The Top Fashion Influencers To Look Out For In 2024

Dec 15, 2023

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The Top Fashion Influencers To Look Out For In 2024

With new, ultra-niche aesthetic communities popping up on social media everyday, keeping track of what’s hot and what’s not can seem impossible. 

Fashion influencers populate every major social media platform, and figuring out who to follow is not exactly the easiest of tasks. Not to worry fellow fashionistas, we have compiled a list of the top fashion influencers in 2024.

Read on for our picks of the top fashion influencers in 2024, across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. 


Madeline Pendleton @madeline_pendleton 1.7M 



♬ original sound – Madeline Pendleton

Owner of ethical clothing store Tunnel Vision, Madeline Pendelton provides her followers with a brutally honest insight into the fashion industry. For incredibly well-thought-out critiques all served with a dry sense of humour and an ever-changing, punk-inspired hair do, Pendelton’s your gal. 

Lara @lara_bsmnn 76.5K 


New week new outfit rotation ❤️ which one is your fav? ?? #ootd #styletok #fashioninspo #fyp

♬ Originalton – Lara

Never seen without a slicked-back bun and painfully-chic sunglasses, Lara is the epitome of effortless Parisian fashion. Visit her Mary-Jane-filled account for outfit of the week videos, fashion inspiration, and a heavy dose of life envy. 

Tracy Garcia @Transformationsbytracy 850.9K 


Love how the final gown turned out? can’t believe I made it with a vintage scarf! #thriftflip #gowndesign #sewinghacks #longdress #upcyclersoftiktok

♬ original sound – tomlinsonchrry ☀️

Mark our words; in a few months from now, Tracy Garcia is going to be the name on everyone’s lips. This self-proclaimed ‘conscious designer’ is making waves amongst TikTok’s top fashion influencers in 2024 with her jaw-dropping thrift flips and designs. Garcia transforms second-hand clothes and fabric into stunning masterpieces with a wave of her magical scissors. From floor-length gowns to breezy silk dresses, Garcia can do it all; giving her a well-earned place on our top fashion influencers in 2024 list.  Be sure to check out her YouTube channel as well for a more in-depth look at how she creates her designs. 

Joe Ando @joeando 2.4M 


who i make clothes for next? #fashion #diy

♬ original sound – Joe

Yet another talented young designer, Joe Ando has made a name for himself amongst the top fashion influencers in 2024 through his creative and playful designs. Initially gaining popularity via his “can I make you a dress?” videos, Joe’s account is light-hearted and endlessly fun. For quirky videos to kickstart your creativity and provide plenty of fashion inspiration, be sure to pop Ando a follow. 

Jessica Blair @Luvjessicablair 547.7K 


i thought abt highlighting my stretch marks w silver glitter liquid eyeshadow but it’s impossible to get off ? rip

♬ original sound – jess

Jessica Blair is fed up with the fashion industry. A self-titled ‘fashion lover and menace’, this creator is determined to break down barriers for plus-size creators. Through her incredibly popular “is it a look or is she just skinny?” segments, Blair aims to inspire her followers to dress however they please. Always on-trend and honest in a way that is rare on TikTok, Blair is definitely a fashion influencer to watch.

Mellissa Holdbrook-Akposoe @melissaswardrobe 547.7K 


It’s been a minuteeeeee #ADayInMyLifeVlog

♬ original sound – Melissaswardrobe

London-based stylist Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe is possibly the most put together fashion influencer on this top fashion influencers in 2024 list. Her style is a gorgeous combination of luxury brands, tailored pants, and jaw-dropping cocktail dresses. For styling tips and trend updates, be sure to check out her channel. 

Sylvie Mus @sylviemus 4.1K 


repeating #ootd #fallfashion #styleminimaliste

♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

Don’t let her small following fool you, Sylvie Mus is one of the biggest names on this top fashion influencers in 2024 list. Mus is a professional stylist with serious It-Girl energy, typically found rocking the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s accented with a pearl anklet and designer shoes. This fashion influencer has quite the following out of TikTok, so her audience is sure to only grow from here. 


Mina Le @gremlita 1.41M 

If video essays on topics like the rise of aesthetics, Met Gala outfit reactions and costumes in fairytale movies are your thing, then you simply have to check out Mina Le. Le’s carefully constructed videos are the perfect blend of pop-culture references and historic facts; all made the more fun to watch by her dedication to dressing head to toe in vintage fashion. 

Dev Moore @devmooreurl 33.5K 

This Brooklyn based internet artist found surprising fame through his “what are people wearing in …” videos. Dev Moore’s channel is dedicated to the people of the world; from New York to Tokyo, Moore shows his followers what fashion means to citizens all across the globe. If you’re feeling stuck in a fashion inspiration rut, then Moore is your guy. 

Tessa @ModernGurlz 732K 

This edition to our top fashion influencers in 2024 list is like the older sister you never had but always wanted. Modern Gurlz, run by Tessa, gained a fast following amongst the younger YouTuber crowd as a result of her comprehensive fashion and pop-culture videos. Typically dedicated to the tried and true video essay format, but not against a quick monthly fashion recap, Modern Gurlz is the perfect channel for all you Y2K-obsessed fashion girlies out there. 

