlight

Rare Beauty: Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oils

Our prayers have been answered. Rare Beauty have launched lip oils. Unlike a traditional lip oil, the 8 available shades feel like jelly and melt down into an oil that leaves a beautiful coloured tint on the lips. Rare Beauty has gained a cult following on TikTok, and used influencers to conduct wear tests, show range swatches, and first impressions, which then resulted in a multitude of UGC. The hashtag #RareBeautyLipOil has over 143.3M views.


@Rare Beauty’s new lip oils ??✨???#rarebeauty

♬ som original – bella

Armani Beauty: #IAmWhatILive

The launch of Armani Beauty’s new ‘My Way’ perfume doubled up as the launch of the brand’s TikTok account. Led by Sydney Sweeney, the campaign features the branded hashtag #IAmWhatILive, which encourages selected influencer partners to pull together a series of video shots depicting what they feel the fragrance means to them, being sure to include a text overlay of the scent notes. The hashtag has 283.6M views on TikTok.


ad I Am What I Live, my scent of Spring- the new @Armani beauty My Way Parfum #MyWay #IAmWhatILive

♬ Armani – My Way (15s) – Armani – My Way

NYX Cosmetics: #FatOil

NYX Cosmetics recently launched eight shades of its new Fat Oil Lip Drip product. NYX is another cult brand on TikTok, and used influencers to promote its new Fat Oil Lip Drip. Content included shade swatches on creators with different skin tones, and wear tests, and emphasised the virality of the product on the platform. The #FatOil hashtag has 42M views.


ad | trying @nyxcosmetics_uk new Fat Oil Lip Drips, let me know your favourite shade, I have too many! #FatOil

♬ original sound – Cambell ?

L’Oreal: Infallible Concealer

The entire Infallible range is no stranger to the internet, but L’Oreal has proved it is the master of trending/viral products once again. The always-on promotion of one of TikTok’s most famous concealers has put it back into circulation on the platform, regaining it viral status. Creators were encouraged to promote the product by using the concealer in creative ways to show off its versatility.


Concealer eyeliner using @L’Oréal Paris AD ✨ #concealer #concealeroutine #eyelinerhack #lorealinfallible #lorealinfallibleconcealer #makeup

♬ Light – L’Oréal Paris

Jo Maole: #GiftGiving

To mark the end of Ramadan, Jo Malone positioned its fragrances as a meaningful gift to be given to loved ones to celebrate Eid. The brand’s luxury feel ties in perfectly with the love and warmth surrounding Eid celebrations, encouraging special gift giving at this time.


☪️Gift@Jo Malone London giving ideas ahead of Eid with @JoMaloneLondon #AD #GiftGiving #FriendsofJoMaloneLondon

♬ original sound – Chinutay

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