Influencer Brands are Your Toughest Competition

Jun 13, 2023

Influencer News

Influencer Brands are Your Toughest Competition

Influencer-founded brands have been around for well over a decade. From WeWoreWhat and Ipsy launched in the early 2010s, to the real kick-off of influencer beauty brands with Kylie Cosmetics, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the mid 2010s, and finally through to the late 2010s and early 2020s, where we saw a huge influx of influencer-founded brands across many industries, but primarily in the fashion and beauty, and food and beverage spaces. 

Influencer brands, both new and old, have become some of the most established and popular brands in the world—in terms of social presence and revenue. We’ve rounded up some of the most talked about influencer brands on the internet. 

But why are influencer brands so popular with consumers?

Influencers have built their livelihoods by understanding their audiences. They have dedicated years to building a loyal following and learning what engages and entertains through direct audience feedback, and data analysis. Because of this, influencers have an audience loyalty brands miss out on. Audiences want to see their favourite influencers do well because they’re people. It’s a personal connection to many, and if given the chance to support, they will.

Influencer brands: Beauty

Huda Beauty, 2013

Beauty influencer Huda Kattan launched her makeup brand Huda Beauty in 2023, and is one of the first influencers to create a cult-favourite beauty brand. Huda built her cult through her YouTube channel, which she started back in 2010. 

The brand initially started selling only false eyelashes, but has since expanded to offer over 140 products, raking in around $200 million in annual sales. The brand has an incredibly active and engaged following, and Huda remains front-and centre of the majority of content posted to social channels.


Watch till the end to see the results of our lipstain wear test challenge! ? #asmr #stresstest #eatingasmr #lipblush #lipstain #hudabeauty @Huda @Huda Beauty

♬ original sound – Huda Beauty

Rhode, 2022

Rhode Skin, launched in 2022, is Hailey Bieber’s “efficacious and intentional” skincare brand. The brand launched following the skincare revolution on TikTok. The launch of the brand conveniently coincided with the “glazed donut” nail trend, started by Hailey herself. A significant portion of initial marketing from Rhode was based around the “glazed” social media trend, including nails and glass skin. 

The brand combines two major social media trends—the “it girl” aesthetic and intentional skincare. The brand is transparent about how its products are formulated, appeasing consumer demand for honesty.


rhodetrick: mix brc with a powder blush for a dewy cheek tint ✨ using @patmcgrathreal divine blush duo in “night bloom”

♬ Chrysanthemum Tea – Prod. By Rose

REFY, 2020

Influencer Jess Hunt launched REFY in 2020, with the premise of providing products that enhance natural beauty and are quick to apply, but long-lasting. The brand is one of the most talked-about brands on social media, and has heavily invested in influencer marketing. 

Despite being a relatively new brand, REFY has built a loyal following and has an abundance of UGC created.


Brows for a hot girl walk. Amelia wears our Brow Tint in shade Medium Brown #refybeauty #refybrows #refybrowtint #hotgirlwalk #browgoals #eyebrowgel #browgel

♬ original sound – REFY

Influencer brands: Fashion

Djerf Avenue, 2019

Djerf Avenue, founded by Matilda Djerf, has had one of the biggest impacts on social media and fashion. Matilda Djerf’s effortless style took over the internet, leading to loose trousers and floaty shirts becoming a major trend during summer 2022, and it has since become a staple timeless style for many. 

Djerf Avenue was designed to encapsulate Matilda’s style so her fans and style appreciators could buy into and enjoy her lifestyle in their own way.


European summer drop is now live?shop the first stop of #DAcoast #djerfavene ??

♬ original sound – Djerf Avenue

SKIMS, 2019

SKIMS is Kim Kardashian’s viral shapewear, loungewear and sleepwear brand. The brand initially started as Kim’s solution to shapewear, offering inclusive shade ranges and unique shapes for all outfit types. The SKIMS bodysuit has gone viral on TikTok multiple times, as has the Lounge Slip Dress, dubbed online the “SKIMS dress”.


@Maddy in Barely There Shapewear, available now as part of the #SKIMS Bi-Annual Sale. ?

♬ Da Girls – Ciara

Influencer brands: Food & Beverage

Chamberlain Coffee, 2020

Although Emma Chamberlain is hailed as the internet’s fashion icon, Emma launched a brand dedicated to her other love: coffee. Emma keeps her editorial-style prominent throughout the Chamberlain Coffee social channels, and posts fun community content, including “What coffee is your zodiac sign?”

Emma built a loyal following from her fun and exciting day-in-the-life, cooking, and fashion videos. Chamberlain Coffee emphasises the joy and connection a coffee with friends and family can have, while maintaining the fun element of Emma’s personality.


to celebrate the launch of our new ready-to-drink canned lattes, emma went into @Walmart to surprise customers with a game of trivia… introducing “think for a drink” head to the link in our bio to watch the whole video #chamberlaincoffee #latte

♬ original sound – Chamberlain Coffee

MrBeast Burger, 2020

MrBeast Burger is a virtual restaurant owned by YouTube sensation and philanthropist MrBeast. The restaurant offers delivery only, but a wide range of burgers, dedicated to his friends. The launch of the restaurant was vlogged and uploaded to MrBeast’s channel—the line for the restaurant was so long it had to be shut down by police. 

The burger chain has expanded from the US into the UK, Canada, UAE and the Philippines, with all food still only available on delivery.


you heard it here first ? beast burger = ?????

♬ original sound – MrBeastBurger

PRIME, 2022

PRIME was launched by boxing-rivals-turned-brothers-in-business KSI and Logan Paul. The hydration beverage caused a massive stir online and in real life, with the drink regularly selling out within minutes of store openings or online drops.


You hate to see it #drinkprime #wwe #wrestlemania

♬ original sound – PRIME

Sides, 2021

Sides is a fried chicken brand launched by the popular YouTube collective, The Sidemen. At its launch, the Sides brand was only available through delivery.  Fans of the collective have been asking the collective to make their food offering available in more locations, so by popular demand, the collective is expanding. This year, the Sides brand is expanding to include a range of restaurants available within popular shopping malls across the UK.


FREE CHICKEN TENDERS AT MARKET PLACE HARROW ?? @KSI and @bigw2s have put Admin’s card behind the Sides counter at Market Place Harrow for you to enjoy a portion of chicken tenders All you have to do is head to Market Place Harrow, go to the Sides counter and say “JJ & Harry sent you” then enjoy your tenders ?? We have 100 portions of 2 x tenders to giveaway which will be served on a first come first served basis. Offer ends at 5pm today. See you there ? #sides #sidemen #friedchicken #harrow

♬ original sound – Sides

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