Niche of the Week: The Clean Girl Aesthetic

Jun 07, 2024

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Niche of the Week: The Clean Girl Aesthetic

Back in January, we launched our brand new software technology, ARIA, designed to majorly cut back on the time spent conducting influencer discovery.

Fast forward a few months and ARIA has now helped us present and assign hundreds of creators to even the most niche of marketing campaigns.

Using a highly-receptive, prompt-based search engine, ARIA is able to filter out eligible influencers from a database of over 200+ million profiles according to the tiniest of details. From female micro-influencers in engineering to non-binary influencers in sustainable fashion, ARIA caters to the needs of every marketer, brand, and passer by.

To champion its capabilities, we’ve put ARIA to the test in a new series called ‘Niche of the Week’. Each week we’ll test ARIA’s prompt-based search engine by inputting detailed prompts into the search bar and exploring the results, proving ARIA’s influencer discovery power.

This week, we asked ARIA to find us 15 beauty micro influencers who specialise in the clean girl aesthetic over on Instagram and TikTok. For influencers who regularly share content on natural skincare routines, organic makeup tutorials, and product reviews of certified clean beauty brands.

The clean girl aesthetic has taken the beauty world by storm, championing simplicity, natural beauty, and non-toxic products. Rooted in the idea of ‘less is more’, it promotes enhancing natural beauty rather than covering it up with heavy, cakey makeup. 

Achieving the clean girl aesthetic involves embracing dewy skin, natural hues, and effortlessly-styled hair, often with a skincare-first approach. With the clean-beauty industry estimated to increase to $39 billion by 2033 compared to $8.7 billion in 2023, there’s no signs of it slowing any time soon. Therefore, beauty brands have eagerly embraced this trend, releasing a plethora of products suited to beauty enthusiasts who prefer a natural, understated, yet polished appearance; from non-toxic skincare to heatless hair styling solutions.

Here’s what ARIA found.



Pretty.squirrelss’ clean beauty approach focuses on using natural and non-toxic products to achieve a fresh, dewy look. Her tutorials often emphasise skincare routines that promote a radiant complexion. This post showcasing tips, learned from a skincare chemist, highlights her passion for the clean girl beauty trend. Her slogan ‘extra on skincare, minimal on makeup’, sums her up perfectly!



Elisa combines her passion for minimalism and holistic beauty in her content. Her posts feature simple yet effective makeup looks, self-care and skincare tips that enhance her natural beauty. This particular video exemplifies her holistic approach to beauty, effortless style and passion for skin health. 



Sara’s Instagram is a treasure trove of clean-beauty inspiration. She recommends non-toxic products and gives glowy, natural makeup tutorials, making her a go-to source for beauty tips. This post on her ‘clean beauty starter kit’ perfectly captures her conscious, intentional, clean-beauty philosophy, inspiring even beginners to feel good from the inside out.

clean girl aesthetic: @sararosie


Alissa’s TikTok is filled with quick and easy tutorials on achieving a glowing, natural look. She’s the perfect combination of candid, cute and informative and you just can’t help but want to listen to what she has to say. She focuses on lightweight makeup that is gentle on the skin, be sure to give her a follow to learn the ways of her glass-like skin!


natural lip combos that look like you’re not wearing makeup >>> ;)) 🩰 @Tower 28 Beauty multi-liner in ‘work of art’ / one of the best lip liner matches to my natural lip color! if you’re another tan southeast asian girlie or in the similar shade range, I’m sure you’d love this one! 🦢 @rhode skin peptide lip treatment in ‘strawberry glaze’ / this smells SO good! like strawberry donuts 🥹 makeup artists have used other rhode lip products on me on set and they allll smell amazing *both gifted #lipcombo #naturallipcombo #naturallips #naturalmakeup #liproutine #cleangirlaesthetic

♬ One Of Your Girls – Troye Sivan


Trisha’s content is all about clean, minimalistic beauty. She shares tips on using non-toxic and vegan products to achieve a fresh look. Her videos on natural makeup and skincare tips are perfect for anyone embracing the clean girl aesthetic or just generally interested in skin health.


Replying to @_aaliyat_ ill be doing a skincare routine soon 🤍 #skintok #simplemakeup #skincare #skincaretips #skincare101 #jonelabeauty

♬ Oblivion – Grimes


Leah’s focus on natural beauty shines through on her Instagram. She regularly posts about her favourite clean-beauty products and simple makeup routines. This look, featuring a natural complexion and subtle makeup, is a great example of her style.



