Make This Summer Extra Stylish: The Best Summer Fashion Trends For 2024

Apr 04, 2024

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Make This Summer Extra Stylish: The Best Summer Fashion Trends For 2024

Summer is almost here and with it comes a wave of new Summer fashion trends for 2024.

Nothing gets you through the long, grey days in the office like the memories of Summer. Blue skies, warm air, and the cutest new outfits. Whether you’re aiming for a Hot Girl Summer, or are taking the Rat Girl Summer route, making sure you’re decked out head to toe in the latest Summer fashion trends for 2024 is key to a great summertime. 

To help you out, we have pulled together all the best and brightest Summer fashion trends for 2024, so you can look hotter than a downtown London office in mid-July. 

Read on to find out all the Summer fashion trends for 2024 you need to know about.



Sheer is here. 

Sheer is the new look of choice in terms of Summer fashion trends. TikTok fashionistas everywhere are jumping in on this trend, donning white lace maxi skirts. Throw on a black unitard, a massive belt, and some big chunky shoes, and you’ve got the hottest look of the season. 


White? For Summer? Groundbreaking. 

It might not be changing the fashion industry but white as a Summer colour has always been a staple and it’s easy to see why. This year, we are seeing white pop up in Summer fashion trends for 2024 in slightly different ways, however. 

Think a 1970’s white; more cream than anything, and seen in tunic dresses, flowy peasant tops, and crochet matching sets. 


smoooth operatorr🤭 #tiktokfashion

♬ OUT NOW Enzo Smooth Operator – Enzo is Burning

High rise trousers 

Much to anyone younger than a millennial’s delight, high rise trousers are here to stay. 

Low rise trousers may have had a brief uptick in Winter 2024, but high rise is back. Think 1980’s power pants; almost rib height, lots of pleats, and plenty of flair. 

These trousers are perfect for a Summer morning brunch or an early evening cocktail, making them one of our favourite Summer fashion trends for 2024.


Who’s ready for the return of high-rise trousers? 🙌 Bring on 2024 fashion 😍 #2024fashion #2024 #fashiontiktok #2024fashiontrends #fashioninspo

♬ original sound – British GLAMOUR

Short shorts 

If there’s one Summer fashion trend for 2024 that has everybody up in arms, it’s micro mini shorts.

The look is simple, think Glastonbury 2008, Alexa Chung level short shorts, and then make them even shorter. To really knock this out of the park, pair it up with other Summer fashion trends like metallics and a big belt. 


Love an elongated leg🦵🏽 #2024trends #fashiontrends #fashiontok #highendfashion #fashioncommentary #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Stephany


This summer is going to be a shiny one. 

One of the more fun Summer fashion trends for 2024, metallics are coming back in a massive way. For anyone dreaming of a Summer reminiscent of the bachelorette party from Mamma Mia, then this trend is perfect for you. 

Metallics have been popping up everywhere, from bags, to tops, to dresses, to purses. Try this fun fabric in a matching set for that perfect festival fit, or maybe add a metallic purse to your holiday dinner plans. 


will you be wearing the metallic fashion trend in 2024? 🩶 #fashioninterview #streetinterview #metallicfashion #metallics #2024fashiontrends #yayornay

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Summer fashion trends for 2024 are all about going big or going home. 

We have been seeing a lot of “more is more” on recent runways, with fringe being a common theme. These fanciful embellishments elevate any outfit to the next level, and give it that uniquely 2024 look. 

Try tapping into the popular Cowboy aesthetic with some fringed shorts, or maybe get yourself a fringed hat for your next big Summer festival. 

The key to rocking this trend is thinking outside the box. Fringe is so much more than just Western, 1970’s jackets. Think 1920’s dresses, sliced up skirts, and more. Go wild and have fun with it!


My icon

♬ original sound – IZZI

Big bags & belts 

Whilst tiny bags and dainty accessories have had their fun, it’s time to make way for big handbags and chunky belts. 

Tapping into Y2K, this trend sees users thrifting the biggest, grandest accessories they can to add a certain pzazz to their outfits. The key here is to balance it out; pair your huge handbag with some simple shorts, or your massive belt with a sheer skirt. 

Striking that perfect balance between small, simple items and big, crazy ones will ensure your outfit seems natural and put together. 


Obsessed w big leather bags #slouchybag #leatherbag #poleneparis #nunoo

♬ superstar – audios💌


Want that Gossip Girl Summer? 

To help you feel like you’ve just jetted off to the Hamptons for the weekend to escape the hectic New York City life, pull on a Polo. 

Polo’s give any and every outfit that effortless, quiet luxury touch. Try pairing your favourite Polo with a sheer midi skirt, or even some capris to lean into multiple Summer fashion trends. 


5 years ago I would have hated this but… im loving it now. Polo shirts are back babyyyy #polo #poloshirt #2024style #2024trends

♬ original sound – Hannah


For many of you, the mere mention of capris is enough to cause an awful flashback to your high school years. But, here we are. 

Capris are one of the most talked about Summer fashion trends, but there is a right way of wearing this controversial item. After finding some capris from your local thrift store, be sure to wear them with a popular, seasonal shoe such as red ballet flats or Adidas sambas. 

These trousers are a great option for those of you who love Coquette and Ballet core, as they pair wonderfully with flats, wrap tops, and plenty of bows. 


Capri pants are set to be a huge trend this spring and summer. I’ve seen alot of controversy over this trend, its seems alot of people are not excited about it. Personally, i love this trend and think capri’s look incredibly chic when paired with a ballet flat or kitten heel. I will definitely be sourcing some of these for you all to shop. #springtrends #springfashion #capripants #styletrends #fashioninspo

♬ original sound – EdgeVintage

Jorts and bermudas 

The final item from our favourite Summer fashion trends for 2024 are jorts and bermudas. 

Much like Summer 2023, jorts and bermudas are being seen on fashion girlies everywhere. Jorts and bermudas are that perfect item for when you want to be fashionable and casual. They can tame down any outfit, and when put together with some boots, perfectly fit that Pinterest 2024 aesthetic. 

Be sure to fill your closet with plenty of plain coloured jorts and bermudas so you can use them as a springboard for all your other Summer fashion trends for 2024. 


yes or no??!!

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