Putting the Gay in Gamer: The Top Queer Twitch Gamers of 2024 

May 10, 2024

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Putting the Gay in Gamer: The Top Queer Twitch Gamers of 2024 

Want a bit more gay in your gay-ming? Queer Twitch gamers are your answer.

Twitch’s popularity continues to rise year over year, despite its ageing nature. As a result, it is filled to the brim with many wonderful and diverse communities. The Queer community, in particular, has become increasingly prevalent and popular. 

As such, finding which Queer Twitch gamers you want to follow can be a tall task indeed. That’s why we’ve pulled together our picks for the top Queer Twitch gamers out there, so you can stop your searching, pull on a hoodie, and watch. 


Granny @grannydearest 17.2K 


sharten of banban 👹 #gartenofbanban #twitch #granny #lgbtqia #gaming #horror

♬ original sound – Granny

Known for their online persona of a slightly unhinged grandma, Granny is the perfect mix of humour and talent. 

With their quick wit, quirky personality, and gaming prowess, it’s easy to see why Granny has become one of the biggest Queer Twitch gamers. Largely known as a variety streamer, Granny also hosts a segment called Sundae Scaries, where they stream horror games every Sunday. 

Granny’s main platform is Twitch, but be sure to check them out on X, Instagram and TikTok too. 

Blizz @blizzb3ar 42.1K 


Shoutout to all the bi and pan creators out there! #bi #pan #lgbtq #lgbt🌈 #lgbt #queer #gay #fypシ #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Blizz

Blizz is the epitome of a kind hearted soul. 

A variety streamer, Blizz can be found chatting with his viewers, building insanely amazing Lego sets, playing true crime games, or just cosying on up. For a little slice of everything always served up with a smile, be sure to check out Blizz. 

Blizz can mainly be found on Twitch, but he also has quite the following over on YouTube and X. 

Kiwi @KiwiOnTheSticks 21.5K 


those good ol American Rights

♬ original sound – KiwiOnTheSticks

Endlessly creative and entertaining, Kiwi never fails to surprise us with an amazing stream playing a game we’ve never heard of. 

Kiwi typically steers clear of first person shooters and horror games, but can be seen playing pretty much any other genre. Her channel can even feature makeup and cooking streams. Never boring or repetitive, Kiwi is a fantastic option for those of you who are dipping your toe into the world of gaming, and are keen to watch a streamer with a wide range of content

Kiwi can be found on Twitch, X and Instagram.  

Leesh Capeesh @leesh.capeesh 18.7K 


Manor Lords had me getting into character last night😂. This game is setting the bar high for RTS games and it’s still in early access. #manorlords #indiegames #gaming #ageofempires

♬ original sound – Leesh, Capeesh? – Leesh, Capeesh?

A mum, gamer, and astrology aficionado, Leesh channel never looks the same twice. 

When tuning in to a Leesh stream one could be faced with anything from tequila shots and horror games to dating simulators. Whatever you find, one thing is for sure; you’ll be met with a smile, plenty of jokes and a welcoming crowd. 

Leesh can be found on Twitch primarily, but also TikTok and YouTube. 

Luxie @luxiegames 99.1K 


I’m nothing if not consistent @allispeed 😅 #twitchmoments #twitchfails #fortniteclips

♬ original sound – Luxie – Luxie

Possibly the happiest, cosiest place on the internet, Luxie is a one stop shop for all things cute. 

Don’t let her love for games like Animal Crossing fool you, Luxie has one quick mouth and a spicy sense of humour. Tune into her streams for plenty of laughs, chaotic game play, and a possible glimpse of her adorable wife Bean and their baby boy. 

Luxie mainly streams on Twitch, but she also posts content on TikTok and YouTube. 

Katie @PikaChulita 15.9K 


We know @PikaChulita’s answer, but what does diversity in gaming mean to you? #SolidBlack22

♬ original sound – Doritos

A DEI and charity-focused streamer, Katie is a horror and action-adventure gamer with a quick sense of humour. 

Tune in for quality game play, fast paced streams, and an avid chat. Typically found streaming in the late afternoons and evenings, Katie is a fantastic option for those of you who love streaming in its most simple form. 

You can find Katie over on Twitch, X, and Instagram. 

Deere @deardeere 85.1K 


Which game was your fave last week? 🥰💖 #drag #dragqueen #streamer #letsplay #horrorgames

♬ Houdini (feat. Dua Lipa) [Sped Up Version] – sped up nightcore

This world class Drag Queen is here to play the scariest, spookiest games out there and not smudge a speck of her perfect makeup. 