Caitlin is passionate about self care and wellness which trickles down into her beauty and skincare choices. Her content includes radiant makeup tutorials and tips for maintaining healthy skin. This post highlights her go-to products for achieving a natural glow; doesn’t her content just make you want to live your healthiest, best life? We’re obsessed!

clean girl aesthetic: @caitlindechiara


Natalie’s aesthetic is all about clean, holistic beauty. She frequently shares eco-friendly beauty hacks and product recommendations. This GRWM post on her sustainable skincare routine perfectly encapsulates her commitment to the clean girl look, don’t you just wish everything was as effortless as she makes them seem!



The clue is in the name—The Conscious Brunette focuses on conscious living, encompassing lifestyle, skin, and beauty. Her content highlights non-toxic, vegan products that help achieve a fresh, natural look. This post on her Valentine’s minimalist makeup routine is a great source of inspiration, perfect for achieving that effortless, cool-girl glow so be sure to save it for when that romantic season rolls back around!

clean girl aesthetic: @theconsciousbrunette


Chelc’s Reels are packed with clean-beauty tips and tutorials. Being a ‘wellness girl who loves her skincare’, she emphasises using products that are kind to skin and the environment. This Reel showcasing her make-up routine exemplifies the clean girl aesthetic perfectly!



Gabriella’s content is a mix of beauty and wellness that leaves you wondering, just how can someone’s skin be that perfect? Well, she lets us in on her secrets in her numerous posts on her favourite beauty and skincare products. This linked GRWM is a perfect example of that desirable clean girl aesthetic – as put in her own words, she truly is a makeup and skincare lover!



Lazy Girl Glam’s Reels are straight to the point, perfect for those looking for quick and easy beauty tips. She focuses on achieving a polished look with minimal effort, using clean-beauty products. This Reel on her favourite makeup products to achieve that ‘glow’ just proves that getting that it-girl look is uber simple and that everyone, yes even you, can do it!

clean girl aesthetic: @lazygirlglam


After her struggle with psoriasis, Michelle has created an inspirational online space that talks about all things skincare, lifestyle and beauty. Her content is all about simplicity and effectiveness, sharing her favourite clean-beauty products and easy-to-follow tutorials. If anyone’s going to inspire you to wake up 5 minutes earlier to prioritise your skincare, it’s Michelle!



Elizabeth strips things back to basics, creating beautiful, simple looks from a range of products in a short space of time. Her focus on simplicity is great for those of us who have busy schedules and need some inspiration for quick, easy ways to achieve that clean-girl look. 



If anyone personifies that clean girl aesthetic, it’s Natalie. Her content is sleek, clean and therapeutic, giving not only skincare tips but styling, wellness and lifestyle inspo too. It only takes 5 minutes of scrolling through her feed to inspire you to live your healthiest, best life. A must follow for that clean, it-girl energy we all crave.



What does ‘clean girl aesthetic’ mean?

The clean girl aesthetic refers to a minimalist and natural approach to beauty and fashion. It emphasises a fresh-faced, dewy look, often achieved with good skincare, light, non-toxic makeup, well-groomed brows, glossy lips, and a radiant complexion. The style typically includes sleek hairstyles, simple yet elegant clothing, and an overall polished appearance that looks effortless and chic.

What are the clean girl aesthetic needs?

  • Skincare: Prioritise a glowing, healthy complexion with a consistent skincare routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, and sun protection.
  • Minimal Makeup: Use lightweight, non-cakey products like tinted moisturisers, cream blushes, highlighters, and brow gels to enhance natural features without heavy coverage.
  • Haircare: opt for sleek, low-maintenance hairstyles such as buns, ponytails, or loose waves. Use hair oils or serums for a glossy finish and seek heat-free options for styling.
  • Simple Fashion: Choose timeless, well-fitted pieces in neutral colours. Think classic jeans, white tees, blazers, and minimalistic accessories.
  • Non-Toxic Products: Embrace clean, non-toxic beauty and skincare products, free from harmful chemicals, often emphasising vegan and cruelty-free options with sustainable packaging.

Where did the clean girl aesthetic come from?

The trend originated from a desire for simplicity and natural beauty, likely influenced by the rise of wellness culture, sustainable living, individuality, and the minimalist movement. It gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where beauty influencers and celebrities showcased their effortless, glowing looks. Today there’s a plethora of influencers catering to this trend in niches such as skincare, beauty influencers over 40, clean girl lifestyle influencers and more; there’s definitely no shortage of online personalities inspiring you to achieve that clean girl look!

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