Instagram’s Most Influential Luxury Influencers

Oct 10, 2023

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Instagram’s Most Influential Luxury Influencers

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has grown into one of the most popular social media platforms of the modern age. 

A large part of this popularity is through the image curation that Instagram allows. Through carefully curated posts, Stories, and Reels, Instagram users can craft a picture perfect, aesthetically pleasing page that draws in followers day by day; a clan of clamouring fans all sighing, “God, I wish my life looked like that.” 

One class of influencers that have been born out of Instagram, are luxury influencers. Luxury influencers exude class, confidence, and wealth. They zoom about in their expensive cars, spend weekends on yachts in Monaco, and only wear designer clothing. 

Yet, not all luxury influencers are the same. Some are luxury lifestyle influencers; they provide the image of the perfect life. Holidays in perfect places, sleeping in perfect homes, and eating perfect food. 

Others, such as luxury brand influencers, focus on showing off expensive products. A casual Prada bag slung over the shoulder on the way to the grocery store, for example. These kinds of influencers are particularly engaged in luxury influencer marketing. A specific form of social media marketing wherein brands partner with luxury influencers to endorse their product. 

Luxury influencers have particularly taken root in Instagram due to its ability to provide the perfect combination of behind the scenes lifestyle content, and aesthetic posts. Through the platform, an influencer can provide more casual content on their Stories, such as little tidbits on their day, whilst ensuring that their page is the image of excellence. 

Here’s a look at the current top 20 luxury influencers on Instagram. 


Chiara Ferragni (@Chiaraferragni) – 29.5M followers 

Italian Chiara Ferragni is the cream of the crop as far as luxury influencers are concerned. Self-described as “Leo and Vitto’s mama and digital entrepreneur,” Ferragni shares her family’s travels and lives. Typically seen at the beach or wandering the streets of Italy, this mother is always dressed to kill. Ferragni is the creator of the clothing line Chiara Ferragni Brand, the marketing agency TBS Crew Agency, and the star of her own reality television series. The show, named The Ferragnez, follows the lives of her family. 

Luxury Influencers: Chiara

Negin Mirsalehi (@negin_mirsalehi) – 7M followers 

Typically bikini clad and playing with her son, Negin Mirsalehi has risen to the top of luxury influencers. Since her blog began in 2012, Mirsalehihas established the perfect, pastel aesthetic and even started her own bee-powered hair care brand, Gisou. 

Luxury influencers: Negin

Leonie Hanne (@leoniehanne) – 4.6M followers

German influencer Leonie Hanne began her fashion journey with her blog, Ohh Couture. With her experience in textiles and business, this corporate savvy fashionista can be seen strutting her stuff from meeting to meeting. Hanne has garnered significant success in the industry, working on a  variety of campaigns for brands such as Fendi, Pandora, and Chloé. 


Jim Chapman (@jimchapman) – 2.5M followers

Our very first luxury dad on this list, Jim Chapman began his career back in 2010, when he began posting videos of his life on YouTube. The 33 year old now focuses on showcasing his kids, wife, and general lifestyle. Chapman favours posts about daily parenting antics, art, outfits, and exercise. He isn’t one to shy away from a candid post, making him a rarity in the instagram influencer world. 


Jack Morris (@jackmorris) – 2.5M followers 

Manchester based carpet cleaner Jack Morris has defied all barriers and become one of the most popular luxury influencers on instagram. Accompanied by the perfect beige filter, this travel obsessed entrepreneur is never caught in the same city twice. Like many luxury influencers, Morris has expanded his brand, creating the Tone Studio app, the Nanuku House account and rentals, the Dyt Presets account, and The Loft Residences account. 


Lauren Bullen (@gypsea-lust) – 2.1M followers

Seeking that coconut scented, sea salt misted content in your feed? Lauren Bullen is the answer. Bullen lives in Bali with her partner Jack Morris, with whom she created the app Tone Studio. Bullen is the perfect example of young, luxury influencers; always at the beach, always exquisitely dressed in couture, and never caught dead without a filter on. 


Ming Xi (@Mingxi11) – 1.8M followers 

Whilst many of you may recognize Ming Xi from her many years as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, this popular influencer actually began her career back in 2009 on Chinese TV. Nowadays, Xi travels across the world, modelling for luxury brands and looking after her son. Xi’s instagram oozes high fashion, with black leather, chunky shoes, and killer black eyeliner frequenting her posts. 

