How To Start A Podcast In 2023

Sep 13, 2023

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How To Start A Podcast In 2023

The podcast boom is upon us. It may seem like everyone is the host of a podcast and that’s because they are. But are they doing it right? We’re here to teach you how to start a podcast the right way.

There are many reasons why people start a podcast. They are fun, they can be a strategic business move and can earn you money. But what actually is a podcast, and why are they so popular?

A podcast is an episodic series which features audio-only content of hosts discussing a particular topic. Due to the current popularity of podcasts, these topics include just about anything you can think of: from pop culture to true crime or more educational topics such as money management.

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to start a podcast, and this can be a lucrative route, particularly as a brand. For example, through podcasting you can start growing your audience, simultaneously building credibility and status within your industry. It is also an opportunity to meet other people who have an interest in your niche or topic.

Several brands have jumped on the bandwagon creating their own podcast. #LIPSTORIES, a podcast by Sephora, is a great example of brands smashing it in the podcast industry. Each episode of this feel-good podcast features an influential woman who can inspire other women. This podcast was a hit amongst consumers and guaranteed they will be coming back for more.

how to start a podcast: lipstories

Looking to start a podcast? Read on to find out how!

How to start a podcast

1. Decide on Your Topic or Niche

The first essential step if you want to start a podcast is to narrow down your topic. By doing this you can more effectively establish yourself as an expert in the field as you wont be spreading yourself too thinly, but also will help you to build a loyal following.

It is also important to research other existing podcasts to ensure that there is no one doing anything too similar to you, and to ensure your podcast stands out from the crowd.

Before starting your podcast, you will also need to carefully consider who you are tailoring your podcast to, to ensure you create content that is both relevant and valuable.

2. Build Your Online Presence

The next step is to give your podcast a name. 

This will help build the brand and online presence and make your podcast recognisable and easy to find when it comes to social platforms.

Following on from this, it is also important to make sure your podcast is accessible. Creating a website is a great way to do this and is super easy with free or paid tools. This way listeners can easily find and enjoy your podcast.

It is important to make sure you have a social media presence. To use social platforms most effectively, it is important to consider which sites your audience uses the most and create profiles on these using your podcast name.

We would also recommend you submit your podcast to a directory (such as Spotify), to make your podcast more discoverable and ensure you reach as many listeners as possible.

3. Source Relevant Equipment And Software

The next step to start a podcast is to invest in suitable recording equipment and editing software. It is recommended to invest in a podcast microphone to ensure your sound quality is optimal. Editing software is easily accessible and there are tons of free options out there. Do your research before settling!

4. Record and edit your first podcast

Once you have nailed these steps, you are ready to record! You may want to write a script to follow, or just wing it – the choice is yours.

You should make sure you name your podcasts creatively, ensuring each one is matched with a unique title which concisely describes its content. Doing so will ensure you optimise your podcast’s SEO so that it is easier for listeners to discover your podcast.

This also applies to your show description. It is important to be clear and concise when telling your listeners exactly what your podcast is about and what they can expect. You will also have the chance to add in any links or useful resources in this section.

How to make money from a podcast

Finally, if you’re looking to start a podcast, we’re also certain you’ll want to start making money from it…and you don’t necessarily need to have a huge following to claim your share.

One way to make money is through sponsored ads. Brands will take a look at your podcast listens or downloads as well as your audience to decipher whether you would be a good fit for their ad. If you fit the criteria, promoting products/services through sponsored ads is a reliable, easy way to make money through your podcast.

Another reason for sponsored ads being a beneficial opportunity is because brands often provide podcast hosts with an exclusive discount code or link for their audience to use. This is great as they may have the opportunity to earn a small commission everytime someone uses the code at a checkout or clicks the link. It also enhances the host’s relationship with their audience, as they are able to thank them for listening with a gift. It’s a win-win.

Another option, depending on your branding and audience, is to explore selling branded merchandise with your podcasts logo as this could also be a beneficial way to generate income.

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