Female Fashion Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram in 2024

Jan 16, 2024

Influencer News

Female Fashion Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram in 2024

Finding the best female fashion influencers on Instagram in 2024 is no small feat.

The Instagram fashion community is extensive, with thousands of creators all scrambling to gain traction with their own unique style. As such, finding quality influencers to follow can seem nearly impossible.

That’s why we have put together the ist of the best female fashion influencers on Instagram for you to follow. From quirky street style accounts to eco-conscious creators, we truly have it all.

Read on to find out our favourite female fashion influencers on Instagram in 2024! Make sure to check out top make fashion influencers on Instagram, too!


Dodos Lydia Uvieghara @Iamdodos 122K

Dodos Lydia Uvieghara: female fashion influencers on Instagram

For that perfectly Instagram-esque combination of beautiful skin, stunning outfits and rustic interior design, Dodos Lydia Uvieghara is your girl. Dodos’ account is dedicated to the more luxurious things in life, from designer heels to stunning cocktail dresses. Founder of her own bridal makeup company, Uvieghara’s account is a haven for those fashion girlies out there who know luxury is more than just your grandma’s old pearls.

Aimee Kelly Gomez @Byaimeekelly 145K

Aimee Kelly Gomez: female fashion influencers on Instagram

Aimee Kelly Gomez is the living embodiment of a Barbie doll. Somehow managing to blend high fashion with orange, sequined skirts, Gomez is that fantastic fix of colour and fun your Instagram feed needs. Her ability to layer pattern upon pattern, and yet still looking nothing less than incredibly stylish, is astounding. For an Instagram influencer who believes fashion should be far from mundane, chuck Kelly a follow.

Jessica Torres @thisisjessicatorres 143K

Jessica Torres: female fashion influencers on Instagram

This Instagram fashion influencer is here to shake things up and keep it wholesome. Jessica Torres’ account is a never ending display of good vibes, confidence-inducing mantras and edgy sunglasses. Torres spreads self-love and confidence with each green-gingham dress that she posts, advocating for plus-sized models in the fashion industry; making her account an absolute must follow.

Emma Slade @Emsladedmondson 22.6K

Emma Slade: best female fashion influencers

Looking like she has stepped right out of a fashion magazine from the 1970’s, Emma Slade is a strong advocate for sustainable fashion and general environmental awareness. Typically rocking a pair of vintage bell bottoms and some incredible, colourful heels, Slade utilises her account to promote slow fashion. Slade is a former TedX speaker, making her a big name in the fashion influencers on Instagram community.

Izzy Manuel @izzy_manuel 16.3K

Izzy Manuel on Instagram

It is rare you find a fashion influencer whose style and aesthetic is completely unique; making Izzy Manuel a diamond in the rough. Usually found jumping around London in bubblegum pink cowboy boots, Manuel takes ethical dopamine dressing to a whole new level. Definitely the most vibrant on our list of fashion influencers on Instagram, Manuel is intent on showing the world how sustainable fashion does not have to be drab and linen centric.

Venetia La Manna @venetialamanna 231K

Venetia La Manna on Instagram

Unlike many other fashion influencers on Instagram, Venetia La Manna is determined to uproot the fashion industry one protest at a time. La Manna dedicates her account to sharing information and critiques on the fashion industry, with the aim of encouraging her followers to join her in her crusade. Her style is West London through and through; think vintage Levi’s 501s paired with bright red ballet flats.

Sally @callmeflowerchild 33K

Sally female fashion creator on Instagram

Finding little pockets of sunshine on Instagram to block out the steady stream of negative content can be difficult, but Sally is here to ease your search. Sally’s account is filled with joy, nature fuelled fashion, and big smiles; all with a heavy emphasis on the importance of sustainability. Sally is a must follow for those of you looking for a dose of happiness mixed with an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Alex @madebyalexnyc 166K

Alex: top female fashion influencer

Co-founder of the size-inclusive fashion brand Shine By Nature, Alex is here to bring colour and joy to the fashion industry. Self-described as promoting “colourful, curvy fashion”, Alex is making waves amongst the fashion influencers on Instagram. Her style is colour to the max, favouring simple silhouettes and oversized sweaters. Be sure to keep an eye out for her closet, which gives serious Princess Diaries vibes.

Jen Graham @charityshopgirlcsg 82.5K

Jen Graham on Instagram

Whilst Jen Graham didn’t set out to become one of the more popular Instagram fashion influencers, she has quickly sky rocketed to fame. Graham has been a die hard thrifter for most of her life, but only recently started to share her finds on Instagram. Self-described as a second hand stylist, Graham’s account is proof that truly any style can be made possible through vintage clothing. Graham’s style is a gorgeous blend of yacht fashion and quirky accents, with lots of cutting edge blazers and Jackie Kennedy-esque dresses.

Rabia @rabia098 13.7K

Rabia on Instagram

Joining the ranks of our other favourtite ethical fashion influencers on Instagram, Rabia’s mantra is “buy less, wear more”. Rabia is here to break down that, “I don’t have anything to wear!” mindset, by showing her followers how to shop from their own closets. Her style is vintage, wild, and trendy. Rabia is a testament to the importance of creativity in fashion, managing to always look put together no matter how old her t-shirt is.

