The Top Luxury Brands on Social Media

May 29, 2024

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The Top Luxury Brands on Social Media

Gone are the days of luxury experiences being confined to in-store affairs. 

In a world where social media dominates our life, and 85% of luxury consumers use social media, even the most exclusive luxury brands have seized the opportunity of social media to promote, sell and raise awareness of their brand and offerings. From Maison Margiela using Instagram to show behind the scenes content ahead of fashion week, to Jacquemus’ creative social marketing strategy, the ways in which luxury brands choose to use social media to create value are surprisingly varied. 

Considering brand image and prestige are paramount to luxury brands, and a wrong move could instantly strip away years of brand building, using social media to add value and stand out amongst the noise is an increasingly difficult complex for luxury brands to navigate. 

With everything considered, here are some luxury brands on social media that are killing the game.


Jacquemus – Surrealist Marketing and Storytelling

luxury brands on social media: Jacquemus

One brand that really knows how to stir things up when it comes to luxury brands on social media is Jacquemus. Leaning into new technology such as CGI, Jacquemus has been able to create some of the internet’s best surreal campaigns that got everyone talking. Its “Bags on Wheels” and inflatable bag campaigns went viral, leaving people wondering if the oversized items were real or not, resulting in a huge boost in reach and conversation.

On the other end of the spectrum, Instagram acts as a visual gallery for the brand, full of minimalist, aesthetic photos helping to build the brand’s image and reinforce its vibe. You can’t help but want to share the picture-perfect content with your own followers, again boosting the reach of the brand significantly.

Another stand-out point that makes Jacquemus’ social media strategy particularly special is the founder himself, Simon Porte. Often posting personal moments, like the birth of his twins, makes it seem as though he himself manages the account adding authenticity, storytelling, community, humility and attainability to the brand.

Overall the brand has successfully cultivated a close community on their social media platforms with its imaginative, playful and trailblazing content. 

Louis Vuitton – TikTok and Influencer Collaborations


#LouisVuitton #EddiePeng #Cannes2024

♬ son original – Louis Vuitton


Despite luxury brands on TikTok being a less populated landscape, Louis Vuitton has culminated a unique TikTok strategy, positioning the brand as the most followed on the platform with 13.1 million followers. Not only is its content beautifully-created, LV has really packed a punch with its influencer and celebrity collaborations. 

Sporting an impressive portfolio of celebrities from Lewis Hamilton to Kim Kardashian to Naomi Campbell, and announcing Pharrell Williams as its new Men’s Creative Director on the platform, LV has firmly asserted itself as one of the mega influencers of luxury.

Aside from the obvious huge fame of these collaborators, the key takeaway to remember is that each and everyone perfectly aligns with their aesthetic, values, and vision. This alignment is the secret to their success, so remember, if ever you can afford to work with multiple influencers for your marketing campaigns, ensure they are an ideal match for your brand to help you stand out among luxury brands on social media.

Loewe – Humour First


Could you see it? #LOEWE

♬ original sound – LOEWE

Although the combination of funny social media content and one of the world’s oldest luxury brands seems an unlikely duo, it sure has worked for Loewe. On the brand’s TikTok account, creators are given free reign to simply create. Producing sharp, witty UGC, combined with silly brand-produced content, the Loewe strategy proves that luxury doesn’t always have to be serious and that leaning into internet humour doesn’t always diminish a brands luxury status. Being one of the fastest-growing brands within the LVMH portfolio, there’s definitely a fun lesson to learn from Loewe.

Bottega – The Disappearance

the new Bottega

In 2021, Bottega Veneta made waves by deleting its Instagram account at the peak of its popularity—a bold, once-in-a-lifetime move that hadn’t been done before by any other luxury brands on social media. Only a brand with such status could vanish and have people care about where they’ve gone. 

