Dazzling in The Desert: The Festival Beauty Trends Taking Over in 2024 

May 15, 2024

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Dazzling in The Desert: The Festival Beauty Trends Taking Over in 2024 

Festival season is here, and that means it’s time to pull out your craziest, most whimsical festival beauty trends.

For the top festival beauty trends in 2024, think fun, colourful, and sparkly. 2024 is all about reclaiming what used to make you happy and embracing your individuality, so find a trend that speaks to you and feel your best! 

To make it easier for you, we have pulled together all the top festival beauty trends of this year for you to choose from!

So dive in and get ready to have the best festival season yet. 


Lana Del Rey Core


Lana Del Rey Coachella Makeup 🔥 Cop the look! #lanadelrey #lanadelreycoachella #coachella #ldr #lanadelreymakeup

♬ original sound – Megan Lombardi

Lana Del Rey’s performance at Coachella has sparked a new wave of obsession with her look, with makeup gurus everywhere clamouring to add her look to their list of festival beauty trends.

Deemed Lana Del Rey core, this makeup is all about 60’s style graphic, winged eyeliner, glowy skin, and round, peachy cheeks. For eyeshadow, focus on paler colours, meant to make your eyes seem bigger and rounder. As a final touch, make sure to plop on your biggest, feathery lashes to complete the look. 

Dark feminine Core


#makeup #beauty #sireneyes #eyeliner

♬ –

All about reclaiming your true, powerful feminine energy, dark feminine-core is sure to be all over festival beauty trends this summer. 

Spurred on by the broader 2024 theme of women coming into their own and owning their femininity, dark feminine-core is all about flipping the script on what it means to be a woman; untangling woman hood from the chains of stereotypes such as women as submissive and disempowered.

Dark feminine-core is all about burgundy-brown lips, smokey eyes, and the darkest shade of eyeliner possible. Lay on the contour, buff up those eyebrows, and you’ll fit right in. 

Remember, this look is all about your energy from within. So channel your inner Megan Fox from Jennifer’s Body and strut your stuff.

Fairy Core 


casual fairy makeup ✨ let me know what you guys thinm 💖 #fairycore #fairymakeup #makeuptutorial #cottagecore #animemakeup #cutemakeup #douyinmakeup

♬ original sound – Ghibli Shorts

Fairy core defined 2023 festival beauty trends and 2024 is set to be no different. 

To join in on the inner-child-healing-fun, dig through your makeup bag and pull out your earthiest tones. Think greens, soft browns, yellows, and other warm hues. Spruce these up with soft glitter and plenty of glowy products on your skin. If you’re daring enough, why not try out some white graphic liner, to give your eyes that particular elven look?

The key here is to look like you’ve stumbled out of a story book page, so let your imagination take over and become the whimsical fairy of your dreams! 

Sabrina Carpenter Core


@Sabrina Carpenter for @SKIMS makeup tutorial! She’s eveything!!! #sabrinacarpenter #saprinacarpenterskims #skims #sabrinacarpentermakeup #sabrinacarpentermakeuptutorial #sabrinacarpenterskin #sabrinacarpenterblush #curtainbangs #skimscampaign

♬ original sound – Lila

Ever since Sabrina Carpenter’s iconic Skim’s collection drop, everyone has been scrambling to recreate her iconic look in their festival beauty trends.  

Festivals are the perfect time to pull out this Y2K inspired make-up style, with its fresh faced glow and pink tones lending to the scenery and vibe. To recreate it, think pink, pink, PINK. Fluffy brows and a tiny brown wing for the eyes, with a frosted subtle pink across the lids. For the face, start with a glowy base, and build it up with rosy blush in the centre of your cheeks. 

Polish it off with some strawberry scented gloss and plenty of creamy, golden highlighter, and you’re ready to go find your me espresso!

Chappell Roan Core


@chappell roan by Me for Coachella weekend 1⭐️🎡✨ Using my all my staples from @Half Magic !!#Coachella #chappelroan #MUA #makeup

♬ original sound – 𝑬𝒗𝒂 ❄️

Chappell Roan is the name on everyone’s lips and it’s not hard to see why. 

