The AIs are Taking Over: AI in the Cre(ai)tive Industry

Jun 20, 2023

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The AIs are Taking Over: AI in the Cre(ai)tive Industry

If you’d told someone working in the creative industry five years ago that their role was under threat from AI technology, they’d have laughed. AIs weren’t capable of recreating the empathy, humour, or creativity humans can. But, that’s not quite the case anymore. 

AI technology is now readily available for the majority of creative areas. You want a realistic painted portrait? Done. A catchy jingle? Easy. A fully fledged TV advert, complete with messaging, direction and copy? Pips. 

Despite the new abilities of AI tech, it’s not going to replace humans as such, but it will potentially replace many jobs. Because design and briefs are subjective, and develop in real-time, AI will struggle to fully compete with creative roles… for now. 

With that being said, we’ve decided to rank some of the most popular copy AI tools from AM(AI)ZING to F(AI)L. 

The Rules

To make it a fair match, we decided to keep the prompt simple: Write a 150 word LinkedIn post about how the growth of AI is impacting the social media marketing industry. 

What are we ranking? 

The first is how accurate the answer is. Does it answer the question, and how well? Does it offer a new perspective, or is it pretty bog standard? We will only be ranking the final version the AI creates. 

Secondly, we’re ranking how close the AI is to the requested word count. Points will be deducted for each time we have to reinforce the 150 word count. 

Thirdly, we’re ranking how engaging it is. This will be open to interpretation; what someone finds engaging, another will likely find dull. We’re also not providing a tone of voice so we can really discern the unique personalities of each AI. Again, we will only be ranking the final version the AI creates. 

Finally, we’re rating how easy it is to use. Some AIs are complex, so if you’re just beginning to enter the AI-sphere, you’ll want to start with an easy one. 

So, let’s get into it. 

Battle of the AIs


We had to start with the infamous, obviously. 

ChatGPT’s layout is very easy to understand—you have a textbox to type in, and a screen full of blank space waiting to be filled. 

Typing in the prompt, ChatGPT gets to work immediately, offering an answer within a few seconds. It’s quite fun when the AI pauses mid sentence—almost feels like it’s actually thinking. 

One thing that became apparent incredibly quickly was the fact that ChatGPT cannot word count accurately. Now we’re no count-bots ourselves, but even we could tell the initial answer was well over 150 words. But, according to ChatGPT it was only 162. This is a recurring issue. 




With ChatGPT, it took four iterations to receive a post that was close to 150, landing on 147 (even though ChatGPT claims it’s 150 exactly). 

The content included was accurate to the prompt, but nothing groundbreaking (likely due to only having information up to 2021). It provided a very generalised overview of the impact of AI, and the tone didn’t necessarily make us want to continue reading on the topic. 

Accuracy: 7.5/10

Word count: 5/10

Engaging: 6/10

UX: 8/10 

Overall: 26.5/40

Google BardAI

The first thing we have to say about Bard is that it needs more confidence in itself. The first thing you see is a pop-up saying it’s an experiment and might not work. We understand the importance of disclosures, but have a little faith. The layout of Bard is also simple, but a little nicer to look at with a dedicated background and chat box—although often the end of the text would be cut off, which is rather annoying. 

Just like ChatGPT, Bard gets to work immediately after being given the prompt, but works slightly faster. A benefit to Bard is that it offers additional recommended reading, and if you want to ensure the content is correct, you can click the “Google it” button. 

AIs not being able to accurately word count seems to be a trend. The initial post was over 350 words, with the second over 200. Still, it only took Bard three versions to reach 158 words. 

Bard seems to have more “personality” than ChatGPT, recognising it went over the word limit by getting “a little carried away with [its] thoughts on the topic.” A nice touch. 

The final post was rather bland. It’s your bog standard Google response to a general question—something that does answer the query, but not really. 

Accuracy: 7/10

Word count: 6.5/10

Engaging: 5/10

UX: 9/10

Overall: 27.5

OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground did not come to play. 

Immediate thought upon opening the page: huh? 

Secondary thought: Ahh. It’s a chat box without the box. Slightly confusing initially, but actually rather simple. It does offer a variety of variables you can edit, but this wasn’t really necessary for this prompt. 

OpenAI Playground only took one go to write a 151 word LinkedIn post. Although still not including anything thoughtful, it used a more colloquial tone, making it more engaging. Best so far. 

Accuracy: 8/10

Word count: 9.5/10

Engaging: 7/10

UX: 8/10

Overall: 32.5/40


Chatsonic claims to be an “improved ChatGPT” and offers users 10,000 free words before charging. 

The layout is the most similar to what we would imagine an AI software to look like. However, it was the slowest to generate an answer, taking around 3 minutes to write just 78 words. 

It also was confused over the words it had written, but that’s no surprise at this point.

Chatsonic was able to provide a complete post on the second try, totalling 156 words. The post included similar themes to the others, but with a more engaging tone. It almost felt like it was written by a person (with the help of AI). 

Accuracy: 8/10

Word count: 8.5/10

Engaging: 7.5

UX: 7

Overall: 31/40

The results: Who’s Am(ai)zing, and who’s a F(ai)l?

Coming in top is OpenAI Playground. Although not the nicest to look at, it provided exactly what was asked instantly. Although not necessarily providing the best copy, it was easy to use, accurate to the prompt, and was somewhat engaging. It was also closest to the given word count, being over by just one word. 

In second place is Chatsonic. Chatsonic provided the most engaging LinkedIn post, and only took one failed attempt before getting it right. Yes, it took slightly longer to generate than the other softwares, but was speedy enough considering the alternative is writing it yourself. 

Third place goes to Google’s BardAI. Probably the most user friendly of the options, not just because its layout is simple but because it offers recommended Google search queries alongside its answers. Bard felt the closest to engaging with an almost-real person in terms of responses, but it did lose points for word count edits. 

In last place (shockingly) is ChatGPT. The confusion over word count was almost comical in the moment. While it is easy to use, it’s definitely the most robotic of the options, and is obviously limited in its answers due to only having data until the end of 2021.

Final note: AIs could take over the world, so be nice.

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