Tracy Garcia @transformationsbytracy 442K

Tracy Garcia on Instagram

Tracy Garcia is truly a magician among female fashion influencers on Instagram. The magic that she is able to craft with just a sewing machine and scissors is nothing short of incredible. Garcia dedicates her account to sharing all her best creations and thrift flips, turning simple dresses into outstanding evening wear. Her style is extravagant and silk laden, with plenty of cut outs and flowy skirts. For a heavy dose of creative inspiration, check out her account.

Maggie Zhou @yemagz 37.2K

Maggie Zhou on Instagram

This Melbourne based fashion influencer on Instagram is set on getting her followers to jump on the re-wear train. A massive advocate for sustainable fashion, Maggie Zhou uses her account to highlight the importance of re-wearing ones clothes, whilst still remaining trendy as anything. Zhou’s style is Melbourne to the max, with plenty of bold silhouettes and primary colours. Rarely caught dead without an iced coffee in hand, Zhou is one of the biggest up and coming fashion influencers on Instagram.

Jazmine Rogers @thatcurytop 105K

Jazmine Rogers on Instagram

A self-proclaimed #sustainable baddie, Jazmine Rogers is set on re-writing the ethical fashion script. Bored of the many sustainable fashion influencers on Instagram whose style is less than vibrant, Rogers is here to prove that eco-conscious fashion can be as colourful and fun as you want it to be. Her style is fun and bold, with an astounding number of funky handbags and groovy necklaces.

Seth Sanker @sethsanker 49.7K

Seth Sanker on Instagram

Fashion has always been about self-expression, and thus for many in the LGBTQIA+ community it is a lifeline. Seth Sanker is a firm believer in genderless fashion, playing with stereotypically masculine styles one day and waist length blonde wigs the next. Sanker’s account is a space of Queer joy and self-love, making them an absolute must follow in 2024.

Alani Figueroa @Wuzg00d 402K

Alani Figueroa on Instagram

Alani Figueroa’s ability to flip between high-fashion evenin

g wear to New York street style is nothing short of amazing. Never caught dead in anything less than bold, colourful, and patterned, Figueroa has that Zoe-Kravitz-in-High-Fidelity, New-York-Cool-Girl style down pat. Figuerora reminds her followers to always stay unique and use their fashion to express themselves. With her 2-inch nails and goofy smile, Figuerora is one of many fashion influencers on Instagram to watch.

Jillian Mercado @Jillianmercado 358K

Jillian Mercado on Instagram

Not a new name to the industry by any means, Jillian Mercado is so much more than just a fashion influencer on Instagram. Mercado is a well known actor and model, working with major names such as Beyonce and Nordstrom. Her account is a little foray into her life, with a heavy emphasis on carving out a place in the fashion world for other Latinx, disabled models. For bold red lips, chunky mixed metals and serious brow envy, think Mercado.

Andrea Cheong @andreacheong_ 242.8K

Andrea Cheong on Instagram

Ensuring that your clothes last as long as possible can feel like an impossible task. Andrea Cheong recognizes this and is here to share all her best tips and tricks on making your fashion work for you. Author of ‘Why Don’t I Have Anything to Wear?’ and founder of ‘The Mindful Monday Method,’ Cheong uses her account to help her followers shop smarter and get the most out of their clothes. As such, she is a rarity amongst the many other fashion influencers on Instagram.

Marielle Elizabeth @marielle.elizabeth 41.7K

Marielle Elizabeth : fashion influencers on Instagram

Marielle Elizabeth is sick of the fashion industry pushing aside plus-sized women; especially, the sustainable fashion community. Marielle’s account is a love letter to herself, as she aims to show her followers how they too can practise self-love whilst also remaining ethical in their fashion choices. Her fashion is simple and cottage core-y, featuring lots of chunky sweaters and blush eye makeup.

Nai Jelee @theeglamnaija 144K

Nai Jelee: fashion influencers on Instagram

Often found rocking bold graphic eyeliner, crazy long nails, and mermaid hair, Nai Jelee is one of our favoruite fashion influencers on Instagram. Owner of the popular luxury press on nail brand Pressed ‘n Bougie, Jelee’s artistry is jaw dropping. Her ability to craft beautifully colour coordinated and thematic looks is astounding. If you’re searching for a fashion creator who knows how to rock spider web eyeshadow, look no further than Jelee.

Mina Le @gremlita 355K

Mina Le: fashion influencers on Instagram

Known primarily for her incredibly popular video essay content over on YouTube, Mina Le is fashion obsessed to her core. Typically seen toting 1920’s curls and vintage blouses, Le dedicates her account to her everyday fashion moments. If a 1920’s socialite was able to have an Instagram in 2024, it would look exactly like Le’s. Her commitment to vintage fashion is incredible, with even her more modern outfits still finding a way to cleverly reference the past.

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