Family Influencers Giving Us That Dose of Motherly Love

Mar 08, 2024

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Family Influencers Giving Us That Dose of Motherly Love

There’s one thing everyone can agree on; mother’s make the world go round. This Mother’s Day, why not add some family influencers to your feeds?

Family influencers have become quite the hot topic in recent years, with their popularity booming alongside their controversy. 

With so many family influencers seemingly putting their accounts before their children, we have gathered up the most loving, pure family accounts out there.

Read on to find out our top picks for our favourite family influencers


Jessica and Claudia Kellgren-Fozard @jessieandclaud 178K 

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard and her wife Claudia Kellgren-Fozard’s account is a beautifully pink, wholesome, safe space. Their account is a treasure trove of gorgeous family photos, adorable selfies of the mums, and education on LGBTQ+ rights. Jessica and Claudia have found that perfect balance of sharing the many ups and downs of their pregnancy journey, whilst still providing their child Rupert with a veil of privacy. For non stop ‘awwww’s, and never ending clothing envy, be sure to check out their account.

family influencers

Vanessa and Jory @modernfamilynextdoor 98.9K 

These top family influencers are set on normalising Queer families, all through their perfectly cute Instagram account. Jory and Vanessa are mums to three children, and they share all the ups and downs of their family life with their dedicated following. Unlike many mothers on Instagram/TikTok Jory and Vanessa are not afraid to delve into difficult topics, and share the less than aesthetic side to being parents. As such, their account feels well and truly genuine.

Krystian Gabrielle @krystian_gabrielle 76.8K 

Quickly on her way to becoming one of the most popular family influencers of 2024, Krystian Gabrielle uses her account to share what it is like to be a Queer, single mother to two children. With her adorable children, never failing good attitude, and amazing dance moves, Gabrielle aims to be in an open, two-way conversation with her followers. Originally finding Instagram stardom as a joint account with her now ex-wife, Gabrielle now chooses to share what it is like being a blended family dedicated to their children. 

Hannah Graf @hannahw253 59.8K 

Hannah Graf is one of the most inspiring family influencers out there. Hannah dedicates her account to spreading awareness on trans rights, particularly pertaining to trans youth. In 2020, Hannah was featured in a Channel 4 documentary with her husband, Jake Graf, which followed their mission to conceive a baby. Four years later, they have two beautiful children. Hannah is a wonderful influencer to follow if you seek a mix of educative, cute, and all round wholesome content on parenting. 

family influencers

The Korean Mama @thekoreanmama 658.8K

Filmed by her son, The Korean Mama uses her channel to share her many food adventures across the United States. Never without a smile or her famous catchphrase – “I’m so hungry!” – The Korean Mama is a good, old-fashioned food channel that will leave you grinning; and hungry. Whilst not one of the more traditional family influencers out there, The Korean Mama highlights the close bond between mother and son, and how food brings this family together. 


Dutch apple a la mode was mom’s favorite ? #pie #applepie #portland

♬ original sound – The Korean Mama

Elyse Myers @elysemyers 7.1M 

Elyse Myers holds a special place in our hearts amongst the many family influencers, due to her unabashed portrayal of being a mother with mental illnesses. Through her account, Elyse shares a wonderful mix of comedic, emotional, and educational content. Typically delivered with a wry smile and a quick, snarky joke, her dedication to educating her followers on motherhood, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is truly amazing. Elyse’s love for her children and husband can be felt in every video, making her a must watch. 


I mean ??

♬ original sound – Elyse Myers

Shina Nova @shinanova 4.2M 

Whilst not a mother herself, Shina Nova’s account is dedicated to her and her mother’s relationship, making her a must on any family influencers list. Through her account, Shina and her mother share with the world their experiences as Inuk women. From providing historical education, to highlighting important aspects of their culture, Shina and her mother’s account is invaluable; not only to TikTok, but to the internet as a whole. Their close bond can be felt through all of their videos, but especially when they showcase their throat singing. For an account that is not only providing essential education to the masses, but highlights the importance of a mother’s love, be sure to follow Shina Nova. 


Answer @subanimoktan The real Eskimo kiss? @kayuulanova

♬ original sound – Shina Nova

Quynh Tran @quynhshoneylavender 22K 

Like a little baking and lifestyle mixed in with your family influencers? Then Quynh Tran is your perfect cup of tea. A mother to two children, Quynh dedicates her account to share her gorgeous baked treats and DIY creations. From a princess canopy bed perfect for her little daughter, to delicious lemon posset brulee’s even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy, Quynh’s account truly has it all. 

family influencers

Kalyn Letizia @styleherstrong 22.9K 

A self-described “millennial mom’s guide to: style, fitness and travel”, Kalyn Letizia is one of the best dressed family influencers out there. Her account is filled with perfectly styled outfits for every occasion; from the gym to the office, Kalyn is always looking impeccable from head to toe. Her style extends to her children as well, who she often coordinates outfits with; providing her followers with ample smile inducing snaps. 

Grace Victory @gracefvictory 237K 

Award-winning creator and columnist Grace Victory is one of our favourite family influencers. Her genuine nature and desire to showcase kindness and care in all aspects of her life are truly admirable. With her two children in tow, Grace uses her account to share the behind the scenes of her life. After going into an induced coma after contracting covid at 33 weeks pregnant, Grace is determined to spread joy, and inspire her followers to live life to the fullest. 

Eeka, Evan, Eli and Ella @themcleodfam 2.9M 

Possibly one of the most empowering, inspiring family influencers on the internet, Eeka McLeod is here to show you what true love and acceptance looks like. Through her videos, Eeka shows Evan’s journey to discovering their non-binary identity, as well as Evan and Ella’s experiences with autism, and Eli’s with cerebral palsy. Eeka is a true testament to honouring your children’s identities and experiences. She deals with every issue and question with a smile and understanding, and one can see through every video of Evan prancing down the street in a beautiful, pink ball gown that she is doing an amazing job at motherhood. 


A mega thank you to @The Old Gays for their kindness & support ? We love y’all!

♬ original sound – Stephen Stanley

Dr Eleanor Tuohy @medicmumma 2K 

When Dr Eleanor Tuohy isn’t working nights as a junior doctor in the NHS, she is a loving mother to her two children. Dr Eleanor uses her account to share the difficulties, and successes, she experiences as both a young doctor and mother. Her account is a wonderful treasure trove of information, cute family pics and general joy; making her a solid addition to any family influencers list. 

Sarah Turner @theunmumsymum 412K 

For a brutally honest take on motherhood, be sure to chuck Sarah Turner a follow. One of the most authentic family influencers out there, Sarah’s account is filled with hilarious story times and moments all mums can relate to. Her best selling book, Stepping Up, has become incredibly popular as a result of its honest takes and candid spirit. If you’re looking for family influencers that make you feel a bit better about your own mistakes, take a look at Sarah. 

Brogan Georgiou @brogangeorgiou 15.1K 

family influencers

Never one to stray away from the messier side of being a mother to four children, Brogan Georgiou has earned a spot on every family influencers list in our opinion. This dedicated mum uses her channel to share her styling tips, easy peasy family meals, and crazy family antics. Never without a big smile and some reassuring words, Brogan is the perfect option for those of you who need a dose of positivity from your family influencers.

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