Top Italian Female Fashion Influencers You Need to Know

Jan 19, 2024

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Top Italian Female Fashion Influencers You Need to Know

Europe has been the centre of the fashion world for decades, with Italian fashion influencers leading the way in terms of trends and style.

In recent years, Italian female fashion influencers have become incredibly popular, with creators flooding our feeds across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. As such, knowing who to follow for the best fashion tips and inspiration can be pretty tricky.

Not to worry, we have compiled all the best Italian fashion influencers you need to know about. Read on to find out our top picks.

Top Italian fashion influencers on TikTok 

Cami Hawke @camihawke 425.9K


#makeup #getreadywithme

♬ suono originale – camihawke


With her trademark plum lipstick and outstanding collection of beautiful jewellery, Cami Hawke is one of the most popular female fashion influencers in Italy. Known for her viral Get Ready With Me videos, Hawke has made a name for herself through her perfect blend of humour and wisdom. Her style is simple and classy; think oversized, linen blazers paired with vintage jeans. 

Diana Del Bufalo @delbufalodiana 272.4K


Per rivoluzionare l’ambiente più intimo e personale di casa mia mi sono affidata a Gessi. Ho sempre creduto che la qualità nelle nostre case sia importante perché la qualità dura, la cura nel design rende tutto più piacevole e rilassante e l’attenzione per il nostro benessere ci allunga la vita!!!!! Non vedo l’ora di farvi vedere quello che ho scelto quando sarà tutto finito ☺️ #MadeInGessi #ThePrivateWellnessCompany #CasaGessiMilano #GessiHauteCulture @Gessi_official Gifted

♬ suono originale – Diana del bufalo

Whilst Diana Del Bufalo’s main claim to fame is her successful singing and acting career, she has recently found popularity on TikTok as a result of her fashion forward and comedic focused content. Del Bufalo is far from your traditional fashion influencer; her clothes are less of a main feature and more of an added bonus. Yet, in spite of this, her style is impeccable and shines through in all of her videos. For a casual style that always feels natural, check out Del Bufalo. 

Veronica Ferraro @veronica_ferraro 121.5K


New @Louis Vuitton remix bag and GRWM 💖 #grwm #fitcheck #louisvuitton #lvremixcollection

♬ suono originale – Veronica Ferraro

Never far from a bold lip and deeply smokey eye, Veronica Ferraro is the epitome of Italian high fashion. Typically found strutting around Milano in the hottest new Louis Vuitton boots, Ferraro is the perfect fashion influencer for those of you who want some class and luxury from your fashion creators. Ferraro is also friends with Chiara Ferragni, meaning the two often collaborate; bringing their loyal fans double the fun and quadruple the style. 

Alice Audrey @alicelikeaudrey 54K


Sono i rossetti più virali del momento: i “brilli brilli” di @diorbeauty super festivi e li ho comprati per testarli! Questo è il risultato col 620 Sequin: STU PEN DO. Ancora più bello dal vivo, ha i glitter ma non sono mai “troppo”! La durata è ottima nella giornata, quasi completamente no transfer. Non bene invece col cibo quindi attenzione durante i cenoni di Natale perchè scompare facilmente dal centro delle labbra e senza sfumature. Volete vedere l’effetto anche del rosso?

♬ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Rarely seen in the same place twice, Alice Audrey is one of many jet-setting Italian fashion influencers who you simply must follow. Keeping in line with many other Italian creators, Audrey manages to strike a balance between humour and fashion, never failing to join in on a trend or give her followers a giggle. Her style is Pinterest trendy, with plenty of chunky scarves and leather boots. 

Beatrice Valli @vallibeatrice 175.1K


Hello Twenty-Nine 💕✨💕 Indovinate chi è la piccola lanciatrice di corandoli 🤭 #happybirthday #happybirthdaytome

♬ som original – Fred

This mummy blogger isn’t letting her three kid strong family get in the way of looking downright fabulous. Beatrice Valli has become a roaring success on TikTok due to her gorgeous fit checks and adorable family content. Her style is all fresh blowouts, statement matching sets, and designer bags. Perfect for those of you who don’t want to reinvent the fashion wheel, but still want to look showstopping.