Known for her amazing looks, hilarious comedic timing, and expert playing skills, Deere quickly made a name for herself in the Queer Twitch gamers community. Horror games are her forte, but she can be found dabbling in a variety of other genres to mix things up. 

Deere is mostly on Twitch, but she does post the occasional perfect pic over on X and Instagram.

Pauliegon @pauliegon_gaymer 12.2K 


This day QUICKLY devolved into madness. Part 1! #thesims4 #twitch #twitchclips #gay #comedy #simstok #thesims

♬ original sound – pauliegon_gaymer

For that crazy, chaotic game play you see scattered all across TikTok, look no further of Paul.

Known for his Sims 4, Dead by Daylight and Jackbox Games streams, Paul manages to be one of the most skilled gamers out there whilst also creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for his fans. 

You can typically find Paul streaming on Weekday mornings, usually on the Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest 2, PC and PS4. He is mainly on Twitch, but check out his Instagram for more behind the scenes content. 

Elix @elixttv 61.4K 


AAAAAAH, JK 😉 #OVERWATCH #DRAGQUEEN #overwatchfunnymoments #twitch #twitchtv #makeup #overwatchcosplay

♬ original sound – Elix

QueerX Twitch Streamer of the Year Award Winner, Elix is one of the most popular Queer Twitch gamers of the moment. 

Known for her flawless makeup application and quick sense of humour, Elix can typically be found streaming Dead by Daylight and Naraka: Bladepoint to her many fans. With a cracking sense of humour, a unique look, and a never ending array of colourful wigs, Elix is simply a must watch for all you avid gamers out there. 

You can find Elix on Twitch, Instagram and X. 

MizChezza @mizchezza 3.9K 


I JUST WANNA TAKE A PHOTO OF MY CUTIE PIE!!! #CapCut #Pokemon #Violet #Scarlet #pawmi

♬ original sound – Depression man

Self-described as an Aussie Drag Queen and Red Bengal Tiger of Twitch, MizChezza is a bundle of goofy jokes and self-deprecating humour. 

One of the more up and coming Queer Twitch gamers, MizChezza has quickly gained quite a reputation for her Overwatch streams and quirky personality. MizChezza’s streams cover a wide range of topics, from playing JRPGS, Shooters and Horror games, to doing Drag Queen Makeup. 

Known for being an avid lover of Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect, and Lady Gaga, MizChezza is a name to watch. Check her out over on Twitch and Instagram. 

Joy Stique @joy_stique 3.5K 


be who you aaaaare #healthadepopit #drag #lgbt #pride #happypridemonth🏳️‍🌈 #thequarry #thequarrygame #horror #horrorgame

♬ original sound – Joy Stique 🕹

Known as Twitch’s resident drag monarch, Joy Stique’s channel is one crazy ride. 

From jaw dropping special effects makeup to eerily perfect Marge Simpson looks, Joy Sti que can really do it all. Check out this top Queer Twitch gamers’ channel for plenty of giggles – usually at themselves – and streams of games such as Dead by Daylight. 

In Joy Stique’s words, “when you come to my streams, expect makeup, messy gameplay, and a chill gay time!”

You can find Joy Stique on Twitch, X and Instagram. 

Dragtrashly @dragtrashly 35.8K 


I’m just a chair sir #dragqueen #eldenring #gaymer #chairsoftiktok

♬ original sound – dragtrashly

Never far from a dark smokey eye or a crazy hilarious Sims stream, Dragtrashly is one of the biggest names in Queer Twitch gamers and its not hard to see why. 

Known for her big looks and even bigger personality, tuning into Dragtrashly’s streams will have you laughing and shocked in no time. Her gaming abilities are as varied as her drag looks, ranging from Dead by Daylight to Beauty and Body Art. 

For a guaranteed laugh and non-stop trash talk, check out Dragtrashly on Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and X 

Ms Kiki Powers @miskikipowers 1K 


When you can’t find any other player all round so you just go shopping #fortnite #twitchstreams #twitchtok #lgbtqiastreamer

♬ Store – Carly Rae Jepsen

An avid lover of all things Drag and gaming, Ms Kiki Powers is steadily growing in popularity and it’s not difficult to see why. 

Typically found playing GTARP, Overwatch, and Fortnite fuelled by a million cups of coffee, Ms Kiki Powers is here to be one of your new favourite Queer Twitch gamers. Based in New Hampshire, Ms Kiki Powers is a breath of fresh air in the over-saturated world of Twitch streamers. 