Ming Xi

Lorna Luxe (@Lorna Luxe) – 1.4M followers 

If the above youngsters have you wishing for that classic, luxury aesthetic, then Lorna Luxe is your gal. Luxe honours the traditional ways of luxury influencers, with her black blazers, chunky sunnies, and patent leather loafers. Through her instagram and blog, Lorna shares fashion and beauty tips, such as how to look more luxe for less, and create the perfect holiday outfit. Oh, and one can’t forget her gorgeous sidekick, Boo the dog. 

luxury influencers: Lorna

Maria Helena Bordon Meireles (@helenabordon) – 1.4M follower

Oozing Spanish luxury, Maria Helena Bordon Meireles is always fresh faced and perfectly dressed. Filled to the brim with tips on how to dress, where to eat and where to shop, Bordon’s account boasts an effortless elegance. The popular Instagramer has used her following to create a successful clothing brand, called By Helena Bordon, as well as a beauty brand, Hela Beauty. 


Tara Whiteman (@Taramilktea) – 1.3M followers

This Sydney based creative has us drooling over her bubblegum pink life. Tara Whiteman is a one stop shop for fashion, beauty and travel advice. From her highly successful blog to her fantasy inducing Instagram account, Whiteman is the perfect injection of travel centric luxury you need on those long, grey office days. 


Amina Muaddi (@Aminamuaddi) – 1.3M followers

Amina Muaddi has gotten her foot in the door (pun intended) in the luxury footwear game. Hailing from Romania, Jordan, and Italy, this influencer lives and dies by shoes. Mauddi has even gone as far as to create her own successful footwear line, featuring glitzy stilettos that are just to die for; even Rhianna thinks so! 


Lydia Millen (@lydiamillen) – 1.3M followers 

Ever dreamed of what it would be like to live the life of a British royal? Well, Lydia Millen’s Instagram gives us a pretty good idea. Based in the English countryside, author and clothing designer Lydia Millen gives her followers an insight to her luxurious, country based living. Swapping between tweed jackets and stilettos, Millen oozes perfection in each post. 


Jacob Riglin (@Jacob) – 1.1M followers 

Typically found cruising around in a flashy sports car, or walking his adorable pooch, Jacob Riglin’s luxurious yet fun loving lifestyle carves a niche in the market. Riglin is one of many luxury influencers who favour the art of photography, so one can expect HD photos of raves and waterfalls from his page. Getting the urge to emulate his aesthetic? No worries, Riglin has expanded his brand to include an online photo course. 


Renan Pacheco (@iamrenanpachecoI) – 1M followers 

With his perfectly coiffed locks and impeccably pressed suits, Renan Pacheco looks like the French love interest from a Netflix romantic comedy. But, there is more to this hunk than meets the eye. An aspiring actor, musician and writer, Pacheco shares his love of the arts with his many followers daily. For that perfect touch of comedy, luxury, and travel inspo, Pacheco’s your man. 

luxury influencers: Renan

Jon Olsson (@Jonolsson1) – 997K followers

Sweden based Jon Olsson lives a fast paced, sports driven lifestyle, and whilst we certainly wouldn’t join in on one of his many adrenaline inducing adventures, we are more than happy to watch him do it! Combine posts featuring helicopters, skiing, and speed boats with perfectly pink photos of his two children, and you’ve got the Olsson aesthetic. 


Shiva Safai Houweling (@shivasafai ) – 782K followers 

If you’re looking for stripped back, classic style accompanied by the most perfect eyebrows on Instagram, look no further. Shiva Safai Houweling perfectly encapsulates the minimalist, luxury lifestyle, with simple updos and pristine white countertops. The former reality TV star has transitioned into the beauty industry seamlessly, with her own makeup brush set as well as a clothing line. 


Camille Rowe (@fingermonkey) – 758K followers 

More commonly known as Camille Rowe, this French, high fashion actress is making waves in the luxury influencers community. Rowe has featured in many films over the years and even featured on the cover of Playboy in 2016. Rowe has the French girl aesthetic down to an art, with her blush lips and smokey eyes always accompanied by a vintage, leopard print jacket. Or, a Prada bag. 


Jeremy Flores (@Jeremyaustiin) – 751K followers 

Known for his gorgeous, aerial shots of blue waters that need no filters, Jeremy Flores has one of the most envy-inducing luxury travel accounts around. He travels the globe with his partner, staying at thatched roof huts in Bora Bora, picturesque, red brick villas in Positano and everything in between. This travel account is so perfect, we think even other luxury influencers might get jealous. 


Aylin Koenig (@aylin_koenig) – 669K followers 

Forever surrounded by rustic brick walls or lounging on bohemian straw carpets, Aylin Koenig is the epitome of stripped back luxury. It may seem counterintuitive, but she sure does make it work! Koenig’s popularity has encouraged her to found her own clothing line, By Aylin Koenig. Featuring beautiful cosy sweaters in warm, brown tones, her company is what sweater weather dreams are made of. 


Tom Claeren (@tomclaeren) – 647K followers 

Did you know you can put an F1 sports car on a yacht? No? Well, according to Tom Claeren you can. Dressed in perfectly tailored suits, and sporting the newest Rollexes, Claeren has the old-money Monaco aesthetic down to a fine art. 

luxury influencers: Tom

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