Meet The Plus Size Influencers Taking The Fashion Industry By Storm

Jul 14, 2023

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Meet The Plus Size Influencers Taking The Fashion Industry By Storm

Plus size fashion influencers have seen a slow acceptance from the fashion world.

However brands like ASOS, TALA and Savage x Fenty are making strides in this area by recruiting more inclusive models and showing a diverse range of body types.

So who are the plus size influencers on Instagram partnering with these brands and making steps towards a more inclusive fashion industry?

Read on to meet the top 20 plus size influencers taking on the fashion industry one outfit at a time.

The top 20 plus size influencers on Instagram

1. Sarah Tripp

Sarah has 906K followers on Instagram. She posts lots of fashion tips, specifically for curvy women. Her bubbly personality and colourful feed makes her one of top plus size influencers.

Sarah Tripp

2. Katie Sturino

Founder of MegaBabe, Katie Sturino opens up the conversion around plus size fashion and the issues that come with it. Her loyal following of 802K followers is ever-growing.

Katie Sturino

3. Sarah Rae Vargas

Sarah is one of the best plus size Instagram influencers. Her impressive following of 475K love her fashion hauls and styling tips.

Sarah Rae Vargas

4. MsKristine

The founder of KinByKristine has 592K followers on Instagram, making her one of the top plus size influencers. She posts a range of content on her Instagram, from fashion inspiration to lifestyle shops.


5. Rochelle Johnson

Plus size fashion expert Rochelle has achieved 471K followers and is one of the most well known curvy Instagram influencers.

Rochelle Johnson

6. Candice Huffine

Model and designer Candice has an Instagram feed of dreams. With her high quality aesthetic fashion shots and inspo, its no wonder she has such a high following of 269K followers.

Candice Huffine

7. Corissa Enneking

Corissa is one of the most followed plus size influencers out there with 212K Instagram followers. Her feed is one to admire, with a range of content from fashion tips, the latest trends and inspiration for women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Corissa Enneking

8. Nicolette Mason

Nicolette’s beautifully-curated feed has inspired thousands of followers. Her Instagram page has 232K followers and has content ranging from fashion to lifestyle, with something for everyone.

Nicolette Mason

9. Essie Golden

Essie has made the list of the top plus size influencers, and after one look at her Instagram feed it is easy to understand why. With impeccable fashion taste and a stunning aesthetic, her Instagram page has 182K followers.

Essie Golden

10. Alex LaRosa

Alex LaRosa, model, posts regularly on Instagram and wows her 184K followers with plenty of fashion tips and inspiration.

Alex LaRosa

11. Rosey Blair

Fashion influencer Rosey is easily one of the top plus size influencers on Instagram. Her Instagram page ranges from lifestyle to fashion content, providing inspirational content to her 181K followers for every occasion.

Rosey Blair

12. Jessica Torres

With 144K followers on Instagram, Jessica is one of the best plus size influencers. She posts everything from fashion to lifestyle and beauty content.

Jessica Torres

13. Alysse Dalessandro

Alysse has 137K followers on Instagram, and her bright and colourful feed has seen an increase in followers over recent years, with her creative outfits and style inspo speeding up the process!

Alysse Dalessandro

14. Taryn Hicks

With 736K followers, Taryn is paving the way for plus size influencers. She specialises in midsize fashion and her perfectly curated feed is full to the brim with style inspo.

Taryn Hicks

15. Allison Teng

Allison has grown a large following of 83.4K followers. Although this is a smaller follower size than some of the other plus size influencers on this list, it doesn’t make her any less worthy. Her followers are actively engaged in her aesthetic fashion content.

Allison Teng

16. StylePlusCurves

Amber posts a range of plus size fashion inspo and lifestyle content, posting regularly to keep her 54.9K followers engaged.

Style Plus Curves

17. Stefani Nicole

With 76.5K followers, Stefani posts beautiful content inspiring her followers to fight their insecurities by showcasing a range of creative and stylish fashion inspo.

Stefani Nicole

18. Darlene Lebron

As the founder and CEO of bloggerhousecurvycloset, Darlene’s Instagram is a world of inspiration. With 43.8K followers, Darlene’s bubbly personality keeps her audience engaged.

Darlene Lebron

19. Jay Miranda

Jay has 30.5K followers, and her lifestyle-based feed mixed with fashion inspiration makes her one of the top plus size influencers.

Jay Miranda

20. Ashley Morgan

Fashion and lifestyle creator Ashley Morgan inspires her 54K followers to confidently create their own fashion style and peaceful living through a carefully curated feed.

Ashley Morgan


Who is the most popular plus size influencer on Instagram? 

Sarah Tripp with 906K followers.

How do you become a plus size influencer?

You can become a plus size influencer by being open about body image and sharing fashion inspiration to suit specific body types.

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