Be sure to check her out on Twitch, Instagram, and X, for some crazy earrings and the longest eyelashes known to man. 

Dee Bugg @deebugg 1.6K 


I love BingoLotto ✨ especially the host 👉🏻👈🏻 #drag #dragqueen #dragqueens #wig #lipsync #performance

♬ original sound – Dee Bugg

Self-labelled as Sweden’s most famous Irish Drag Queen, Dee Bug has a sharp sense of humour and she isn’t afraid to use it. 

Known for her gorgeous blue wigs and gravity defying eyebrows, Dee Bug is a must watch for fans of Drag, comedy, fashion and Warframe. Her Twitch following may be small, but we can bet that Dee Bug will be known as one of the major Queer Twitch gamers in no time. 

Be sure to check her out on Twitch, X and Instagram. 

Julia @whatifjulia 77.8K 


WILD time to be spectating his stream after I died 🤣 #escapethebackrooms #twitch #streamer #twitchstreamer #twitchclips #streamertok #fyp

♬ original sound – WhatifJulia

This expert photographer and mountaineer sure knows her way around a game. 

An avid player of Ocarina of Time, Stardew Valley and Lethal Company, Julia produces stunning professional photography and goes on hikes in her spare time. Tune in to her channel for the cosiest vibes imaginable, gorgeous scenery, and of course, outstanding gaming. 

Check Julia out over on Twitch, Instagram and YouTube. 

Tyler @superbutterbuns 95.1K 


OH NO 💀 #kingdomhearts #finalfantasy #streamer #vivi #gaming

♬ original sound – SuperButterBuns

A “Youtuber by day, loud idiot by night” Tyler is one of the biggest Queer Twitch gamers out there and has been for some time. 

A dedicated Final Fantasy XIV and Persona 3 Reload player, Tyler is your classic Twitch gamer; dry sense of humour, plenty of millennial jokes, and an all round good vibe that is too comforting to ignore. Their expert game play, hilarious wise cracks, and super cute Instagram make Tyler an absolute must follow for anyone interested in Queer Twitch gamers. 

You can find Tyler on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram. 

Luna @luminumn 78.5K 


We love sister sona exhausting uglies! #fyp #fy #twitch #streamer #leagueoflegends #sona

♬ original sound – Luminum

Based in Australia, Luna has made quite the name for herself as one of the biggest Queer Twitch gamers out there. 

A lover of all competitive games but mainly Teamfight Tactics, Luna never fails to make us smile with her can do attitude. Often found strutting around Sydney, perfectly dressed and with her adorable pooch, Luna is a fantastic Twitch streamer for those of you looking to get started on your journey into the world of Queer Twitch gamers. 

Check out Luna’s profiles on Twitch, Instagram and YouTube. 

Marcus @pizelmanta 4.9K 


♬ original sound – Marcus Clarke

A professional Game Designer with nearly a decade of experience, Marcus has a unique insight into the gaming industry that lends his streams a uniquely educational perspective. 

Marcus traditionally worked on larger games, but has recently made the swap to solo indie dev on Overmorrow. His Twitch is largely dedicated to playing smaller indie games, often those of the horror genre. One of the more traditional Queer Twitch gamers out there, Marcus sticks to game play without al lthe fan fare. 

Pop him a follow on Twitch or TikTok. 

Alistair @eret 1.2M 


I’m Back! Where I’ve been! 😀 #eret #dreamsmp #lgbt

♬ original sound – Eret

Historically known as Dream SMP, Alistair has since made the switch to their Eret account. 

Loved by all for their fast sense of humour, desire to show off the messiest game play possible, and dedication to bits, it’s easy to see why Alistair has been one of the top Queer Twitch gamers for many years now. Typically found playing the likes of Stardew Valley, Geo Guessr, and Minecraft, Alistair has something for everyone. 

You can find Alistair on Twitch, Instagram and Discord. 

Jay @esmerelduhhh_ 1.4K 


I love doing theatre! 🤡 #worldtheatreday #musicaltheatre #selftapestruggles #selftapeaudition #auditionseason

♬ Circus Music – The Hit Crew Kids

Self-described as a Sims streamer by day and variety streamer by night, Jay is a bundle of laughs, good vibes, and cosy game play. 

You can find Jay playing anything and everything, from Stardew Valley to Genshin Impact. Never far from a giggle with the chat, Jay is one of the more up and coming Queer Twitch gamers who you simply have to follow. When they’re not streaming, Jay can be found frequenting Disneyland and the stage, belting out a tune. 

Check out Jay’s channels on Twitch and Instagram. 

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