British YouTubers: The Ultimate A-Z List Of Who You Should Be Following

Jul 10, 2023

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British YouTubers: The Ultimate A-Z List Of Who You Should Be Following

British YouTubers will tell you that YouTube is the place to earn an extra revenue stream.

Once your channel has over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year, you can apply for the YouTube partnership program and start making money from your videos. With the platform’s constant push of the new Shorts feature, there has never been a better time for creators to try YouTube. 

British Youtubers are no strangers to this with many new and old creators making their living and leaving their mark on the world through Youtube. Some of the most popular content on Youtube includes product review videos, how-to-videos, vlogs and gaming walkthroughs. You’ll be able to find these genres and many more when searching for the top UK YouTubers.

Read on for our A-Z list of some of our favourites British YouTubers you should be following!

The British YouTubers taking over

Alfie Deyes

One half of the Dynamic Vlog Duo, Alfie is a British YouTuber who showcases his life to his audience. His channel is filled with his adventures and trips with his family and friends including his toddler, Ottie.

Colin Furze

Colin is known for being the crazy inventor of YouTube. His channel is filled with videos of his crazy inventions, his incredible world records and his blatant disregard for health and safety. If you’re looking for your next fix of wacky content then Colin is for you. 


Daniel Middleton better known as DanTDM is the proud owner of one of the best British YouTube channels in gaming. After 10 years and 2 children Dan is still here creating gaming playthroughs and funny moment content that any age can enjoy.

Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell formerly as part of DanandPhilGAMES is a veteran in the gaming YouTube space however he has gone through a rebrand to just Daniel Howell creating a new style for himself.

Georgia Marie

Georgia Marie is the go-to option for true crime content. Georgia’s masterful storytelling makes it so you can’t help but keep watching to find out what happens next.

KSI/ JJ Olatunji

An OG of the British Youtubers scene KSI, also known as JJ, is the king of consistently funny content. Being one of the members of the Sidemen, creating music and fighting in YouTube boxing matches are just some of his recent exploits. But you can also find him still creating reaction content on his second channel, JJ Olatunji,

LD Shadow

LD ShadowLady is the queen of Minecraft in the UK space. Her content is full of her adventures through her worlds and explanations of the many updates in Minecraft and her server. 

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is a professional makeup artist who has worked with models, magazines and A-list celebrities! Her channel is all things makeup ready to give you tips on skincare, new makeup looks and sneak peeks at new palettes and shades. 

Louise Pentland

Louise‘s day-in-the-life content showcases her trips with her friends and family including her daughter Pearl. From movie premieres to visits to Disneyland – and even supermarket tips and tricks to save money – Louise has it all. 

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo is another very popular Minecraft YouTuber. His channel is made up of adventures from his hermit craft series with his friends, him creating the audience wacky redstone inventions and tips and tricks on how to use certain blocks and materials. 


Niko is one of the biggest UK YouTubers,  and the internet’s no.1 prankster, known for videos like sneaking into the recent KSI boxing match and even creating a fake awards show just to prank one person. He is currently in a “Biggest Menace” competition against American YouTuber Jideon, spreading his content to the States as well. 

Patricia Bright

For all things fashion, beauty and hair, Patricia has you covered. With her tips and tricks for your hair and skin routine, you’ll be styling like the pros. Her try-on hauls will give you a glimpse of what your fashion style could be and curate your dream wardrobe.

Rose & Rosie

As a married couple, Rose and Rosie’s content revolves around updates on their life and discussion topics that come close to their hearts. However, their content has a diverse mix of gaming content too with their current playthrough of the Sims 4. 

Samantha Maria

Another fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, Samantha’s content includes weekly Vlogs, Q&A’s about her life and try-on hauls of the things she has bought!   

Tiana Wilson

A true lifestyle YouTuber Tiana’s videos show all the things about her life such as moving to the family’s new house, challenges with her friends and how her strict parents react to her boyfriend. 


A rising star and extremely popular Minecraft YouTuber, Tommy, has made a name for himself by showing his adventures in Minecraft with his friends!


Another rising star in the industry, Tubbo videos are a great mix of lifestyle videos and gaming content. Although he has taken a break from YouTube to focus on streaming he still posts videos to his channel including a recent moving-out video


Another member of the Sidemen, his videos have recently been focused on his competitive move into Call of Duty Warzone and the “rage” that comes with it.  


Another big name in the British Youtuber scene, Will creates comedy specials showing his antics such as tricking TED into allowing him to have a conference talk and running a marathon in Heely’s.

Zoe Sugg

And last but certainly not least, another Star of British YouTube, Zoe Sugg – also known as Zoella – is now a lifestyle creator and the second half of the dynamic vlog duo with her husband, Alfie. Her content displays her life and family allowing the audience a sneak peek into their lives.    


Who is the most popular British YouTuber of 2023?

KSI with 16.2M subscribers.

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