The Best Influencer Gifting Campaigns To Boost Your Inspiration

Apr 03, 2024

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The Best Influencer Gifting Campaigns To Boost Your Inspiration

In the realm of digital marketing, influencer gifting campaigns have emerged as powerful tools for brands to enhance their visibility and reach. These campaigns capitalise on the influence and authority wielded by social media personalities, leveraging their sway to promote products or services. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of such campaigns, exploring what sets the best influencer gifting campaigns apart from the rest. From selecting the right influencers whose audience aligns with the brand’s target demographics to crafting authentic and engaging content, we uncover the strategies behind successful collaborations. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer seeking to refine your approach or a budding entrepreneur navigating the world of influencer partnerships, this blog serves as your comprehensive guide to orchestrating the best influencer gifting campaigns that resonate and drive results.

Read on to discover more!



Wild is a sustainable, refillable deodorant brand that has harnessed the power of influencer gifting. 

Its strategic approach to influencer gifting has earned it more than 383K followers on Instagram as well as 53K followers on TikTok, making it an important tool for increasing brand awareness and directing its audience towards its website and other social platforms. This has been made successful by releasing limited edition scents and cases every few months and sending them as gifted products to a range of nano, micro, and macro influencers. 

In particular, one of Wild’s best influencer gifting campaigns stems from its partnership with the dog charity, Wood Green Pets, which introduced a new case with mini Dachshunds all over it. This was sent out to pet enthusiasts and nano and micro pet-centric influencers as a way of driving product sales. 

Through leveraging influencer gifting, Wild has the ability to connect with a wide range of individuals and niche communities with varied hobbies and interests. 


The best stocking filler! Use my code DANIELLEMAY for 20% off all @wildrefill products🎅🏼🎄✨ #WILDdeodorant #refillabledeodorant #naturaldeodorant #ecofriendlyproducts #sustainabledeodorant #stockingfillerideas #wildrefill #christmasgiftideas

♬ Holly Jolly Christmas (Sped Up) – Michael Bublé & Sped Up Songs + Nightcore


Hismile is a long-standing teeth whitening brand who has been able to turn a $20,000 investment into a $40 million annual revenue through the power of influencer gifting.

As Hismile grew, so did its commitment to influencer marketing, leveraging the potential of micro influencers across Instagram and TikTok for the purpose of driving sales and boosting brand visibility. The teeth whitening brand even began distributing its products to mega influencers like Kylie Jenner. 

Hismile’s best influencer gifting campaigns are surrounded by the concept of ‘social proof’, calling on selected influencers to showcase the product’s capabilities in real time. This content is then repurposed, meaning  that when consumers visit the brand’s page to look further into its products, they see evidence of valued influencers promoting them, making Hismile a more reliable brand to purchase from.


@Kim Kardashian is obsessed with our Strips 😍 #fyp #kimkardashian

♬ original sound – hismile

Astrid and Miyu

This jewellery brand has employed influencer gifting as part of its marketing strategy in order to boost brand awareness to a more diverse audience. The range of influencers being gifted the products each target specific market segments, from sustainable jewellery lovers to those looking for a more luxury purchase experience, as a way of expanding its reach and connecting with desired customers.

The best influencer gifting campaigns by Astrid and Miyu are those in partnership with nano and micro influencers, whose audiences are highly-engaged. Collaborating with such influencers allows the brand to reach specific demographics/communities. 


Come get 3 piercings with me @Astrid and Miyu #piercings #earpiercing

♬ original sound – Misha G


Unboxing videos do famously well on YouTube and the same applies for Instagram and TikTok, too. Divoom does an excellent job of leveraging this trending content as a staple in its best influencer gifting campaigns.

Divoom gifts products to influencers that resemble their audience, no matter how niche. This includes gaming influencers and study motivation accounts, highlighting just how granular you can get when it comes to influencer gifting. These influencers then conduct unboxing videos of their Divoom products using TikTok and Instagram Reels, incorporating ASMR techniques, creative editing, and music to really make the content ‘pop’. 

Performing this content type in Instagram Reel is great for boosting engagement on a gifted post, turning a simple yet effective strategy into a more rewarding one.


Unbox the cuteness vibes with our DitooMic! 🎶🌼 #CutePixel #FreshVibes #musicalcharacters #divoom #ditoo #ditoomic #karaoke #bluetoothspeaker video from: @topiacross

♬ 原聲 – Divoom_official – Divoom_official


Skincare brands typically provide the best influencer gifting campaigns

Zitsticka’s tagged Instagram feed is brimming with positive product reviews. Of these posts, a lot of them show a before-and-after of people’s skin care journeys, acting as social proof, helping the brand go above and beyond any ordinary product review. After all, the skincare space is incredibly competitive, so leading with social proof is important.

Some of Zitsticka’s best influencer gifting campaigns are those that leverage the highly-engaged audiences of micro influencers. It’s these influencers who are more likely to go the extra mile with their content quality, as seen below.


#ad I was so impressed by @ZitSticka KILLA ACNE Extra Strength patches! I have never had a patch stay put like this one does! Plus look at that after?!?! #acneproneskin #acnehacks

♬ It’s Giving – ZitSticka

The willingness to deliver on detailed captions and high quality images are all factors that make Zitsticka’s influencer gifting strategy successful. Remember, follower count alone doesn’t always reflect what an influencer’s content is worth. Authentic and motivated creators will always go above and beyond for the brands they support.


Fragrances can be challenging to show off via product gifting. If only we could smell things through our phone screens. 

Commodity’s fragrances use visual cues such as creative captions and sleek packaging to highlight the brand’s array of scents, making for some of the best influencer gifting campaigns. In the example below, the creator manages to perfectly sum up the Commodity fragrance and bring the product to life. Thoughtful descriptions make the fragrances more real to potential buyers. 


run to @sephora right now and grab this🍦🤍✨☁️ @commodityfragrance #commodity #commoditygold #perfumemusthave #perfume #vdaygift #valentinesday #vanillagirl

♬ original sound – Sydney Everhart


Activewear brand, Gymshark, grew its brand awareness through the recruitment of brand ambassadors, leading to the growth of a huge community of loyal followers on Instagram and a unique style of photography shown off in their posts.

In order to promote its products to relevant audiences, Gymshark sends its apparel to influencers in exchange for performance tests and try-on hauls, particularly around the time of popular yearly sales like Black Friday. 

Leveraging this user-generated content for some of the best influencer gifting campaigns to come from the fitness industry helped spark massive interest in the brand, helping it to grow organically. 


New adapt colours are a must!!! @Gymshark code TORI 🦈 #gymshark #haul #ootd #fitness #gym

♬ HBIC – Sabby Sousa


Known for its powerful word-of-mouth marketing strategy, this beauty and skincare brand proves that anyone can be an influencer, by reposting UGC across its socials featuring everyday women, not just established influencers. Along with its philosophy to treat every customer like an influencer, the brand has managed to build a brand ambassador army of over 500 individuals. 

Glossier’s best influencer gifting campaigns come from partnering with regular consumers and small-scale influencers with the intention of repurposing the created content to its page. Through this content, customers can also directly purchase products through the brand’s ambassadors, earning them gifted credits on future products. It’s a win-win for everyone.

@Glossier , I’m convinced this perfume smells amazing on literally everyone 😍 fyp perfume glossier glossierpartner

♬ original sound – katie

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