However, there was  method to this madness, as Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault put it: they weren’t “disappearing from social networks… just using them differently”. The void that was left by the mystery disappearance was of course soon filled with a multitude of homage accounts. The gamble sure paid off for the luxury giant with its social presence thriving and no social media manager in sight. But the big question that remains is: Will bottega ever make a comeback? 

Balenciaga – Wacky Look book Vibes


Balenciaga’s consistent white backgrounds within its Instagram statics has made for an unconventional look book feel to the account, positioning it as one of the best luxury brands on social media. 

Although the background is plain, the products are most definitely not – this clean slate allows all eyes to be on the brand’s weird and wonderful products. The strategy might seem simple, but that’s the genius of it, Balenciaga knows the boldness of its products will inevitably speak for themselves.

Chanel – The Classic Feel of Luxury

luxury brands on social media: Chanel

It’s no surprise that Chanel dominates Instagram among luxury brands on social media. Its all-encompassing strategy combines celebrity partnerships, social initiatives, and spot-on branding. Chanel’s beautifully curated feed exudes exclusivity and class, capturing followers with its irresistible air of mystery. It’s the ultimate in luxury—making everyone want to know more and crave that unattainable prestige and elegance.

Burberry – A Clean Slate

Using social media to showcase a new product or rebrand isn’t exactly a new, ground-breaking concept, however Burberry took it to a whole new level back in 2023. The brand created an air of mystery by wiping all  social channels clean and removing its profile pictures. This dramatic move set the stage for Burberry’s first campaign under the creative direction of Daniel Lee, complete with a brand-new logo design. Talk about wiping the slate clean to start afresh! 

Prada – Behind the Scenes Galore


Is getting ready more fun than going out? #Prada #MetGala #DamsonIdris

♬ suono originale – Prada

Over on TikTok, Prada gives followers a behind-the-scenes look that feels like you’re in on a secret or just hanging out with friends. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes at photoshoots or watching celebs prep for the Met Gala, there’s a fun, community vibe that’s totally infectious. And it’s not just us who love it but apparently a lot of other people do too, with most of these videos racking up millions of views! The takeaway? Build a community and treat your followers like friends, not just clients. It’s all about giving your followers the inside scoop and making them feel a part of your brand’s family.

Moncler – Spotlighting Creatives on TikTok


Francesca Hayward – ballerina, actor, dreamer. “The language, it spoke to me straight away. I loved the idea of making the dream come true.” For Francesca Hayward, ballet is a language she understood with fluency the first time she experienced it. Discover more on

♬ original sound – MONCLER


Moncler is killing it on TikTok, creating serious hype and connecting with Gen Z through storytelling, collaborations, and trends. Its latest campaign spotlights creatives such as Frencesca Hayward, principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet, and others who are all ‘dreamers’. The storytelling of these real people adds authenticity to the brand and helps to inspire its close-knit community, helping it stand out among the other luxury brands on social media.

Hermès – The Pinnacle of Luxury


We don’t know about you, but over here we’re all totally enchanted by the Hermès magic, proving it’s nailed retaining that luxury feel online. Hermès shines among luxury brands on social media with its meticulously curated content. Its visually-stunning posts highlight iconic products and draw followers into the Hermès universe, all while nodding to its equestrian roots. This attention to detail creates a cohesive brand identity across all channels both online and offline. Hermès doesn’t just showcase products—it crafts an immersive, luxury on social media experience with every scroll. 


What is the most followed luxury brand on social media?

Amongst the large number of luxury brands on Instagram, Chanel is the most followed with an audience of 59.9 million.

What are the biggest luxury brands on Instagram?

  1. Chanel – 59.9 million.
  2. Louis Vuitton – 55.4 million.
  3. Gucci – 52.4 million.
  4. Dior – 46 million.
  5. Prada – 33.6 million.
  6. ​​Dolce & Gabbana – 30.7 million.
  7. Versace – 30 million.
  8. Fendi – 21.3 million.
  9. Emporio Armani – 20.1 million.
  10. Burberry – 20.1 million.

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