The Top Spring 2024 Beauty Trends To Look Out For

Feb 08, 2024

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The Top Spring 2024 Beauty Trends To Look Out For

As we usher in the new year, the beauty world anticipates an array of exciting trends poised to take centre stage. From the revival of “2016 makeup” to bow stacking, the spring 2024 beauty trends promise a fusion of tradition and experimentation. 

You can expect to witness a surge in skincare-infused makeup products, embracing ethical practices and the continuation of labelling makeup trends. Though these are our hot takes, we can assure you they’re rooted in evidence and are set to shake up the beauty industry. 

Read on as we delve into the top spring 2024 beauty trends.

Bow Stacking

Or as it’s more commonly known as Balletcore, the art of incorporating delicate stacks of bows onto one’s hair, jewellery, outfit or shoes will be embraced by Gen Z and Millennials alike. Big bows, small bows, all are welcome. Inspired by the dainty, pink and cream bows associated with ballerinas, bow stacking is set to accentuate natural beauty and emphasise subtle yet impactful touches. Pinterest Predicts has this set among other Spring 2024 beauty trends, commenting on a surge in trending search terms, such as bow outfit (+190%), bow necklace (+180%), and bow aesthetic (+55%).

For those wishing to get involved, consider incorporating lots of powder or cream blush into your glam, whether it be soft or full coverage. 


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Emphasis on skin prep

Being born out of the clean girl movement, there has never been a more prevalent time to start prioritising skin care than now. At this point, everyone and their mothers know how important a well-prepped base is for a flawless complexion, and brands nowadays are leaning into this by launching their own skin prep lines to accompany their makeup lines. Notably, Made By Mitchell, TikTok’s most-beloved makeup brand in the UK, has recently released a skin prep collection in-keeping with the brand’s preference for full-coverage glam, which, naturally, requires a lot more skin prep than a clean girl makeup look. 

Particular skin prep products we’re starting to see frequent the beauty industry are eye creams, a range of skin care-infused primers and cleansing balms.


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♬ original sound – madebymitchell

The return of 2016 makeup

Now this is where that extra skin prep could come in handy.

2016 makeup is slowly returning to the beauty industry with its colourful eyeshadow, carved brows and copious amount of highlighter. However, we predict its return will be a more refined, sophisticated version, with glam leaning more on the softer side, enhancing more natural complexions, so as to adhere to the skin care-esque makeup products that are being launched. Looking to get involved? Consider using cream products over powder products to keep your glam as skin-like as possible and to ooze expensive radiance. 

Of all the spring 2024 beauty trends on our list, this is certainly the most exciting!


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Blown-out, bouncy hair 

There’s no doubt 2022-2023 was the era of the slicked-back bun, headed by the likes of Sofia Richie-Grainge. However, as we enter 2024, we can expect to see a lot more blown-out, bouncy hair and more loose hairstyles in general. These hairstyles in particular radiate natural, lived-in vibes, perfectly matching the makeup trend forecast for this year which is leaning towards well-kept skin and that which “glows from within”. 

In addition, these hairstyles will be accompanied by more experimental styles of cut, from the butterfly cut to the jellyfish cut. The prediction is that younger and more mature women will be opting for these haircuts as a form of self-expression.


Soft curl tong doing what she does best: big, bouncy faux blows. ??✨ Re-create the ultimate volumnious bouncy blowout with no hairdryer skills neccessary using our viral ghd soft curl tong with rollers ? ? @sienna_headlines ✨ @libschon on IG ? #ghd #ghdhair #fauxblow #blowout #blowoutstyles #90sblowout #bouncyblowdry #blowdry #blowdrytutorial

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The continuation of titled makeup trends

You’ve tried strawberry girl makeup, mob wife makeup and snow angel makeup, and we’re here to tell you that there’s plenty more where they came from in 2024. 

Of all the spring 2024 beauty trends, we’re aware that this may be met with the most backlash, after an increasing amount of discourse around “trend fatigue” has circled TikTok in particular, with creators admitting how exhausting it can be to keep up with them all at once. However, the spring TikTok beauty trends that crop up in the coming months are also great for keeping up with what’s trending in the beauty industry, as well as ensuring a constant stream of relevant content. 


“Mob Wife” Makeup ? wearing @Nova Beauty lipstick in “heaven” lashes in “70” cheek powder in “plush” and “spent” eyeliner in “black” & eyeshadow pallet in “bronze” mobwife mobwifeaesthetic mobwifemakeup makeup makeuptutorial

♬ Love In Portofino – Dalida & Raymond Lefèvre Et Son Grand Orchestre

Makeup brands look towards skincare 

As briefly touched upon earlier, we can expect to see a lot of lane-merging from makeup brands as they set their sights on delving into the world of skincare. Namely, The Beauty Crop, one of TikTok’s most-beloved brands, has recently announced the launch of a new range of skincare products, including a peptide moisturising barrier balm. The brands within the beauty industry who incorporate an entire range of skincare products to their existing makeup lines, are likely to receive optimal engagement and boost sales going forward for speaking to current consumer demands in 2024. 


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♬ original sound – thebeautycrop

Beauty meets wellness

When you purchase a beauty product, are you aware of what it’s infused with? Heading into the spring 2024 beauty trends is more of an emphasis on the intersection between beauty and wellness, with an even more increased focus on what ingredients are being pumped into our favourite products and how they benefit us. 

Haus Labs has been a notable pioneer in leading this movement, with the launch of its Triclone Skin Tech foundation, infused with fermented arnica to help reduce redness, even skin tone and protect from environmental stress. Taking the extra care to notify consumers of the benefits of the ingredients within makeup products builds consumer trust and, thus, aids boosting sales. 


Is your everyday foundation infused with #skincare? ? #hauslabsfoundation is packed with 20+ skincare ingredients—plus its suitable for all skin types (even sensitive & acne-prone!) #hauslabs #cleanbeauty

♬ original sound – abigailkinnett

Blue beauty

According to Olivia Van Iderstine, VP of content and creative at Olive & June and the brand’s resident trend expert, blue will dominate the manicure scene, particularly through spring, making it one of the spring 2024 beauty trends to be on the lookout for. Similarly, blue mascaras, liners and eyeshadows have been picking up steam for achieving an attention-grabbing look. 

Pinterest Predicts also has blue beauty incorporated into its 2024 mix, forecasting that Gen Z and Millennials will search for ‘blue glam makeup’ and ‘pastel blue eyeshadow’ as they find ways to incorporate this 60s staple into their modern beauty routines. The best part? Blue looks good on all skin tones!


Is coloured mascara making a comeback?!? @maybelline have brought out new coloured mascaras! I was so excited to try the shade blue mist & it did not disappoint? #Fyp #Makeup #BlueMascara #Maybelline

♬ original sound – Emily Temby✨

Bodycare will become a priority

Of all the spring 2024 beauty trends, bodycare is set to have a major moment. Boomers and Gen Z will double down on luxury lotions, in-home spa experiences and some serious SPF. Skincare from the neck down is finally being given the same grace and recognition as that on our faces, and we’re totally here for it.

From dry brushing to entire post-shower body care routines, brands like Sol De Janiro are tackling this pending movement head on, fuelling the inevitable day we’re all walking around with skin that glows from head to toe.


“We can’t go back in time to fix our mistakes but we can hydrate now.” – @Isabel Clancy

♬ original sound – Olay Skin Care

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