Fashion Has No Age Limit: The Fashion Influencers Over 40 You Need to Know in 2024

Feb 07, 2024

Influencer News

Fashion Has No Age Limit: The Fashion Influencers Over 40 You Need to Know in 2024

It’s 2024, and that means everyone and anyone can be as stylish as they like; enter fashion influencers over 40

Long gone are the days of the fashion industry being exclusively for one sector of the population. In the modern era, fashion is for everyone; and we mean everyone. 

As such, social media has become flooded with stunning fashion influencers over 40, all sharing their tips and tricks for looking your best. To help you out, we’ve put together the best list of all the top fashion influencers over 40. So you can stay on top of fashion trends for over 40 year olds. 

Read on, to find out our top picks of fashion influencers over 40. 

The Top Fashion Influencers Over 40 On Instagram 

Tamu McPherson @tamumcpherson 529K

fashion influencers over 40 on Instagram - Tamu McPherson


Tamu McPherson lives by one simple rule; do what you like, with love. 

One of the more humorous fashion influencers over 40, McPherson’s cheery disposition and feel-good attitude radiates from every post, outfit and reel that she shares. Her style is trendy but bold; she often takes viral or popular items and pairs them in a unique way, creating an ensemble that is wholly her own. For a never ending stream of inspiration, kind words, and beautiful smiles, McPherson is your girl. 

Caroline de Maigret @carolinedemaigret 1.2M

fashion influencers over 40 to follow - Caroline de Maigret

Producer and singer songwriter Caroline de Maigret is more than just an outstanding musician. 

Part of the small pool of fashion influencers over 40 who are also high fashion models, Maigret is living proof that ageing out of the fashion industry does not have to be the norm. Typically found flitting between the runway and the music studio, Maigret’s feed provides plenty of life envy. Her style is french sophistication to the max, with plenty of perfectly fitting vintage jeans and crisp white t-shirts. 

Franny Mozemba @frannfyne 21.9K

top fashion influencers over 40 - Franny Mozemba

One of the few fashion influencers over 40 who can pull off that infamous Italian bob, Franny Mozemba is a must follow for those of you who can appreciate a perfectly tailor pair of slacks

Based in Paris, Mozemba has garnered quite the online following for herself through her snazzy snaps and stripped back aesthetic. Her account is full of clean lines, gorgeous architecture, and statement gold jewellery. For an Instagrammer who truly puts fashion at the forefront of all that she does, be sure to pop over to Mozemba’s account. 

Kim Mitchell @kimair 16.5K

top fashion influencers over 40 on instagram - Kim Mitchell

Based in San Francisco, Kim Mitchell knows how to put together a look; making her quintessential for those of you seeking fashion influencers for over 40 years old consumers. 

Typically found strutting her stuff in gorgeous heels and statement sunglasses, Mitchell is the queen of looking perfectly put together. Her style leans heavily on elevated basics; think blazers with unique tailoring, and unexpected pops of colour. Mitchell isn’t one to shy away from a beauty tutorial either, making her account truly a one stop shop. 

Sapna Delacourt @lunchwithagirlfriend 38K

fashion influencers over 40 - Sapna Delacourt

Self-described as a “blogger and digital content creator” who is “at the intersection of travel and fashion”, Sapna Delacourt is living proof that fashion doesn’t have to take the back seat once you have kids. 

Delacourt’s style is all bright colours, cute beanies and funky trousers. Her and her well-dressed family are never far from the airport, seemingly always off on a jaw dropping getaway for the weekend. For fashion that is simple, functional, yet never boring, be sure to give Delacourt a follow

Samantha Stewart @styleofsam 28.5K

top fashion influencers over 40 - Samantha Stewart

If Barbie ever came to life, there’s a pretty big chance she would look like Samantha Stewart. 