Weny Liu @WithWendy 1.42M 

Despite coming up to almost 10 years on YouTube, Wendy Liu somehow still manages to make our top fashion influencers in 2024 list. Her genuine love for fashion, authenticity, and desire to learn is palpable through her videos. Liu’s account is a haven for all those sewers out there; filled to the brim with famous outfit recreations, D-I-Y how to’s, and many other fashion gems. But beware: Liu’s creations and infectious smile are enough to get even the most adamant anti-sewer reaching for a needle and thread. 

Karolina Zebrowska @karolinazebrowskax 1.3M 

For a uniquely-historical take on fashion, look no further than Karolina Zebrowska. This popular fashion influencer rose to YouTube fame via her humorous skits on historical fashion. These hilarious videos – such as “if Pride and Prejudice was a podcast” – combined with her longer form critiques of the fashion industry as a whole, place Zebrowska in a niche solely her own. 

Luke Meagher @HauteLeMode 809K 

Often, YouTube’s most-celebrated fashion critics can be incredibly intimidating to the average consumer. Luke Meagher aims to break this habit, using his channel to bring knowledge on high fashion to the everyday person. This dedication is typically played out through scathing red carpet reviews, in-depth explorations of famous brands and general fashion reaction videos. 

Emilia @Emi’sVintage 11.5K 

Want to feel like you’ve handjived into the 50’s? Then look no further than Emi’s Vintage. Emilia’s account is a treasure trove of perfectly-pinned curls, peter pan collars, and knee-length coats. Even if vintage fashion isn’t your cup of tea, Emilia’s sense of style and elite shopping skills are sure to make you a quick fan. 


Dodos Lydia Uvieghara @Iamdodos 122K 

top fashion influencers in 2024: iamdodos

For a heavy dose of glowing skin, rustic furniture, and impeccable outfits, check out Dodos Lydia Uvieghara. This fashion influencer has a taste for the finer things in life, and she isn’t afraid to flaunt it with her audience. Founder of her own bridal makeup company, Uvieghara’s account is a haven for those fashion girlies out there who know luxury is more than just your grandma’s old pearls. 

Aimee Kelly Gomez @Byaimeekelly 139K 

top fashion influencers in 2024: Aimee Kelly

If you never grew out of your Polly Pocket phase, then Aimee Kelly might just be the fix you’ve been missing. Kelly’s style is bright, colourful, and accessory-laden; so perfect and layered it looks like it should be made out of plastic. For a creator who knows fashion should be far from boring, and somehow manages to make every colour work for her, chuck Kelly a follow. 

Jillian Mercado @Jillianmercado 358K 

Jillian Mercado

Whilst fashion influencer seems too small of a label to place on Jillian Mercado, she is an integral addition to our list of top fashion influencers in 2024. Mercado strives everyday to carve out a place in the fashion world for other Latinx, disabled models and has gone on to model for major names such as Beyonce and Nordstrom. For bold red lips, chunky mixed metals and serious brow envy, think Mercado. 

Alani Figueroa @Wuzg00d 402K 

top fashion influencers in 2024: wuzg00d

Never caught dead in anything less than bold, colourful, and patterned, Alani Figueroa has that Zoe-Kravitz-in-High-Fidelity, New-York-Cool-Girl style down pat. Figuerora has a closet to make anyone drool, featuring an extensive collection of high-end heels and streetwear alike. From her bold jewellery to her 2-inch-long nails, this fashion influencer reminds her followers to be unique no matter what. 

Jessica Torres @thisisjessicatorres 143K 

top fashion influencers in 2024: Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres is healing our inner childs’ post by post. Her feel-good attitude, endless array of colourful sunglasses, and incredible sense of style make Torres a must follow. Torres spreads self-love and confidence with each green-gingham dress and matching opera gloves that she posts, advocating for plus-sized models in the fashion industry. 

Emma Slade @Emsladedmondson 22.6K 

top fashion influencers in 2024: emsladedmondson

Chunky heels, 70’s silhouettes and brightly-patterned bell bottoms are Emma Slade’s bread and butter. Slade, who is a strong advocate for sustainable fashion and general environmental awareness, uses her platform to not only show off her incredible style but promote slow fashion. One of the more famous additions to our top fashion influencers in 2024 list, this former TedX speaker is a must follow for those of you looking for a little slice of vintage style in your feeds.

Izzy Manuel @izzy_manuel 16.2K 

Izzy Manuel

Not many people can pull off an electric fuschia bubble skirt whilst doing a high kick, but Izzy Manuel sure can. Definitely the most vibrant on our list of top fashion influencers in 2024,  Manuel takes a sustainable, ethical approach to being a fashion influencer. Her style is kooky, creative and almost always shown off in a leap. Manuel’s unique take on fashion combined with her dedication to educating her followers on how to be more environmentally friendly, make her account a diamond in the rough. 

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