Known for her amazing, Drag-inspired makeup looks, Roan recently reached new fame heights with her Coachella performance. Her incredible makeup on stage set TikTok alight, with everyone jumping in on the fun. 

A Roan look can go several different ways, all depending on your mood. You could go traditional, with bright red lipstick, round blue eyeshadow and a creamy pale base. Or, perhaps you prefer her newer era; in which case, you will want some straight brows, smokey eyeshadow with a bedazzled wing, and electric pink blush on the high points of your cheeks. 

Whichever look you choose, remember that Roan is all about being as true to yourself and camp as possible. So draw inspiration from your Queer elders, grab a pink cowboy hat, and go start a Femininomenon. 

Coloured mascara 


one of the best accidental looks i’ve ever made 🥹🌈 IB:  @makeupwithmillie 💖 @makeupwithmillie using Spectra Lash Mascara by @Glisten Cosmetics (gifted) #rainbow #makeup #rainbowmakeup #mascara #lashes

♬ original sound – Sinead Bailey 🍉

A simple way to make your makeup look all the more playful, put away that boring black mascara and create a new look with coloured mascara. 

These days, colourful mascara goes far beyond simple shades of blue. Red, yellow, pink green; every colour imaginable is there for your taking! Top of a simple look with a shade that matches your outfit, or spice things up with multiple colours creating an amazing rainbow. 

To really knock this trend out of the park, put on a layer of white mascara before you add your chosen colours. This helps the colours shine, especially when dealing with lighter shades like yellow and green. 

Metallic Lips 


All I want is metallic lipsticks 😩 #beauty #makeup #lipcombo #metalliclipstick

♬ original sound – chappell roan

Spotted all over the runways this past season, metallic lips are simply made for festival beauty trends.

To achieve this magnificently sparkly look, fetch yourself some duochrome lip gloss, or lip safe glitter. Wear it on its own, or, glide over your favourite lipstick base. Want to spice up your fairy core or dark feminine look? This is the perfect solution! 

The great thing about this trend is that you can adopt it to any niche or aesthetic you’re hoping to conjure up this festival season. So dive in, and have fun!

Crystal winged eyeliner


Festive Crystal Liner ✨ on the stunning @maiyackout222 using my Hindash Heroline Eyeliner (link in bio) 🖤 #hindash #makeup #beauty #eyeliner #liner #tutorial #makeuptutorial #fyp #foryoupage #love

♬ original sound – Hindash

Time to pull out those gems you bought in your Euphoria phase, because crystal winged eyeliner is in. 

Think of this trend as a simple way to take your typical winged eyeliner or graphic liner to that next, festival level. You can take this trend any way you wish, with a single gem at the edge of your liner, or, a bold line of gems in varying sizes. 

For the truly committed, apply some gems to your hair as well, to create an all over glittery look!

Colour block eyeshadow


Color Eyeshadow Application 🌼

♬ original sound – Brianna Giscombe

One of the perfect festival beauty trends for those who are just starting out on their colourful eyeshadow journey, colour block eyeshadow is easy, fun and bold. 

Simply select a few shades of your favourite eyeshadows, and apply them in simple blocks across your eyes. The key here is to be confident in your placement. Rather than blending the colour together as you normally would, keep them distinct. 

Looking for a way to take this one step further? Apply the colours separately, taking care to not have them touch. 



WAKE. UP. 💅🚀💁🏼🌈 #madebymitchell #blursh #fyp #viral #tiktokmademebuyit #makeup #eyeliner #hacks #highlight #tutorial

♬ original sound – madebymitchell

Neon is back in a major way this year, and festival season is the perfect time to join in on the trend! 

Apply this trend to any aspect of your makeup you can. From blush, to eyeshadow, to lips, to eyeliner, to mascara, neon has a place everywhere! Some bold makeup artists have been applying this trend to eyebrows, creating stunning neon brows that are endlessly funky and fun. 

Top this off with some neon nails and you’ll fit right in! 

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