Perfectly Proud: How to Create Pride Advertising Campaigns That Resonate in 2024

May 23, 2024

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Perfectly Proud: How to Create Pride Advertising Campaigns That Resonate in 2024

Are you ready for the happiest, most colourful, glitter-filled month of the year?

With June steadily approaching, many brands are preparing to release their carefully created Pride advertising campaigns. Yet, there is a right, and wrong, way to get involved in Pride. 

Consumers have high standards when it comes to Pride advertising campaigns, and rightfully so. Too long have they suffered at the hands of poorly designed rainbow t-shirts, created solely to make a profit off of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

How can brands be sure to ace their Pride advertising campaigns and connect with their audiences?


To gain a proper understanding of what makes great Pride advertising campaigns, let’s take a look at Pride campaigns by brands that have set the standard. 

H&M – Beyond the Rainbow

H&M’s “Beyond the Rainbow” campaign was a powerful message of hope, and remembrance. 

Many Pride campaigns tend to stick to the flitter filled, happy side of Pride. Of course, celebrating Queer joy is fantastic and needed in our current society, but one mustn’t forget the pain that came before us. 

Through the “Beyond the Rainbow” campaign, consumers were able to scan any rainbow object during the Pride period and be shown a series of coming out stories from celebrities, locals and workers. The stories were genuine, and often did not shy away from the many difficulties many Queer people face in coming out and owning their identity. 

As such, the campaign was incredibly powerful and a roaring success, and one of the better Pride campaign ideas of the past few years.

Levi’s – How Do You Show Up?

Levi’s 2023 Pride campaign “How Do You Show Up?” was a beautiful exploration of self-expression. 

The campaign featured the stories of six individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community, from all walks of life. The stories, captured by transgender and non-binary photographer Liam Woods, were truthful, honest, and raw; championing the message that there is every shade of Queerness is beautiful. 

Ultimately, Levi’s campaign was successful as it amplified local voices and highlighted the magnificent diversity in the Queer community.

The North Face – Summer of Pride

Out in nature, everyone is accepted and loved just the same; and that’s just how North Face want’s their consumers to feel too. 

In their stirring campaign “Summer of Pride”, North Face partnered up with famous Drag Queen and nature lover Pattie Gonia to create a series of outdoor events across the U.S. The events sought to foster inclusivity and celebration, creating a safe space outdoors for everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Consumers’ loved North Face’s fresh take on Pride advertising campaigns, due to its genuine yet humorous nature. 

Converse – Proud to Be

Converse are a Queer staple, and that’s how they like it. 

“Proud to Be” was Converse’s take on Pride advertising campaigns, an authentic look into the unique identities that make up the Queer community. Through the campaign, Converse illuminated a wide range of LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies, emphasising that every experience is valid and worth sharing. 

On top of this, Converse’s Annual Pride collections feature a range of new designs, all made gender-neutral so that anyone and everyone can enjoy them. 


Australian bank ANZ has been a staunch supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights for decades now, and never fails to release a rousing Pride marketing campaign in support. 

In 2016, the bank celebrated its 10th anniversary of partnership with the Sydney Mardi Gras by changing its name to GAYNZ. On top of this, the bank transformed one of its branches into a beautiful, camp paradise that celebrated Queer culture. Just a year prior, ANZ redecorated ten of Central Sydney’s ANZ ATMs to represent LGBTQIA+ culture. The machines were hand decorated with fur, leather, jewels and bold patterns; each celebrating different Queer identities and cultural moments. 

Absolut – Rainbow Bottles 

For 40 years now, Absolut has dedicated itself to advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community at every turn. 

Each year, the company releases its now infamous Rainbow bottle. The original design was created in collaboration with Gilbert Baker, the man who created the Pride flag, and was launched with a collection of cocktails and parties globally. Proceeds from the bottle sales are donated to LGBTQIA+ causes annually.

Whilst simple, this Pride activation is authentic and genuine. By collaborating with Baker and consistently donating its proceeds, Absolut has established itself as a true ally and a trusted supporter. 


The key to ensuring your Pride advertising campaigns are nothing short of successful is to follow best practices. 

To help you out, we have collected the top tips for making certain your Pride advertising campaigns truly hit the nail on the head. 


Me and my bestie George took part in the Garnier Micellar pride campaign! Educating our Ally’s is so important 🫶🏻 Ad #pride @Garnier

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Centre authenticity 

Perhaps the most important, creating a Pride campaign that is authentic is essential for success. 

Too many brands release Pride advertising campaigns purely for the sake of making a profit. The modern consumer is acutely aware of this, and able to sniff out inauthentic campaigns from a mile away. So, be genuine in your efforts. Show authenticity by amplifying local voices and true stories that your customers can connect with. 

On top of this, be sure to extend your commitment beyond the month of June. Allyship is a year round affair, not something you simply tote out for show for one month a year. Keep up the good work all year, and your consumers are sure to trust that your campaigns are well-intentioned.

Focus on inclusivity 

Ensuring that each of your consumers feel seen and supported by your Pride advertising campaigns is of the utmost importance. 

During and beyond Pride, inclusivity should always be at the forefront of your brand’s marketing. Many companies fail to show support for the beautiful spectrum of identities found within the LGBTQIA+ community, preferring to stick to the more historically “visible” labels of Gay and Lesbian. 

Instead, take care to show off as many stories as possible. No Queer experience is exactly alike, so use your platform to help make every identity shine. 


Work with LGBTQIA+ organisations

Partnering with LGBTQIA+ organisations brings an authentic edge to your campaign, and also creates a platform for you to uplift community voices. 

By collaborating with Queer aligned organisations, you achieve three major wins. First, your brand gains insights into the needs, concerns and dreams of the LGBTQIA+ community, allowing you to generate campaigns that resonate. Secondly, you boost your reputation, by showing that your values are both inclusive and progressive. Finally, you demonstrate true commitment to the cause, by providing the community with far more than just vocal noise. 

Focus on education and awareness

One of the most valuable tools in the fight for inclusivity is education. 

Using your Pride advertising campaigns to educate and increase awareness is essential to properly supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Be sure to focus on informing consumers, participate in current dialogue on Queer rights, use all the platforms at your disposal to reach as wide an audience as possible, and always link resources so that your audience can continue their education.

Carefully listen to feedback

Finally, at the end of the day, no one knows the LGBTQIA+ community like themselves. 

Be ready to accept feedback and honest responses to your Pride advertising campaigns. Pay close attention to what the community is saying, and value their voices. Translate feedback into action; consumer’s value brands that listen to their opinions, so be sure to follow through on their asks. 


These are the companies that get Pride right! 🏳️‍🌈 What are your favourite Pride campaigns? #pridemonth #pride2023 #pride #pridemonth🏳️‍🌈 #pridetogether #happypride #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqtiktok #lgbt🌈 #queer #queertok #queerlove

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All in all, acing your Pride advertising campaigns in 2024 is simple, if you have a solid understanding of what consumers want. 

It is crucial that brands do their best to avoid rainbow washing at all costs, and use Pride as a chance to connect better with their consumers and benefit society. Pride is a time of celebration, remembrance, and expression; not simply a money-making scheme. Read more here to find out more about rainbow washing and what consumers want brands to avoid. 

Keep the consumer at the heart of all you do, and you are sure to succeed. So don your rainbow cowboy hat, and have a great Pride!

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