Putting the Boss in Girl Boss: The Top Women Owned Brands You Need to Know 

Feb 12, 2024

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Putting the Boss in Girl Boss: The Top Women Owned Brands You Need to Know 

Women owned brands are the beating heart of independent shops, spaces, and businesses here in the United Kingdom. 

With the sheer number of women owned businesses, finding a store that suits your niche is easy as pie. To help you find the right female owned brands for you, and highlight some of our favourite women owned brands, we have pulled together a list of all the top women owned brands in the UK right now. 

Read on to find out our top picks from the amazing array of women owned brands out there; from cafes, to artisanal arts shops, we cover it all. 


Liha Beauty 27.7K 

women owned brands

This Cheltenham and Hackney based brand is going to change the way you do skincare.

Liha, founded by Abi and Liha, creates quality beauty products that are a beautiful blend of “natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude.” One of the more popular female owned beauty brands on Instagram, the brand champions a proudly minimalist take on skincare. To them, this means buying less and buying well; no added ingredients or chemicals, just pure, traditionally Yoruban remedies. 

Yard and Parish 8K 

Seeking a one stop shop for all your ethically sourced, sustainably made, eco-luxury brands made by members of the African diaspora? Then look no further. 

Yard and Parish has, truly, created something beautiful through their site. Founders Alesha and Samantha sought to find a way to bring all their favourite brands together under one harmonious roof; all in deep celebration of their Jamaican heritage. Through Yard and Parish, one can find a plethora of tried and trusted brands. From clothing to skin care to homeware, you can find it all. 

The Under Argument 17.3K 

To Maina, the founder of The Under Argument, the world doesn’t need another lingerie brand. So, she created something different. 

In 2018, Maina started her platform; a content site that seeks to share genuine, inclusive stories whilst also being a lingerie brand. The Under Argument believes in the power of individuality, and seeks to create undergarments that are empowering, comfortable and gorgeous to wear. 

Each item of clothing on the site is modelled by a real woman. A woman chosen not based on her looks, but on the story that she has decided to share with the community. 

Diddys 2.9K 

Based in Hackney, Diddy’s is more than just a coffee shop/bar/grocery store extravaganza. 

Opened by Diddy Varley, Diddy’s is a quirky neighbourhood hangout dedicated to championing independent producers and suppliers. The gorgeous establishment is filled with locally-made homeware and food stuffs, all selected with the utmost care by their team. 

Beyond their amazing wares, Diddy’s does a darn good cocktail. Their menu is chock a block with all your familiar favourites, from Spritzes to Negronis; each, done with love and care. 

Dona 12.4K 

A self-described “lady-led mezcal shangri-la,” Dona’s bar packs a punch. 

Dona is dedicated to three simple things; music, mezcal and women. More than just a bar, Dona is committed to creating a safe, delicious and all out fun experience that celebrates feminine energy and creativity. A passion project born of friends Thea Cumming and Lucia Massey, this bar is filled with arts, music and high quality alcohol; making it easy to see why this is one of the most talked about women owned brands of 2024. 

For a night out you won’t forget, in a space that feels downright magical, check out Dona. 

Luminary Bakery 48.8K 

Luminary Bakery is changing disadvantaged women’s lives across the United Kingdom; one delicious baked good at a time. 

Luminary was born as a response to a perceived need for opportunities for disadvantaged women to build a future for themselves. Through their program, the bakery provides a professional, safe environment wherein women are able to “grow holistically.” Through the lens of baking, Luminary teaches women empowerment, entrepreneurship, perseverance and more; all whilst arming them with the skills necessary to have a successful career. 

This outstanding bakery not only creates some of the best cakes in London, but also seeks to “break cycles of poverty, violence and disadvantage once and for all.” 

Book Bar 37.9K 

Ever sat down with a great book and thought, wow, this could use a wine? 

That’s the philosophy behind BookBar, a self-described “bookshop, wine bar, events and social space” in Stoke Newington. 

Founded by Chrissy Ryan, BookBar is dedicated to the social aspect of reading, aiming to bring people together over their love of books, coffee, and wine. For those of you who are committed to the literary lifestyle, they even offer a prescription service called Shelf Medication; every few weeks you receive a new book to help you get through the month. 

A truly unique experience, BookBar is a must visit  for anyone seeking a slightly more unconventional way to spend their evenings. 

FOLKA 16.9K 

Founded by art historian Karolina Merska, FOLKA is a deep dive into the folk traditions of her beloved homeland Poland. 

Merska created FOLKA with the intent of sharing the “modern craft, folklore and one-of-a-kind pieces” of Polish artists. Based in Stoke Newington, FOLKA is a treasure trove of authenticity and beautiful artistry. 

On top of running her highly successful shop, Merska is also a pajaki maker. Pajaki are Polish chandeliers that are crafted from paper and rye straw. They are a Polish tradition dating back to the mid-18th century, and an art that is slowly dying. Merska seeks to keep the pajaki culture alive. 

Cutter And Squidge 94.5K 

Founded by sisters Emily and Annabel Lui, Cutter and Squidge is a love fuelled, childhood inspired, all round delicious bakery. 

Serving up every kind of sweet treat available, and even offering a delivery service, Cutter and Squidge is an up and coming bakery that you simply must have on your radar. Their highly popular afternoon tea service is continuously booked out, with consumers flocking from far and wide to get a taste of their unique, homemade treats. 

The joy that the Lui sisters feel in running Cutter and Squidge can be felt through every cookie, cake and Instagram post they create; making it easy to see why this bakery is one of the most popular women owned brands of the moment. 

Ethereal Jewellery 23.5K 

Founded in 2020 by university student Leah, Ethereal Jewellery is a one stop shop for all your whimsical jewellery needs. 

After recently going viral on TikTok, Leah’s small business has boomed into a not-so-small business, selling hundreds of pieces to rave reviews. Operated out of her family home in England, Ethereal Jewelry is quickly becoming one of the most mentioned women owned brands on social media; much to Leah’s surprise. 

Filled with dainty rings, nature inspired earrings, and gorgeously fairytale-esque necklaces, Ethereal Jewelry is a must follow for anyone seeking unique, handmade jewellery. 

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