Finding True Beauty: Turn Beauty Inside Out Day 2024

May 16, 2024


Finding True Beauty: Turn Beauty Inside Out Day 2024

In light of “Turn Beauty Inside Out Day” 2024, it is the perfect time to reflect on what the day truly means to consumers and brands alike. 

Issues of inclusivity and diversity have become increasingly important to consumers in previous years. Armed with an unprecedented level of media literacy, consumers want brands that conduct expert social listening and cater to their needs seamlessly. 

More than this, consumers want to feel valued by the brands they purchase from. By showcasing impeccable inclusivity in their business model and marketing, brands are able to show consumers that they are valued. 

In the beauty industry, this is more important than ever. It is incredibly damaging to young consumers to not see their likeness reflected back to them in advertisements, or their individual needs catered for in products. 

Beauty brands must rise to the occasion, and ensure that all their consumers feel empowered by their offerings.


Created by New Moon Magazine and Mind and Media, “Turn Beauty Inside Out Day” acts as a reminder for people to champion their individualities and “stresses the need to reject the media’s standards of physical beauty”. 

The day was initially launched in protest against People magazine’s “50 most beautiful people”, as a means of celebrating individual beauty both on the inside and the outside; rather than spreading the message that there is one way to be beautiful that is only accessible to a select fraction of society. 

This notion of beauty for all has become increasingly popular with consumers, inspiring days such as “Turn Beauty Inside Out Day”, and it is not difficult to see why. 


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The National Institute on Media and the Family found that 53% of adolescent girls are dissatisfied with their looks by the age of 13. This rate grows to 78% when they reach 17. 

Evidently, there is an outrageous issue with self-confidence in young consumers across the globe. This is fuelled by the rise in social media, and the perpetuation of a specific ideal of beauty. 

Consumers log onto their phones, switch on their TV’s, even simply walk by bus stops, and are greeted with the same image of beauty over and over again. An image of beauty that is wholly unachievable. 

By not seeing themselves reflected in marketing, young consumers become convinced that their own unique beauty is simply not accepted by society. “Turn Beauty Inside Out Day” aims to combat this, by showing consumers that they are all beautiful inside and out. 

Brands play a large role in this issue, and thus have a responsibility to their consumers and society as a whole to promote healthy body image and body positivity. By engaging with inclusive and diverse marketing, brands can inspire confidence in their consumers. 

Many major brands claim it is too difficult or expensive to exercise inclusivity in their business model. Let’s take a look at the brands that are getting it right, to prove just how easy it is to practise inclusivity successfully. 




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When Fenty came onto the scene in 2017, it completely redefined what beauty meant. 

With its astounding 40 shade strong range of products, Rihanna-run-Fenty was the first time many consumers were able to not only find a product that fit them, but feel confident in it too. Since its initial release, Fenty has since expanded its range to 50 shades; emphasising that inclusivity is not a gimmick, but at the very heart of its business. 

For many, Fenty is the shining star of inclusivity in the beauty industry. The popular brand not only has products for all, but places typically underrepresented communities in the spotlight. The brand’s ‘Beauty for All’ was a historic moment for many minority groups who have been historically shunned by the beauty industry, as it celebrated these groups in all their beauty in a global prestige beauty campaign. 

Fenty is perfect evidence of the fact that true inclusivity is more than just an expansive foundation shade range; it should be entwined throughout all a brand’s marketing efforts. 

Made by Mitchell 


it can be done, just TEA mitchell you ate!

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The poster child of TikTok shop, Made by Mitchell is setting a new standard for indie beauty brands. 

The beauty brand has made it clear that inclusivity is an issue dear to its heart from day one. Made by Mitchell recently launched its skincare range, which opened with 20 shades of skin tint, concealer and primer; a range not typically offered by small indie beauty brands. The launch event championed inclusivity as well, being a small, intimate gathering of the small creators and supporters that have been with the brand from the very beginning.

Mitchell spoke of how important inclusivity is to his brand, saying, “we believe in inclusivity and celebrating diversity in every shade and hue. It’s not just about beauty, it’s about empowerment and representation.” 

Made by Mitchell continuously emphasises that its brand is for all makeup lovers, and is not defined by gender, race, sexuality, or body type. The brand reflects this in its marketing, which features a wide range of models. Consumers can easily see themselves reflected back at them, in a position of beauty and power. 


Ultimately, inclusivity is a necessary and important goal for all brands involved in the beauty sphere, and “Turn Beauty Inside Out Day” is the perfect example of the consumer desire for this. 

As showcased through the cases of Fenty Beauty and Made by Mitchell, ensuring that your consumers feel supported by your campaigns and products is not only possible, but the new standard in beauty; on “Turn Beauty Inside Out Day” and beyond. 

Studies have shown that modern consumers no longer desire marketing to reflect unrealistic beauty standards. In fact, a mere 5% of women want ads with “aspirationally beautiful” models. On top of this, more than 50% of US adults believe that the beauty industry should strive for more inclusivity. 


inclusivity in makeup will ALWAYS be important🫶🏾 so brands BE MINDFUL @Youthforia and thank you @Fenty Beauty and @WYN BEAUTY 🤍 #inclusivebeauty #fentybeauty #wynbeauty #makeup #makeupinclusivity

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Evidently, consumers want the beauty industry to do better. They want beauty brands to reflect their morals, support them in their journeys of self-discovery, and see them for their individual beauty. It is high time beauty heeds this call, and reflects true society in its marketing and business practices. 

Brands must show diversity in their own companies, as well as in their marketing. Modern advertising should show how beauty can be found in everyone, no matter what community they hail from. Take note from brands such as Fenty Beauty and Made by Mitchell, and create meaningful connections with your audiences through inclusive campaigns. 

Campaigns that celebrate diversity are incredibly successful with modern consumers, and encourage them to connect on a  deeper level with your brand; promoting brand loyalty and fostering consumer connection that far transcends a simple purchase. “Turn Beauty Inside Out Day” is the perfect chance for brands to reflect on their own inclusivity practices, and to remind consumers that beauty is not limited to one specific kind of person.

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