Spring Fashion Trends for 2024: How to Look Your Best This Spring

Feb 01, 2024

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Spring Fashion Trends for 2024: How to Look Your Best This Spring

Nothing says Spring like a full wardrobe of the hottest new trends.

Still hot on the heels of fashion week, our For You Pages have been absolutely blooming with all the best spring fashion trends for 2024. From teeny tiny shorts to big, bold coats, this Spring truly has something for everyone.

We have gathered up all the most popular Spring fashion trends for 2024, so you can defrost in style.


Short Shorts


1 to 10? I’m kinda in love with these micro shorts! #howtostyle #chicoutfits #gdwm

♬ original sound – Nena Evans

Spring is set to keep Autumn’s no-pants matra alive, with micro shorts strutting their stuff down major runways from the likes of Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Gucci.

Typically paired with long coats, tailored blazers, and plenty of chunky shoes, micro shorts are the perfect way to show off a little – sorry, a lot – of leg in the Spring sunshine. Many TikTokers have taken to dressing these mini shorts up with colourful leggings and fun sequins; adding a little bit more warmth to an otherwise pretty sparse clothing item.

One of the more daring spring 2024 fashion trends, micro shorts are sure to shock most, and please only some.

Spring 2024 fashion color trends: whites

Spring 2024 fashion trends

2024 is taking pastels to a whole new level.

Runways across the world have been heavily featuring white in every manner possible. From sheer floral dresses to Victorian-esque layers, white clothes have been absolutely everywhere. Lucky for us, this is a super easy trend to jump on.

Consider bringing out your old off the shoulder, puff sleeves items from the early 2010’s, as many models have been seen rocking this style.



How good is this set for a bride or a night out in the summer ?

♬ original sound – nicoletaveras

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

Before you unlock your inner Miranda Priestly, we are talking roses, not florals. Designers everywhere are running to include this iconic flower in their collections, from simple appliques to Simone Rocha’s stunning sheer gowns filled with real roses.

This trend is a fantastic way to play with fun vintage prints and transition slowly into the Spring/Summer season. Or, you can go all in from the get go with brightly coloured, flouncy dresses emulating a roses petals.

One of the more accessible spring 2024 fashion trends, roses are an easy way to look stylish fast.

‘90s Redux


Early spring outfits❣️ IG: ashevna #outfitinspo #outfitideas #outfitinspiration #springoutfit #springoutfits2024 #outfit2024 #2024outfit #casualoutfits

♬ original sound – favsoundds

Is there ever a time where the ‘90s aren’t in fashion?

This round of ‘90s nostalgia focuses on the understated style favoured in the era. This trend is perfectly emulated by Monica Geller in friends; minimalist outfits, understated colours and effortless silhouettes. Rather than the big flashy colours and bold branding favoured in the early half of the decade, ‘90s redux is all about simple class.

If you are looking for spring fashion trends for 2024 that ooze sexy elegance, this ones for you.

Mob Wife Era


Faux fur of course ?? #mobwife #mobwifevibes #mobwifeera

♬ original sound – kayla trivieri

Clean girls make way, there’s a new aesthetic in town.

Dubbed mob wife aesthetic by TikToker Kayla Trivieri, this trend has folks dropping their fresh faced dreams in favour of big hair, big lips and even bigger earrings.

This move towards glitz, glam and over the top style may seem surprising given how different it is to the clean girl trends of late. Yet, with rat girl summer just around the corner, embracing your inner mob wife is a natural transitional step.

Shown lingerie


Sewing a lace camisole for spring ?✂️ #sewingtiktok #fashiondesign

♬ Henna Timar – ⭐️

The lingerie as clothing trend is by no means new, and it looks like it is sticking around a while longer.

Runways all over Europe have featured peek-a-boo bras, silky slip dresses, and vintage lace. Over on TikTok, we are seeing plenty of vintage underskirts and camisoles being worn as statement pieces. There is plenty of opportunity here to tap into multiple trends at once, by selecting lingerie that has floral motifs or is white in colour.



yes just watched the movie ? #saltburn #saltburnstyle #saltburnoutfits #rockstargfaesthetic #mobwifeaesthetic

♬ original sound – Classic Tunes 02

When it comes to 2024 spring fashion trends, more is more.

Fashion girlies everywhere are keeping up that New Year’s vibe with sequins and sparkles galore. In particular, we are seeing plenty of sequined short shorts, sparkly Hannah Montanna-esque scarves, and even jazzed up basics.

If you’re a fan of bimbo core, mob wife core, or any trend that makes your inner child squeal with glee, then this one’s for you.



This fit from @Anthropologie makes me want to fast forward to Spring #SpringLightly #AnthroPartner #Springoutfit #Spring2024outfit

♬ Ghouls – Culpeo

Want to take your love for picnics one step further? Look no further.

One of the more obvious spring fashion trends for 2024, Gingham isn’t exactly a new trend, with the bright and summery pattern typically making the rounds each Spring. However, when paired with the silhouettes favoured in 2024, we are sure to see some exciting new takes on this beloved trend; think green gingham micro shorts and pastel gingham ‘90s slip dresses.

Charm necklaces


Charm necklace era is here… I’ve got you covered?⚜️?? #CharmNecklace #London #Jewellery #HattonGarden #GoldPlated #thegirlsthatgetitgetit #GoldCharms #jewelry #jewellerytrend

♬ original sound – HTWCreative

DIY, chunky, vintage charm necklaces are the hottest new jewellery trend on TikTok.

These childhood inspired accessories have become so popular in fact, that major luxury brands such as COACH and Kate Spade have released their own high-end imitations. For those of us that can’t drop a cool £275 on a necklace, try having a rummage around at your local thrift store for quirky, second-hand charms.

The key to this trend is individuality, so select charms that work for you and show off your personality to the world.

Leopard print


styling leopard print pants ? #pantalones #jeans #inspo #leopardprint #moda #fashion #style #streetstyle

♬ original sound – gakuyen

The pattern of the season is here, and its got bite.

We are seeing leopard print absolutely everywhere, from shoes, to bags, to coats. Pair your favourite leopard print, high-waisted jeans with a simple white tank and some red leather shoes, and you will be perfectly on trend.

If the mob wife trend caught your attention, be sure to incorporate some leopard print into your outfits to really knock it out of the park.

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