With a closet the size of an average New York two bedroom apartment, and a handbag collection that would make even Kim Kardashian jealous, Stewart certainly knows how to live the lavish way. Her style is over the top glitz and glam, with chunky heels and pink sequined jumpsuits making frequent appearances

Stewart also champions a sustainable lifestyle, using her platform to emphasise the importance of clean fashion and beauty; making her one of many fashion influencers over 40 you simply have to follow. 

Top Fashion Influencers Over 40 On TikTok

Erica Davies @erica_davies_ 23K


Multiple style personalities! ? . 1: sweatshirt Free People, tracksuit bottoms, Le Bon Shoppe, t shirt Sezane, slippers FitFlop, glasses, Alexis Amor 2: black trousers and jumper, both Cos, coat Jigsaw, trainers Superga, bag Anya Hindmarch 3: dress Back By Sundown, coat Sea NY (via eBay), boots Marks & Spencer #styleinspo #fashionover40 #fashion #midsizefashion #fashioninspo

♬ Its HARD – Aaron Dodge // Content Creator

Looking for the grooviest fits shown off in a jaw droppingly gorgeous house? Then Erica Davies is best bet from the pool of fashion influencers over 40. 

Fashion editor, author and all round fashionista, Davies is dedicated to living life on the fun side. Never far from bold patterns, fun textures, or out there silhouettes, her account is a testament to how having a blast with fashion doesn’t have to end when you’re 21. Davies is always ready to share some of her well earned wisdom, so be sure to check out her account for plenty of fashion tips and tricks. 

Monica Awe-Etuk @awedbymoni 10.4K


When the bob is doing what it needs to do #bob #blackhair #bobhaircut #fy

♬ Out of My Mind (feat. Nicki Minaj) – B.o.B

With over eleven years of social media experience under her belt, Monica Awe-Etuk has got being a fashion influencer down to a fine art.

Her style is decadent, overstated and meticulously thought out. It is rare to see maximalist fashion that feels cohesive in its business, but Awe-Etuk achieves this effortlessly. Awe-Etuk is a lover of bold colours, big statements, and even bigger jewellery. If you’ve always wanted to take the plunge into fun, over the top fashion but never knew how, Awe-Etuk is your girl. 

Grece Ghanem @greceghanem 394.3K


This dress and this place, can’t get enough! #fashiontiktok #whatiwore #ootd

♬ suono originale – Magrì Alberto

A staunch promoter of style having no age, Grece Ghanem uses her account to inspire confidence in her followers. 

Never found in anything less than 100% fashion forward, Ghanem’s style is nothing short of trendy perfection. A true beach girl at heart, her feed is filled with island escapes, poolside getaways, and jet setting snaps. Ghanem’s sense of style is bold and high end; think the latest trends melded with an elegance that only comes with age. 

Jeremy Beaumont rhodes_wood 435.3K


What is a true Prince of Wales check? #menswear #classicmenswear #fyp #style #suits

♬ original sound – Rhodes Wood

One of the more famous fashion influencers over 40, Jeremy Beaumont is known for his impeccable taste and wealth of understanding on gentlemen’s tailoring.

An experienced tailor at Rhodes Wood in Harrogate, Beaumont has built quite the audience for himself on social media as a result of his easy to follow tutorials and fun attitude. His style is classic to the max, never seen without the perfectly chosen pocket square. 

For a never ending stream of advice on how to look your best, be sure to follow Beaumont. 

Heidi Clements @welcometoheidi 640.5K


Thank you to all the mothers and daighters who message me. FIT DEETS: DRESS & JACKET: @H&M outlet mall NECKLACE: waxing poetic SNEAKERS; @New Balance 574 BEANIE: @carhartt #justgetdressed #moms #daughters

♬ a thousand years (lullaby) – christina perri

If fashion served with a side of wisdom is your style, then we have the account for you. 

One of the top fashion influencers over 50, Heidi Clements is an expert at sage advice and stunning outfits. She rose to fame on TikTok as a result of her get ready with me videos, which see her put together an outfit as she shares a lesson from her youth. Clements has that ultra cool aunt vibe down pat. Be sure to check out her account for alternative fashion and hard truths. 

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