Top Italian fashion influencers on YouTube

Milan On Trend @milanontrend 236K

For a constant source of what’s hot and what’s not in Italy, look no further than Milan On Trend. This incredibly popular channel dedicates itself to showcasing all the latest fashion trends and insights in Milan. Their content is simple yet effective; short length videos showcasing what people are wearing on the streets of Milan. Milan On Trend is a fantastic source of fashion inspiration, making it one of the top Italian fashion influencers. 

Diletta Leotta @dilettaleotta 35.5K 

After becoming one of the most famous Italian fashion influencers on Instagram, the always stylish Diletta Leotta decided to make her very own YouTube podcast. Her podcast, which is currently in its second season, sees Leotta chat with her friends on topics surrounding fashion and motherhood. With some of the biggest names in Italian fashion, and a never ending supply of advice, Leotta’s channel is a must watch. 

Chiara Facchetti @kiascricc 757K

Always oozing style and class, Chiara Facchetti looks like she’s stepped right out of a high fashion magazine. One of the most popular Italian fashion influencers of 2024, Facchetti’s YouTube is dedicated to providing her followers with little behind the scenes glimpses into her life. Filled with vlogs and hauls, Facchetti’s YouTube is lighthearted and fashion filled. 

Elisa Maino @elisamainoofficial 710K

For serious brow and hair envy, check out Elisa Maino. Known for her editorial style Instagram content, Maino’s YouTube is chock-a-block with appearances from other famous Italian fashion influencers. Her new series, Get Ready With Maino sees Maino get ready with some of her favourite, fellow Italian fashion influencers. The series is intimate and fun, with plenty of fashion tips and industry insights. 

Gaia Visco Gilardi @gaiaslovelyworld 476K 

From her serious brow game, to her never ending array of designer shoes and little black dresses, Gaia Visco Gilardi is one of the best dressed Italian fashion influencers out there. Whilst her Instagram is polished to perfection, Gilardi’s YouTube is a bit more loose and free form; allowing her viewers a little look into her life at home. Gilardi is fun and fresh, never taking life too seriously or forgetting to don her signature bronzy eyeshadow. 

Top Italian fashion influencers on Instagram 

Marzia Kjellberg @itsmarziapie 8.8M

Italian fashion influencers

You might know her as famous gamer PewDiePie’s wife, but Marzia Kjellberg is an Italian fashion influencer in her own right. Kjellberg initially rose to fame through her now inactive YouTube channel; she has since transitioned into sharing her life and style on Instagram. Kjellberg’s style is edgy cottagecore; think plenty of tattoos paired with pastel, plaid summer dresses. 

Alice Campello Morata @alicecampello 3.4M

Known for her adorable family and never failing smile, Alice Campello Morata is one of many Italian fashion influencers with seemingly perfect lives. Morata’s account is filled with cute family snaps, holiday videos, and luxury outfit checks. Usually found flitting between sweats at home with her family, and floor length evening gowns, Morata truly can do it all. 

Giorgia Tordini @georgiatordini 408K

Possibly the European equivalent of Hailey Bieber, Giorgia Tordini is never far from an all-leather outfit or the runway. Tordini’s Instagram is a love letter to editorial fashion, filled with wet look hairstyles, over emphasised cheekbones, and ankle breaking heels. Her style is chic, dark, and sexy. Check out her page for plenty of envy, and even an occasional holiday pic from a far off land. 

Paola Turani @paolaturani 2M 

Italian fashion influencers

Deciding what we like best about Parolo Turani’s account is nearly impossible. From her adorable dogs, cheeky kids, and gorgeous sense of style, her account always keeps us coming back for more. Always right on trend, Turani’s account is filled with all the latest in the fashion industry. Her style is Manhattan fashion; red lips, slicked back hair, and black heels. 

Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni 29.4M 

Known far and wide as the most famous of the Italian fashion influencers, we would be remiss not to include Chiara Ferragni in our list. Ferragni has made a name for herself as a result of her beautiful jewellery, impeccable hairdo, and heartwarming family. Known for her quiet luxury style, Ferragni’s account is the perfect choice for those of you who can spot a Prada bag from a mile away.

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